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Great news, Kingsville and Essex County friends!

In response to the Provincial Government's announcement that we are entering into Step 3 on July 16, 2021, as our province and our nation begin the slow return to normal operation, we are pleased (so very pleased!) to announce that we are re-opening for IN-PERSON services at the Community Centre.

As we move through the various stages of reopening the province, the rules limiting the number of people allowed in our building at any one time will fluctuate. Our capacity limits will be posted on the door. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through this next phase.

And as before, the new standard protocols of hand washing, sanitizing, wearing of masks and physical distancing remain in effect until further notice.

We want you all to remain healthy and safe, and we can't wait to see you in person again VERY SOON!

Welcome back, friends!
Lynn McCormick, Program Coordinator

Welcome to the Kingsville Community Centre

We welcome people of all ages, heritages and backgrounds. We want you to feel safe, loved, respected and appreciated.

This is a place where you come to make and cultivate friendships, learn valuable life-skills,
to get help overcoming challenges, and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Together, we can make Kingsville and area a better place for us all.
Welcome! We're so happy to have you here.


*AS OF JULY 16, 2021, KINGSVILLE COMMUNITY CENTRE WILL RE-OPEN TO IN-PERSON SERVICES, subject to the limited capacities, as set out in provincial government regulations for Step 3.
The building capacity will be posted on the door.

Below is a list of our policies for when we reopen.

Please read our COVID-19 policies for the Kingsville Community Centre.

For your safety, here is what to expect when you arrive.

  • CAREFUL TRACKING: You must sign in each time you participate in a program so that we know who was in the Centre on a specific date, should we have an incident of COVID and we need to contact you.
  • SANITIZING: You will be asked to sanitize your hands when you come in the door.
  • MASKS:  Masks are required inside the Community Centre at all times unless you are in the Cafe and eating and drinking.  We will have disposable masks available if you need one.
  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING:  Being physically distanced is required at all times, meaning keeping a space of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and other people who are not included in your “bubble”.

NOT OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES:  For your safety and the safety of others, please respect that for the time being, no outside food or beverage items can be permitted in the Community Centre.

If you have been:

  • in contact with
  • or cared for someone diagnosed with or demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19
  • or if you are experiencing symptoms yourself.
    Please seek medical attention immediately and do not come to the Community Centre.

Please remember that many of the Community Centre participants may have underlying medical conditions that make them more vulnerable, so please let’s keep each other safe.

Symptoms of COVID-19 may include, but are not limited to:

    • fever with cough
    • shortness of breath
    • chills
    • headache
    • muscle/body aches
    • sore throat
      If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

In The Community

We live here. We work here.
We are volunteers right from this community.
And we care about this community.
Kingsville Community Centre values local service agencies and local businesses that meet various community needs, and we provide these agencies and experts a FREE venue to reach the public more easily.
A win-win-win for everyone.

For The Community

We value our Community Members and
we care about your needs, your limitations,
and your struggles.
This is why we carefully curate a wide variety of Local Experts and Partner Agencies to supply you with FREE meaningful help, valuable training, emergency assistance, counseling, skills cultivation, and fun social activities.
Activities designed with you in mind.

Making Lives Better

Thousands of people take advantage of our Community Centre programs each year.

By reducing isolation, providing social opportunities, training, health and wellness workshops, and various kinds of skills developments, we are fostering a flourishing, productive, happy community.
And that is why we love what we do.

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