Some print labs charge three times more for acrylic prints than we do for metal prints. So, if you’d like to display your photo art in a room with bright overhead or direct lighting, your best to choose either the Classic White Metal Print or the Classic Silver Metal Print, as both of these have a low-glare satin-matte finish. Copyright © 2005 - 2020 PhotographyTalk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Because these two metals have a satin-matte finish, fingerprints will be less noticeable than if you were to choose an Acrylic Print or HD Metal Print. By contrast, a flush mount places the frame right at the edge of the print. To stabilize a camera doesn't always mean having a tripod. The first method is the process of applying inks directly to a metal sheet, such as brushed aluminum, which give the photograph a unique and artistic look. Metal prints are going to be the lighter option between the two. We’ve said it many times before in our buy guides and other areas on our site. A cleat hanger, by contrast, is usually preferred if you're reselling your prints. In this review, learn all about its specs and capabilities. If you are looking for a softer and glare-free look, a matte finish is going to be a better choice for your image. The print transfer is then placed on top of the aluminum sheet and pressed with a heat press. Read real reviews, go with reputable print labs that specialize in this stuff in the USA. But if you've never bought one, you probably have acrylic print questions. For a bold, industrial vibe, the Standoff Kit system floats your print half an inch from the wall and features four brushed-aluminum standoffs, one in each corner of your photo. I cannot resist trying all their different canvas, prints etc. A little while back we sent Keith (aka Captain Photo) a complimentary sample of our acrylic face mount product since he hadn’t seen this kind of presentation before. Custom Sizes and Shapes Meaning will it not fade over time? Beware though - this method produces metal prints that aren't waterproof or scratchproof. As I mentioned in the introduction, we benefit from having an incredible variety of printing options available to us today. Find out in this review! What is focal length? Is the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV the right camera for you? So you have me thinking about metal and acrylic. I have to admit that my walls are covered with my artistic photography, all have been printed by Posterjack. Get the scoop on the differences between the two in the video below: The finish you select also has an impact on how your images look when printed on metal. Certainly we have some bias since we sell acrylic face mounted prints. The easiest way to print and frame your photos. Is the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV the right camera for you? And something else I appreciate is the quality of the mounting frame. If you choose the Float Mount Hanging System, an option available for all Metal and Acrylic Prints, your artwork will display the print half an inch from the wall. These prints can potentially have a slightly larger color gamut and offer the highest quality and sharpest print details. That's advantageous if you want to give your metal print more visual weight as it hangs on the wall. I have plenty of canvas prints in my home. I love the classic silver metal. That makes a white surface ideal for family portraits, wedding photos, and landscapes. The Acrylic Prints Pros - Made In USA, Gallery Quality. But a large part of choosing a medium to show off your prints will also come down to your personal preference. As a general rule, any dye sublimation process (including the popular metal prints) will not achieve the same accuracy or permanence of color that an acrylic face mounted print would achieve. The softness is only noticeable when viewing very closely and can actually benefit larger prints as it can soften some of the more pixelated areas. The Sony a9 II is a feature-rich full frame camera with superb image quality and video performance. Create designer-bliss by having your photo printed and framed in a clean and modern style. Experience the most stunning Metal Prints available. So, obviously, Metal Prints are a better option than Acrylic in this case, right? Modern & Industrial - Incorporating metals into your decor is a great way to accomplish the modern, chic, and industrial look. With these holiday promo ideas for photographers, you'll get some solid ideas for boosting business as 2020 comes to a close. Check out WhiteWall today! A fantastic sample kit of the materials we print on! The classic Posterjack Photo Book, made-in-Canada with sturdy construction and paired with premium photo printing, Stay organized and inspired with our custom photo calendars, The economical Posterjack Photo Book, made-in-Canada for superior value and premium photo printing, Have them sipping in style with a classic photo mug, Give the specialty coffee lover a mug that will warm their heart, A sophisticated greeting card, printed on premium card stock and ready to share, When it comes to jazzing up your desk, shelf, or mantle, nothing holds a candle to the incredible look of an Acrylic Block. Terms of use, Customer Support Although there are differences between Metal Prints versus Acrylic Prints, you really can’t go wrong with whichever you choose to print your photo on—all of Posterjack products are carefully handcrafted in our Toronto workshop using premium-quality materials—it simply comes down to personal preference! Metal prints as many know have become very popular and in many cases have replaced canvas prints as kind of the de facto standard way to display and sell photography as wall art. Acrylic prints will fade within months, or even weeks, when displayed in direct sunlight. Looking for the best canvas prints? In this Panasonic Lumix DC-G100 review, we'll look at the specs, features, build quality, price and more of this affordable camera for vloggers.

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