Aangezien Black Widow nog op zich laat wachten tot 2021, staat deze nog niet in deze lijst. He's been working for Collider for over a decade, and in addition to managing content also runs point on crafts interviews, awards coverage, and co-hosts The Collider Podcast with Matt Goldberg (which has been running since 2012). (onbekend), The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (was augustus 2020, nu ergens in 2021). Houd wel in gedachte dat de huidige gezondheidscrisis nog steeds voor de nodige vertraging kan zorgen. Events from one movie are referenced and built upon in others, creating some exciting crossovers and cameos. 2 (IMDb score: 7.6), Spider-Man: Far from Home (IMDb score: 7.5), Avengers: Age of Ultron (IMDb score: 7.3), Captain America: The First Avenger (IMDb score: 6.9), Open your Disney Plus app (see how to download. How to watch DC Comics movies in order – full timeline and chronological order. De laatste jaren wordt er namelijk pas écht met geld gestrooid. The bulk of the story takes place in 1918, when US pilot Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) accidentally stumbles upon Themyscira while fighting in World War I. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) follows Steve to London, where she makes her mark on history by fighting alongside the Allied forces in World War I. Dan zal je merken dat ze stroef starten, maar na verloop van tijd gaan ze er steeds beter uitzien. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel announced Phase 4 movies and TV shows through 2021. Jarno Stinissen, A rabbit hole one IGN editor has already gone done and debunked. Iron Man (May, 2008) The Incredible Hulk (June, 2008) Iron Man 2 (May, 2010) Thor (May, 2011) Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22, 2011) Avengers Assemble (May 4, 2012) Iron Man 3 (May, 2013) Thor: The Dark World (November, 2013) Captain America: The Winter Soldier … Adam Chitwood is the Managing Editor for Collider. However, as a solid guide, here are the Marvel movies ranked by IMDb scores. Ook zal Marvel volgend jaar wat meer actief zijn op het gebied van series. Maar het is nog steeds zonde dat 2020 het eerste jaar is zonder een MCU-film. Marvel’s upcoming slate of films, which include The Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, will pick up at different points in the MCU timeline. All films are ordered by release date. moments and Fury backstory you most likely wouldn't have cared about 17 movies ago. Uiteindelijk zal dit veranderen, hoe lang dit duurt is afhankelijk van de pandemie. Black Widow, The Eternals en Shang-Chi verschijnen allen pas in 2021. In-production and rumored upcoming films for the next Phase/Saga of MCU include: Netflix's Marvel shows still rule outside the theaters. Our best wishes for a productive day. Deze series zullen de verhalen uit de films vervolgen, exclusief op Disney Plus. De toekomst van het Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kijk je de films in deze volgorde? Here's how to watch all the interconnected DC movies in order of chronological events, from Wonder Woman to Birds of Prey, as well as by release dates. That short was released much later on the Thor DVD in an attempt to simply backfill the storyline. Doctor Strange definitely does not take place before Winter Soldier, absolutely not. Never say never, but chances seem slim. To see and watch your downloaded titles, visit the “Downloads” tab on the app’s bottom menu. Alle rechten voorbehouden. You can follow him on Twitter @adamchitwood. Airing after the release of Thor: The Dark World, episode 8 of S.H.I.E.L.D. All the way back in 2008, there was an idea called the Avengers Initiative. Quite a few are in the early stages so we don’t have a release date yet. We recently learned Marvel's Runaways on Hulu will return for a third season, but the same cannot be said for the Marvel-Netflix properties. He's the creator and author of Collider's "How the MCU Was Made" series and has interviewed Bill Hader about every single episode of Barry. It's more fun to bask in the fun of numerous in-jokes, "A-ha!" Just to make things a bit more complicated, the MCU movies don’t always follow on from each other. Geregistreerd in Engeland en Wales onder nummer 200885. Here are the DC movies in order. Verhaallijnen zoals die van de Infinity Stones hebben jaren nodig om hun vruchten af te werpen. Nieuws en aanbiedingen van onze andere merken ontvangen? While we don't think they'll change anything below, we do expect this timeline to keep expanding. The standalone Aquaman movie takes place primarily several months after the events of Justice League, as we watch Jason Momoa’s titular hero protect his own kingdom. De beste Disney+ abonnementendeals van vandaag: De beste Avengers: Endgame deals van vandaag, De beste Marvel Studios Collector's Edition Box Set - Phase 1 [Blu-ray] deals van vandaag, We doorzoeken elke dag 130 miljoen producten om jou de beste prijs te kunnen geven. Wonder Woman (1918) Man of Steel (2013) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2013-2015) Suicide Squad (2016) Justice League (2017) Aquaman (2018) Shazam! Early in the series, the Battle of New York is referenced to as The Incident, and it's said that it occurred about two years prior. A full membership costs £5.99 per month or an upfront payment of £59.99 for the full year. The chronological order of DC movies is mostly easy and pales in comparison to the near two-dozen on offer from Marvel’s side of things, even if the exact years are less clear-cut. Get your gears turning with hundreds of puzzles, with new ones added each week - and enjoy a seven day free trial! Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Plus, you might have the opposite problem and spend too much with other superheroes – as much as we love Tony Stark, his character arc can feel rushed if you watch Iron Man and Iron Man 2 back to back. You can also buy, rent and download each Marvel movie on Amazon (you do not need to be an Amazon Prime customer to do this). Wil je de films zien in de volgorde dat ze in de bioscoop zijn verschenen, dan moet je onderstaande lijst aanhouden. Disney Plus is a good starting point if you want to watch the Marvel movies in order, simply because it has most of them streaming in 4K. Phase Four is yet to kick off, and is slightly delayed as Black Widow’s release date has been pushed back. That’s before we even address confirmed projects like Captain Marvel 2, part of phase five, whose setting hasn’t yet been announced. As Marvel is owned by Disney, you can watch most MCU movies by subscribing to streaming service Disney Plus. Editors' note, July 24, 2019: We're past the Endgame now. And if you're looking to stream some MCU movies, we can help. Of course, it’s a personal preference. The Marvel movies were released in Phases, which each have a semi-contained story arc. Seriously, the mid- and postcredits scenes are nothing more than fun throwaways, or in-canon nods for fervent fans. There are flashbacks to Bruce Wayne’s childhood in 1981 when his parents were killed, flashbacks to show the ending of Man of Steel from Bruce Wayne’s perspective, and there are flashforwards to a desolated Earth that’s been overrun by villain Darkseid (those “Knightmare” scenes). There’s also the upcoming Disney Plus Marvel TV series – from Loki to WandaVision – which is also set to bend the franchise’s non-linear timeline out of shape. After more than a decade of movies, TV shows, shorts, and post-credits scenes, there's a lot to work through in the MCU. Even Marvel itself has quite literally rewritten older scenes with new movies. De meeste MCU-films zijn bijna allemaal te bekijken in 4K op Disney Plus. And now, as we approach the culmination of more than a decade of movies and Phase 3 of the Infinity Saga, things may very well become even more confusing. In our timeline, we placed it concurrent with the second season of S.H.I.E.L.D. You can choose from a 10-piece or a 20-piece set with this great deal, Get the Christmas double issue delivered to your home for £5 and free postage. As for the second most-asked question: No, Iron Man 2 shouldn't come before Incredible Hulk because of the short, The Consultant. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the entire franchise is called, also sometimes includes connected properties such as movie tie-in comics or shorts. Below we’ve put together a list of how to watch all the DC movies in chronological order, followed by how to watch them in order of release. The idea was to build towards a two-part Justice League event, all spearheaded by Snyder, but due to a variety of factors this exact vision didn’t come to fruition. If you’re thinking about watching all the movies in a mega marathon, in this post you will have all the instructions on how to do it without getting lost in the middle of so much action and heroes. PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: welke PlayStation 5-console kies jij? 5. 2. Black Widow vindt bijvoorbeeld plaats na Captain America: Civil War, maar vindt wel plaats vóór Infinity War. 2 (May, 2017), Captain America: The First Avenger (1942), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Captain America: Civil War(IMDb score: 7.8), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (IMDb score: 7.7), Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.

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