It seems catchiness is the bedrock for all bands with places for names. You can Say What You Want about that. Virtually every aspect of space is covered in these band names. But if you’re bereft of ideas, you can just name yourself after wherever you last went on holiday. There are many more – and they represent many different genres of music. It all could have been so different if they’d grown up in Bellflower. They must have decided New Mexico just didn’t cut it as a band name. Carlson has remained the core of the band's line-up throughout its changes. Warsaw was the original name of Joy Division, the much-lauded post-punk band from Manchester. Of course you do, and you probably already know about the band Earth, whose all-encompassing name mirrors the way their sound washes over everything. Originally I had thought it would be something radically different and if it had been I probably wouldn't have stuck with the name. If the namesake band’s music is anything to go by, it must be a  little depressing there. Here are some of our favourite bands named after places, needlessly listed according to population size. This is What Do You Want From Me. Outside of the underground music world, Carlson is perhaps best known for having been a close friend of grunge icon Kurt Cobain, as well as the person who purchased the gun that killed Kurt. Their later material, like His Teeth Did Brightly Shine here, is less fuzzy but just as atmospheric. They went under the name of Poland’s capital for about a year until they changed it to something more intrinsically depressing. Despite being from rainy Scotland, Texas thought they’d name themselves after a US state that’s a lot of desert. Paris was the first project Bob Welch created after he left Fleetwood Mac in 1974. [1][5] Earth's music is nearly all instrumental, and can be divided into two distinct stages. Everybody does. What do Earth, Wind & Fire, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Silversun Pickups all have in common? We’re seeing Ghosts. "[8] The press release for The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (2008) declares "Earth shows it's [sic] affinity with a nod to the best elements of the more adventurous San Francisco bands of the late 1960s and 1970s, and the more spiritually aware and exciting forms of Jazz-Rock from the same era"[9] The press release for Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I describes "inspiration from both British Folk-Rock bands the Pentangle and Fairport Convention".[10]. It's not like, "I need to get it to write," it's at a much more fundamental level to your existence, like, "I need it to get out of bed."[6]. I blog about travel for Cheapflights and run Grab your telescope, feast your eyes on this list, and be amazed! Download my free e-book about Poland's capital after it was almost completely destroyed by the Nazis: 'In the Shadow of the Mechanised Apocalypse: Warsaw 1946', Read more about our cookie practice here: Privacy Policy, © 1996 - 2020 Momondo Group Ltd all rights reserved, Have you heard of these 14 bands? They’re named after places, 7 of the most moving memorials for Mandela Day, 'In the Shadow of the Mechanised Apocalypse: Warsaw 1946', Best places to explore in Manchester’s cultural corridor, Red Rocks amphitheatre – Go see a concert or a film [gorgeous pix], If we could pick the entries for Eurovision… [14 songs], 10 out of this world places you won’t believe are in Britain, 5 tips to prepare yourself for a future trip. So for whatever reason, I can't help myself - it was still Earth. Each band in an image has its own name, pixel values, pixel resolution, and projection. Outside of the underground music world, Carlson is perhaps best known for having been a close friend of grunge icon Kurt Cobain, as well as the person who purchased the gun that killed Kurt. If you can, you’ve probably played a lot of Guitar Hero. Earth reappeared around 2000[6] with a markedly different sound. Heroin is part of your life - you don't function without it. This list covers planet bands, bands named after stars, and even moon band names – in short, any name that would make a NASA engineer or astronaut proud. There are many more – and they represent many different genres of music. The Latino rappers Cypress Hill named their band after a street in South Gate, the part of Los Angeles County where they grew up. Its music was still drone based, slow-paced, and lengthy, but it now included a drummer and featured strong elements of country music. Remarking on the stylistic change, Carlson was quick to point to the continuity with Earth's previous sound: In 2001 I started writing again. In recent years, he has reportedly spent a lot of time DJing. Why the overload of great bands named after planets and other celestial bodies? List RulesUpvote the top bands with planets, stars, or other references to space things in their names. Cobain sang lead vocals in the song "Divine and Bright", from a demo included on the re-release of the live album Take My Breath Away was the main reason people enjoyed the film Top Gun. Then suddenly it wasn't and something else was there, and that was something destructive and damaging. Which Bands Or Musicians Do You Most Want To See Before They (Or You) Kick The Bucket? Among the planet band names: The Mars Volta, The Neptunes, DJ Neptune, and Brave Saint Saturn. Dylan Carlson founded the band in 1989 along with Slim Moon and Greg Babior, taking the title "Earth" from Black Sabbath's original name. It just sounds cool, and space is always that great mystery.

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