Slice the steak first crosswise in 1/2-inch thick slices. Have these ingredients delivered or schedule pickup SAME DAY! I’m happy to review and add your success story to my website! And I squeezed some lime juice after plating which helped with the strong cumin flavor and was more reminiscent of Asian cuisine. It was so great! Fantastic Shaun, I’m so glad you like it! Stir fry minced garlic and ginger until fragrant. Did you know you can save this recipe and order the ingredients for. 2 Marinate the beef: In a medium bowl, whisk together the marinade ingredients; the soy sauce, vinegar, grated ginger, honey, red chile flakes, and cumin. on Amazon, $16.99 Stainless steel is slightly better than cast iron for stir-fry because stainless is much lighter and easier to lift and toss. If you use my go-to beef marinade, 15 minutes in the fridge or up to 24 hours will be a great time frame to marinade the beef for stir-fry. Personally, I prefer beef loin flap sirloin tips, followed by skirt steak, then sirloin. If you have pairing ingredients (i.e. The cumin was a really strange flavor in the meat, tasted more like tacos than stir-fry. Transfer beef to a bowl. A delicious stir fry, one of my favourites to make. This was delicious and easy and fun to cook. Hello! Most of the time coarse sea salt and pepper will be more than enough. Sear the beef in one layer without disturbing for about 2 minutes and the flip side about 30 seconds. Add back cooked beef and mix with the vegetables. Thinly sliced scallions are stirred in at the end, and the whole thing is served over rice. The only thing I’d do differently is add the spinach at the end with the scallions; it disappeared into the pan because I put it on too soon. This easy Chinese Beef Stir Fry is loaded with tender beef slices and the most delicious stir-fry sauce made with soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger and beef broth! Stir fry vegetables of your choice, and add back the cooked beef and mix. Please try again later. Mix well and set aside in the fridge for 15-20 minutes or up to 24 hrs. I added another half inch of sliced ginger into the stir fry half way through to bump up the ginger scent and flavor, it was great. Add the water chestnuts, beef, and sauce to the pan with the veggies. Flank Steak Stir Fry with Asparagus and Red Pepper, Read more about our affiliate linking policy, 5 Tbsp soy sauce (use gluten-free soy sauce if cooking gluten-free), 1 Tbsp dark toasted sesame oil (optional), 3-4 green onions, cut on a diagonal, 1/2-inch apart, including the greens, 2-3 hot chilis, preferably red serranos, seeded, sliced, 1-inch knob of ginger, peeled, cut lengthwise into matchstick shapes. If you are a blogger or chef and have found success in your beef stir-fry after reading this blog post, please send me your blog or recipe post and link back to this original article. You can add favorite vegetables like broccoli for a quick restaurant-quality beef and broccoli stir fry. on Amazon. But it was a hit with my husband and an easy quick recipe! The trick to a good stir-fry is working with a very hot, relatively stick-free pan. Hi, Wesley! I had some cauliflower that was steamed halfway and some spinach. Add oil. If you are short of time, even a 10-minute marinating makes a big difference, so don’t skip this step. Cook for about 2-3 minutes. Your comment may need to be approved before it will appear on the site. I’m curious, because if it’s thinly sliced, top sirloin should not cook up tough, especially in the few quick minutes this spends cooking on the stove. It’s easier than the water drop test but requires more intuition. To trim or not to trim the beef fat is up to your personal preference. Read more about our affiliate linking policy. Appealing recipe and will try tonight. Remove from heat, sprinkle with green onions, serve and enjoy! Yes, I can imagine hot pepper smoke would be hard to breathe. Did you know that smoke from habanero peppers will make the air absolutely unbreathable? Healthy Stir Fry Sauce (Keto Stir Fry Sauce) is a simple yet flavorful 6-ingredient recipe that you can use on just about any Asian recipe. All photos and content are copyright protected. Thanks for catching that typo, Paul! Great recipe. There are a few tips when slicing beef for stir-fry. How to Make Beef Tender: the Best Beef Stir Fry Marinade. Did you use top sirloin? Btw it is “knob” of ginger not “nob” of course.

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