22. By Esther Zuckerman. The entire proposal sequence is ridiculously elaborate! It was a standout episode, and one we'll be revisiting often. Not only are there adorable dogs aplenty, Kenny finds teary-eyed catharsis when he encounters one that reminds him of his dearly departed pal and subsequently adopts and names his new companion after the Fab Five. Deanna loves her Chicano heritage, but grapples with various issues of identity. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Her intensely loving, guilty, proud husband is already moving, but the Five do a good job following the intentions of the episode: making it all about Jennifer. By the end he seems to be enjoying life a bit more away from the computer screen. But there's also a darker thread that runs through the episode. ), he got to let his freak flag fly a little before baring his soul to his mom and the world. “How Wanda Got Her Groove Back” (Season 4, Episode 4), 29. (Photo via Netflix), 21. Make Ted Great Again, S2 Ep 8: “The ‘hipster mayor’ of a small town has really big plans,” says Netflix. This is when the show went from good to great. Plus there’s some awkward dancing, botched pasta (a sin greater than gym shorts), and a tuxedo t-shirt. Plus he’s a farmer, working the land that’s been in his family for generations while struggling to make it all work financially. Do NOT make Karamo go full Dad Mode, cuz he’ll whoop you. What follows are all the makeovers of Queer Eye through Season 5 (spoiler warning! Kenny has lived in the same house pretty much his entire life. Loving mother. A sweet old lady, who loves her community, getting her own pampering ahead of a parade in her honor will make you cry like cutting an onion at a puppy’s funeral that features a loop of the first five minutes of Up. He was nominated by the best friend of his wife, Allison, who died of breast cancer. (Photo via Christopher Smith/Netflix), 5. The emotions in this one were over the top, in the sweetest way. Antoni continues to be around, hanging with moms and Antoni-splaining stuff as simple and obvious as Nilla Wafers and banana pudding. Cue the tears. It’s great to see the Fab Five getting in early to help an 18-year-old approach this turning point in his life, although part of me feels he would have figured it out on his own anyway because that’s kind of what the awkward teenage/student years are for. After a makeover inside and out, his sisters, brothers, nieces, and about 30 other family members all pile into the newly refurbished house for a party. "You Can't Fix Ugly," Season 1, Episode 1: The very first Queer Eye episode was one of its most defining. Jennifer might hold the record for craziest accent of any hero so far. The cringey and extended dog fashion show at the episode’s finale doesn’t help a makeover where its dog stylist hero only needed a few simple changes. This episode opens with a very big transformation - Skyler, a transgender man, is having his top surgery, to remove breasts in order for his body to fit in with his gender identity. By the end he's crying, and so are we. So remember that you have all the tools you need right now to unleash your message into the world and get the media attention you want. Bobby gave Remington a space of his own that still paid tribute to his family, and the 27-year-old was a mess of emotions at the reveal. So yes, it is an utterly decent episode as we approach our list’s midpoint. Ounces of insight and a last-minute “love thyself” message don’t really move the needle and keep the episode’s BPM low. While the makeover is one of Jonathan’s most interesting challenges (as Nate has started losing his hair), and Bobby helps him with his business, the episode is middle-of-the-road. A running theme of the weaker episodes is the Five simply having to convince men to take responsibility for themselves. Plus (socially awkward people unite!) Jonathan's quip that "Neal's bathroom reminds me a lot of a skin tag" should define this episode, but "Saving Sasquatch" gets into genuinely touching territory when we see how much the awkward app developer truly opens up. Is he shredded like lettuce? This episode has some of the lightest moments (Wesley’s sheer joy during his cooking session with Antoni is unparalleled) as well as, quite frankly, the most intense (Karamo reunites Wesley with the guy that shot him). 11. The Queer Eye team helps Kenny, a man who is quite clearly very lonely. We're crying just thinking about it. She’d also really like him to show a little more enthusiasm for her talents as a competitive figure skater “His lifestyle’s a little unpredictable,” she says, describing him as a “man child.” Lucy is not wrong: John is locally known as “Cat Suit Man” for the hilarious outfits he wears to sports games. Deanna is embracing her roots as the head of the Latino Arts Festival, but in a very white world, how can she rock her culture on her sleeve while still conforming somewhat to “professional” standards? There are so many surprise cry moments in this one, like when John gets to watch his daughter skate with Michelle Kwan or when he opens up about his depression to Karamo. “A Decent Proposal” (Season 2, Episode 2), 27. But what are the best episodes of the season? Us too! Tammye's warmth is effusive and generous, and during the climactic homecoming service she speaks about a God that's loving of all people. 8. He tearfully thanked them, and we couldn't help but cry, too. He was nominated by the best friend of his late wife, Allison, who died of breast cancer. This one’s just a sexy firefighter calendar, which is nice to look at, but flat and doesn’t tell you anything you couldn’t get from a better source. Here, Wesley’s open personality and gregarious outlook help educate them (and us) about the different considerations needed when life is lived sitting down. A firefighter and father of five adopted children, Jeremy opted for a makeover of the firehouse instead of his own home, and asked to be dressed to impress for fundraiser instead of his own off-duty life. You can unsubscribe at any time. It even features her adorable daughter and an exciting end twist. Black Girl Magic, S3 Ep 5: This one’s tearjerker! Thomas gets a therapeutic makeover and we all get a good self-reflecting cry. However, the episode’s premise is that Joey is just a kid in a man’s body that needs to grow up. Bobby turns the decrepit building into a gorgeous space that celebrates this. The firefighter-themed finale of the first season is pretty silly in a lot of places. Do 'Dash & Lily' Get Together In the End? 1. Queer Eye Season 5 will hit Netflix on Friday, June 5. (Photo via Christopher Smith/Netflix), 12. (Photo via Netflix), 23. For all the latest TV news, reviews, lists and features, follow @Paste_TV. "Make Ted Great Again," Season 2, Episode 8: Ted Terry is the young and hip mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, and he had his life pretty together even before Queer Eye. Wheelchair-bound (and musclebound) Wesley is looking to step up his game to match his stepped-up attitude towards life. He likes them (the cats and the list) most of the time. She's a leader, volunteer, and teacher, who requests that they redo the community center at her church instead of her own house. The Fab Five and the episode’s hero form a tight bond during their week of filming, and that’s never more evident than in “Black Girl Magic.” 23-year-old Jess bonds immediately with Karamo, who helps her own and celebrate her blackness in a way she previously couldn’t. She likes yard sales, MTV's Teen Mom, and putting too many memes in the group chat. Its Wikipedia page may refer to the makeover subjects of each episode as its “hero”, but the Fab Five of Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo, and Tan often get progatonistic arcs of their own. Kathi's dedicated her life to her students, and has neglected her own care in the process, remaining stuck in time. Not only that, they also help bottle their secret barbecue sauce recipe, turning it into an internet sensation (I’ve ordered two bottles). The charming, homeschooled teen piano player who’s only been around old folks is cute as a Benjamin Button—and it helps that he’s as receptive to the Fab Five’s help as they are excited to help him blossom.

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