Mashable. Providing on-site gyms and exercise stipends is one thing, but sometimes you just want to go outside and have some fun. That's why LinkedIn provides employees with financial classes that can help them set budgets and invest. This employer lets people work flexible hours on weekdays. 1. These companies do it right. Do they move the needle in persuading people to join a company? This reality was reflected in Fortune’s 2019 Best Companies to Work For, where the top three companies listed had one major factor in common: an organizational culture that deeply values its people, core values and impact on the world. They attract qualified employees with a tremendous variety of free and discounted services. Doing something good for the world is always a good move, which is why Adobe is so committed to helping employees do just that. Many well-paying jobs include medical insurance and paid vacation days. Plus with up to three to four months off, any family will be prepared to take on the world. Square sets itself apart from other companies when it comes to parental leave by offering the same for mothers and fathers. Adoption leave. No one is going to perform well at work when they're worried about their furry little friend back home. From parental leave and adoption reimbursement programs to backup day care centers and Well Minds life guidance class, you'll be ready to start a new family, no problem. This perk keeps making it on the list and that's because it's important! And, from all of us, thank you! Or Apple. Yes, free snacks and flexible schedules are part of it, but there really is so much more. This increase in productivity and employee retention will pay off in higher profits as well as company leaders feeling rewarded by the good karma and stronger relationships at work. 2. They've got the finger on the pulse of the everyday employee, which is why their perks and benefits packages are riddled with great ideas and unique changes. In a statement reported by the Journal, the company said "it has been a difficult period, but every day we see people pulling together to learn the lessons of the past year and build a stronger company. Yes, some companies offer the occasional catered lunch or even a social event out on the town. It’s a philosophy that’s not necessarily new—the idea that employees who are treated better perform better—but it’s starting to … Investing in your employees, and showing them you care about their happiness and wellbeing is the best way to manage and boost employee performance. Email me or send tips here: “Ohana,” which means “family” in Hawaiian, is the basis on which Salesforce has built a culture that focuses on valuing and empowering not only its people but other communities as well. They provide incredible comprehensive packages for health, vision, dental, and everything in between with no out of pocket expenses for employees, and only 25 percent for dependents. Although technology firms often get the most attention for providing extraordinary benefits, you can find great perks in many other industries. “It remains to be seen what happens next year,” Chamberlain said. The details of which benefits these companies offer are available here. However, Facebook's plan is above and beyond, providing four months of parental leave for mothers and fathers within the first year of the birth or adoption. To be eligible, an organization needed to receive at least 75 employee reviews within the past year and must employ 1,000 or more workers. But at Square, employees are privileged to a free, freshly made meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As the No. That's why they offer education programs to really get ahead, like the Emerging Leadership Program and Technology Leadership Program, a 2-year rotational program offered to qualified superstar technologists. Overall, it is clear that Hilton views hospitality as more than a business goal. 1. It even reimburses them for buying textbooks. But do people really care whether their employer offers quirky perks like this? HR trends forecast the most desired employee benefits for 2020 like pet perks, flex work and financial wellness programs. PayPal has been around for years and there's a reason; they know how to take care of their employees. Every company has social events that involved free drinks, tasty appetizers, and even some live music. The wealth management firm says the pandemic has proven how invaluable the benefit is for retaining talent. Organizations mentioning caregiver leave in job descriptions hired people 24 days faster than those that didn’t, according to Textio. Aetna offers this perk—a job description for a data scientist in its Burlington, Massachusetts office cites its on-site gym, as well as a $200 annual stipend that can be used on wellness expenses like a Fitbit or treadmill purchase. Plus, Airbnb provides 10 weeks of paternity leave and even more for maternity leave. Unlike Facebook, Google doesn't have services on-site to take care of employees. In mid-November, the newspaper reported that Facebook’s tough year was taking a toll on morale, with just over half of employees saying they were optimistic about Facebook’s future, down 32 percentage points from a year ago.

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