Smart access control systems do more than just keep unauthorized people out; they also can improve the overall safety of the entire building. These locks are as specific to a person as possible. Use this guide as a resource for understanding how keyless entry systems work to safeguard the office, and how the latest technology developments are changing the way businesses approach security. Some disgruntled employees might refuse to return their keys, others might simply throw theirs away. More data insights — With a traditional key, you can’t tell who opened the door or when. Keyless entry systems give you the ability to lock all exterior doors with a couple clicks of a button, not allowing any entry whatsoever. Whether it’s the key fob to open and lock car doors or using a card to enter a place of employment, these types of systems are in wide use. Say that you have a tenant in your building that you want to restrict their access once they’re gone. Much easier than trying to keep track manually! As long as they have the fob, card, or app that they need they can unlock the door within a matter of seconds. Easy-to-install keyless door locks for office spaces support mobile credentials, key cards, fobs, and Cloud Key credentials, and are backwards compatible with legacy access control systems. Mortise exit devices are applied to commercial buildings that require a lock that is heavy duty and can withstand a high frequency of usage. An RFID chip that contains data is implanted in the card. They are relatively easy to use and allow access within a matter of moments. Many people have heard of keyless entry systems. From keyless entry systems to security cameras, our locksmith and security systems help keep employees, facilities and data protected at all times. This is because the electromagnet needs power to work. Plus, you won’t need to order replacement key cards ever again, as employees use their smartphone to unlock the door. CONTRACTORS OR VENDORS NEEDING TEMPORARY ACCESS TO YOUR PROPERTY. Traditional keys can be duplicated if misplaced or stolen. You might be thinking: “OK, so a keyless entry system doesn’t use a key. Magnetic locking mechanisms are used with RFID cards. A business owner has more control over who is authorized to enter and leave the premises. That’s what our keyless entry system allows for you. With keyless entry, you can simply add new access codes for new employees, and/or delete old access codes for former employees. So many of our clients that we’ve spoken to tell us unbidden about how a keyless entry system improved their peace of mind. 33 years of experience tells a large part of the story. No one wants to have to carry keys. We built our keyless entry system to have the absolute best traits of the other keyless entry systems. A keyless entry system can run an audit at any time to give you that information. It’s best to choose an access control system like Openpath that uses standard wiring, as it’s backwards compatible with most keyless door locking hardware. This eliminates the need to get locks changed or reissue new keys. Biometrics — Some businesses choose to use more advanced credentials to identify authorized users. Openpath’s hybrid access control model is also backwards-compatible with legacy RFID key cards. In a facility with a large number of employees or a high turnover rate, keyless entry systems are an excellent option. We do not do automotive. Businesses can keep their employees safer with keyless entry systems. Keyless locks remove the threat of keys being copied or stolen, potentially leaving your business vulnerable to tampering or theft. This specific card utilizes two separate parallel lines of short Wiegand wires in order to store binary data in magnetic polarity, and whenever the card itself goes through the reader, the wires end up registering as ones, while blank spots end up registering as zeroes. There are many different reasons why you might want a keyless entry system for your business. MX600 Mechanical Push Button Lever Lock, 13 Digit Keypad, Keyless Entry Commercial & Residential, Fits Standard 2 1/8" Pre-Drilled Holes, 60mm 2 3/8" Latch Satin Chrome. In other words, the magnet is activated. The reason for these locations is that they provide easy access to an electrical circuit. As long as they have their smartphone with them, they can gain entry. If you have someone dropping by with a delivery, you can pick a time when you want them to have access. This feature is especially useful for multi-site organizations that need to manage different locations. By integrating keyless entry systems with tools like identity management, video surveillance and alarm systems, organizations can improve safety and efficiency across all their locations. The Openpath system can be configured for office door locks, parking garages, turnstiles, and elevators. The best keyless access control locks don’t store any data at the local level, making it harder for hackers and intruders to obtain the information they’re looking for. We built our keyless entry system to have the absolute best traits of the other keyless entry systems on the market. We’ll go over all the different ways that our locks can help. For example, users on the Openpath access control system can be required to complete a FaceID scan on their smartphone before unlocking the door via the mobile app. It can keep records of visitors, employee attendance, and the general population in a building. This system is typically found in contactless payment systems. Because keyless entry systems use encrypted communication to authenticate unique credentials, there’s more data at your disposal. Surveillance cameras are always a great tool; however, they can only do so much, and at some point or another, you will require an access control system in order to lock and unlock your doors whenever your employees need to enter and exit the building. Commercial Keyless Entry Systems: When it comes to being able to control access to your building, this is considered by many to be perhaps one of the most critical factors involving commercial security. Keyless entry systems are an important investment for any industry, regardless of how small or how big the enterprise is. Remote access to the system also allows admins to make adjustments to schedules, permissions, and system users on the fly, without having to set foot on-site. Once the time has passed, the codes are no longer valid. If you’d rather your employees not be able to enter the building after certain hours, a keyless entry system could be your solution. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how these entry systems work. There are major benefits that come with keyless entry systems. Access Control Systems for Seattle based businesses, condo complexes, apartments, schools, and churches. They typically come in the form of cards to open doors or key fobs to unlock vehicles. A system such as this allows access by using facial structures or fingerprints. When the electromagnet is energized the armature plate will be attracted to it. Additionally, these keyless entry systems are designed to provide more security as well as more convenience. This is because they can be considered to be completely keyless. Proximity key cards still require some management, and people will still need to meet in person to receive new credentials or return old ones. They can easily customize the system to give staff members the level of access that is consistent with their responsibilities. This can cost you extra money, when all you wanted to do was get rid of a client. When choosing the best keyless entry system for your space, look for providers that combine the convenience of going keyless with the highest levels of security available.

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