It does not have the sharpness, dirtyness or the strong spice. Azzaro Pour Homme EDT opens with a strong projection of spicy, leather, citrus, green, and floral notes. Nearly identical to Aramis Tuscany and YSL Rive Gauche, due to the clove / anise notes. Azzaro pour Homme Elixir is a perfume by Azzaro for men and was released in 2009. It is still mystery do I like/love it or is it just okay, definately not bad. A very nice, masculine scent. The top-heavy sweetish boyish crap that is so trendy at the moment couldn't hold a candle to the seriousness of this powerhouse. Actually, my first impression of Azzaro Pour Homme was quite positive… Fearful of its 1970’s bottle (I was born in the 70’s, and am anxious to not smell like somebody’s overbearing uncle), I was pleasantly surprised by how balanced and herbal it was. I'm being real and don't give a damn. I was wearing this when I walked into the building where I work and I passed A woman standing and talking to some guy. I love it, it has something masculine, sensual and clean after shower or shave feel effect. Alright this is it, before you buy this cologne, you need to understand, this cologne is not for everyone, I agree with everyone that its a vintage cologne. Azzaro pour Homme, another classic masculine. There's the old school "barbershop" vibe that's grown and simple. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Quietly dries to pleasant, not overly sweet, masculine and not medicinal, satisfying. This fragrance, this is what i want to wear every time i embrace my children. Combines yesteryear masculinity with modern cleanliness and soapy freshness. I was in doubt to buy it or not?! That was in 1989. Current formulations are a "big-no-no" for me, maybe they substituted oakmoss with evernyl, maybe proportions have changed, I don't know, but no way. The anise and lavender opening dry down into a soapy clean woody and green fragrance that is not offensive in any way and would be fitting at work or on a date night. Azzaro Pour Homme has to be grand-daddy of all masculine fragrances. blind buy or else. The list of fragrances that took inspiration from this timeless classic in one way or another is endless. Huge leather drydown. And let me surprise those who still are bound to this servitude: Azzaro PH when launched was one the most EZ to please fragrances in this genre and one of the sexiest panty droppers of its time. The drydown is very good, it has a soapy animalic quality that I find addictive and pleasant however the problem is the first 30 - 45 minutes it's very challenging and for me is not very wearable, I think people who compare it with paco rabanne pour homme which is my favourite should point out that paco although it has a similar vintage vibe is a lot more wearable and easy from the start. Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating I'll be considerate and call it "subtle". Heads up. It’s that simple. The scent is fruity-spicy. If somebody will confirm that it smells nice on me then I will buy a bottle of this when I come across a good deal. This is a fairly complex perfume with many ingredients. This is one of the best barber shop scents of all time. If your a fan of "Barbershop" or "Masculine" fragrances, then there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't already own this. If you’re a man who wants one fragrance, make it this one. I bought my current cologne from eBay where one can buy practically any discontinued frag in the universe. Not for everybody, only a certain kind of man can pull off this masterpiece. i had 2 of the prior bottles retaining the silver stripe on the cap and almost through the second of one the new bottles with the "refill" bottle with just the black cap. 5 with Even my 4 years old kid wants to wear it:) There will be always 1 bottle in my collection and 2 backup bottle :), Citrus, Fresh and little bit like a traditional medicine in my country. I did find it wore off pretty quickly and did not project or last like its Estee cousins. I remember putting some drops on me just to "take" my dad with me all day at school. However you can not expect too much from a barbershop fragrance, but you'll go through all the notes there and it's really nice. Its a mans cologne and its not about soft vanilla, aquatic synthetics, and the new rage of "gentle pipe tobacco & oudy, ambery offerings". Yes. There's a weird duality to this. Are you serious”. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Definitely a fragrance for a mature, respectful, and confident man. It wasn’t awful, but the complexity of the notes that really gave it character (anise, lavender, fennel, sage and basil) seemed undermined by synthetics that are also in play, with the soapy musk in the heart being both sharp and shallow (a little headache inducing) before it faded to a skin scent. The problem with this fragrance is that it doesn't really stand out among the others of it's kind. To me it’s quite the complex fragrance, spicy and aromatic. Azzaro is inexpensive but very high quality. Well, I am now really loving it. This is my first Azzaro purchase and I'm excited to see what the rest of the Azzaro line has to offer. This to me is pure spice and dosen't smell off one bit. 2-3 sprays and they can smell me in the next post code. "Pour les hommes qui aiment les femmes qui aiment les hommes.". BROS DISTILLED ELIXIR… I've owned close to 10 bottles of it over the years. It's not dated to my nose, but at the same time, being the age that I am, its nostalgic. The dry down is nice enough, but to me not as satisfying as the opening. APH is pretty old school and quite different from the sweeter or "fresher" fragrances that are popular these days. Rules to use these old perfumes after 40 years of adding water, till now which it is bottle of water with splash of reformulated ( with some missing notes ) perfume: Starts off with an intense blast of sherbet lemons (UK sweets) which gradually fades into a lemon tea mid. Got in my buddies car and he goes “damn u smell good” I said what you believe what I’m wearing came out in 1978? As I continue a bit of a fragrance time travel I'm glad I've found and added this to my collection. It's also a perfect stand-in for Rive Gauche, thank goodness. Very well blended with a slight barbershop fell. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews.

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