and this potential final turn is no different as she delivers some of her most emotional work with the fan-favorite superhero. Warner Bros. reveals first look at animated series, justice league dark apokolips war trailer. However, the teams quickly discover the villainous New God has anticipated their actions, and instead puts them on the defensive as they mount a desperate last stand on Earth to stop evil incarnate. And Marvel + Ryan Reynolds have screenwriters attached. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Genius Intelligence, Master Tactician and Strategist, Darkseid is a "New God" and the leader of Apokolips. The origins of Darkseid and his rise to power are lost to time, but as long as Apokolips has burned, Darkseid has been the iron fist ruling over its inhabitants. —Darkseid's last words before being pulled in by Trigon [src] Uxas, better known as Darkseid, was a New God, the ruler of the planet, Apokolips, and the leader of the Parademons and Paradooms. The high stakes are underscored from the outset by notable deaths, often displayed in gruesome, unrelenting fury. Along the way, heroes and villains outside of the three teams return to assist in the battle. Cyborg commences his plan, thrusting Apokolips into oblivion; Darkseid tries to escape, but Trigon drags him into the portal and both are killed as a result. TV. [7], On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 100% based on 16 reviews, with an average rating of 7.75/10. While the Squad is used as a distraction, the group enters the building and confronts Luthor, who reveals he was a mole helping Lois. But there is one formidable foe the team will come to know all too intimately in Warner Bros Animation upcoming animated movie, a new god – Darkseid. Sylvester Stallone announces he’s set to star in “The Suicide Squad” movie, Netflix announces a new Godzilla anime series, Wacko, Jacko and Dot are back.'re not losing something, you're gaining something new..."[11], Last edited on 19 November 2020, at 14:08, "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Release Date, Box Art, Info, Trailer", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Will Be the Last Film in the DC Animated Movie Universe", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Trailer Unites DC All-Stars Against Darkseid", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Movie Announced", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War's Massive Voice Cast Revealed", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War release date and prices announced", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Review", "Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020) The Numbers Listing", "Justice League Dark Writer Eulogizes the DC Animated Universe",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 14:08. One-shot Aquaman and knocked out Superman with his Omega Beams), Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Able to keep up with Superman), Lifting Strength: Class M (Should be stronger than Superman and his creation Doomsday), Striking Strength: Small Town Class via powerscaling (Vastly stronger than Superman), Durability: Small Town level via powerscaling (Easily endured many powerful attacks from the Justice League members such as punches from Superman and Green Lantern, powerful lightning bolts from Shazam and strikes from Wonder Woman sword. [9], The film earned $4,773,854 from domestic Blu-ray sales. Classification: New God, Ruler of Apokolips, Leader of the Parademons, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Extreme Longevity, Regeneration (At least High-Low), Nigh-Invulnerability, Energy Manipulation and Projection (Via Omega Beams), Homing Attack (Via Omega Beams), Enhanced Senses (Was able to fight the Justice League even after being blinded), Portal Creation (Via Boom Tube), Technological Manipulation (Can mentally control Apokoliptian technology), Telepathy, Illusion Creation (Influenced Henshaw's mind to make him more vulnerable to his power), Resurrection (Was able to resurrect and rebuild Hank Henshaw into Cyborg Superman, though it is unknown if he used his own power or Apokolyptian technology), Extreme Pain Tolerance, Master Martial Arts, Genius Intelligence, Master Tactician and Strategist, Master Planner, Flight (Can psionically levitate and fly at high speeds), Sealing (Trapped Trigon's corrupter with his Omega Beams), Attack Potency: Small Town level via powerscaling (Able to heavily damage Superman who no-sold this explosion. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In response, the Justice League travel to Apokolips to bring the fight to him while the Teen Titans remain on Earth as its defense. Joining him is Taissa Farmiga reprising her role as the Teen Titan Raven, who's still very much at odds with her own inner darkness, as she and Superman reunite with Constantine to regroup. RELATED: Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Reportedly Ends the DCAMU. When his first attempt to conquer Earth failed due to the Justice League's interference, he created the monstrous being Doomsday before sending him on Earth to kill Superman and used Hank Henshaw's hatred toward the Kryptonian to use him a pawn and manipulate him into opening a portal to Earth. Uxas, also known as Darkseid, is a major antagonist in the DC Animated Movie Universe; serving as the main antagonist of the 2014 animated film, Justice League: War, and the overarching antagonist of the 2019 sequel, Reign of the Supermen. [10], In spite of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War being confirmed as the last film in the DCAMU,[2] screenwriter Ernie Altbacker teased the possibility of a new project related to that continuity. And trust, even with their endowed deftness in all things magic, it is going to take some serious fervor to weather the hellish maelstorm in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. On Apokolips, Constantine frees Wonder Woman using her Lasso of Truth. "All of existence shall be mine." He notably wants to conquer Earth and after his defeat at the hands of the Justice League, he decided to seek reve… Learning that Darkseid intends to launch another invasion of Earth, the Justice League, Justice League Dark and Teen Titans join forces to launch a preemptive strike against Apokolips. This is the sequel to 2017's critically acclaimed Justice League Dark. The R-rated animated project unites some of DC's best-known heroes and pits them up against Darkseid, who is voiced by horror icon Tony Todd. Watching Lois' sacrifice allows Superman to break free of Trigon's grip. Gaming In Metropolis, Clark's wife Lois Lane has recruited the Suicide Squad, now led by Harley Quinn following Amanda Waller's death,[N 3] as part of her and Clark's plan to infiltrate the LexCorp building and use its boom tube to return to Apokolips. By Sam Stone May 05, 2020 Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles. Following his two failed attempts at taking over Earth,[N 1] Darkseid and his armies have conquered countless worlds. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is a 2020 American direct-to-video animated superhero film produced by Warner Bros. He notably wants to conquer Earth and after his defeat at the hands of the Justice League, he decided to seek revenge against Superman and start again his attempts to take over the Earth. Darkseid is themain antagonist oftheDC Animated Universe. Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Mera, Hawkman, and Starfire work as Darkseid's newly converted mechanic Furies as he continues conquering planets. Vilgax (Ben 10) Vilgax's Profile (Speed was equalized). Constantine and Raven combine their magic to give Trigon his physical form back so he can fight Darkseid while the heroes safely return to Earth. "The Animaniacs" returns in new clip, "Marvel's M.O.D.O.K." Darkseid responds by attemping to kill Batman with his omega beams, but Damian jumps to his father's defense and is killed instead. HBO Max reveals Starfire’s comic-centric costume for DC’s “Titans” Season 3, “Deadpool 3” is back on. He was a "New God" and the leader of Apokolips who seeks to rule the entire universe and destroy the Justice League.

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