The Knight Enchanter has been given a lot of flack for being the most obvious and easiest route to overpower. Basically as long as you have any noticeable amount of barrier, every cast of an Inferno spell will take half of your current barrier and double the damage of the spell being cast. Starting the game off by going directly down the fire tree towards Fire Mine is generally a good idea. Knight Enchanters have been nerfed again (Lol). There's no real point to altering the workings of any class (beyond fixing obvious bugs/oversights like FoF+focus ability); it still won't make DAI "balanced" at higher levels. At least I discovered Rift Mage recently (hopefully they didn't get nerfed too). There are a variety of ways to do this.. ranging from farming random enemies in high level areas, “abusing” the loot spawn system or simply hoping that RNG will reward you with schematics you need. The best schematics need to be found. Max charge is at 99, at max charge it looks as though spirit blade does ~about 450%-600% damage, though the game does not give you hard values to go on. A community of Dragon Age fans, noobs, and ogres. Other skills have reported minor changes too. Who is better to side with? The commentator on this video says a couple of times "I don't have to do anything" and that is true, just about anybody can have average results with KE. When you can lead into an enemy with no barrier up, drop some quick damage spells to max out your barrier and use Spirit Blade to clean up the mess. Inferno: Wildfire – Along the same lines as Searing Glyph, but makes Immolate more potent and allows it to scale easier in the end game. I didn't see how much these stacks multiply the damage by. Apparently there is a stack system; cast spells, gain stacks for damage. Well, shit. I speak more about KE than the others because it seems to be the most misunderstood. It's survivability isn't anything special: warriors can take even more punishment even without the specialization if you play them right, and champions' are unrivalled in that regard. chevron_left. For the mid-game, the armor I used the Warden Battlemage Armor, which you can get the schematicfrom the Dalish vendor in Exalted Plains around level 10-12. The Reaver was given a much needed nerf but is still apparently OP. That kinda sucks since I just started a new Inky and she was going to be a KE =/. I and many others have repeatedly posted that it really comes into it's own when played like a Vanguard from ME. Same, I'm halfway through a KE nightmare playthrough. Even without specializations the game's combat is trivial once you get past the early levels. Put a point into spirit blade and went to bed. And yes, balance does matter in a single player game so players never feel punished for not playing the ez mode class. Zero thought or timing went into it, you could just assume that all primers would give you combos. Some skills may end up being useless depending on your what your load… Energy Barrage is your new best friend in that regard, it can fill it from 0 to 60 in a moment. This one skill in combination with Fire Mine will absolutely devastate 95% of everything you encounter. The one major aspect of gearing and focus that makes this specialization and build stand out is that you can quite … The Knight-Enchanter (KE) specialization enables the mage class to take a very brazen approach to combat. Dragon Age Inquisition - Hissing Wastes Dragon (aka Sera almost solo kills Dragon), 3. In a similar way, the Artificer's Opportunity Knocks skill affects the Artificer's own critical when according to the skill description it should only be affected by the criticals of allies. Love this, had no idea there was a nerf. Bonus vs guard: 400% damage. Any advice for Inquisition? The issue is the inherent difficulty of the game. It's not a "player issue", it's a game mechanics issue that promotes repetetive gameplay. War Table and being a completionist burn me out. Playing DAI for the first time. Casts with little to no animation, so you can use it as you are charging into melee. The whole reason that this nerf happened was because it really was OP. The second is in a lootable container on a boat docked in the area northeast of where the Hinterlands Dragon (Ferelden Frostback) spawns. Mostly helpful against bigger HP enemies, as the general run of the mill enemy will die immediately to Fire Mine or very soon after. The Knight Enchanter is overpowered in such a way it provides almost no challenge even on nightmare difficulty, and promotes repetetive and boring gameplay. That said, while I kinda get why they'd want to make the Knight Enchanter about more than just sword-spamming, I do wonder about whether this particular choice of changes would maintain the same finesse, since everything else a Mage would be attacking with is more range-oriented. Try remerging the mods? I've created 3 saves and completed the opening section. I was considering fire for the crit cooldowns, but ice also looks pretty good. videogame_asset My games. Old stats: Spirit damage: 300% weapon damage. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This is just the basic build to pretty much make the Knight Enchanter immortal. Addressing obvious overpowered skills is clearly such a fix and pretending otherwise is an absurd laissez-faire notion. Looks like I'm going to have to think about my approach, instead of being an unstoppable god :(. You need to consider that they are going to buff whatever spells and weapons that you have. A single skill turns the Artificer into a machine gun and best soloist with certain builds, in addition to already being the best team support for the Rogue class.

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