It’s … The effluent was treated using the biofilter, and chemical analyses were carried out once a week for four consecutive weeks. Places like Jos, Bauchi, Nasarawa, and Enugu states have been worst affected by environmental degradation which had defaced the beautiful landscape of the natural environment. For humans it is the potential for long-term maintenance of well-being, which in turn depends on the well-being of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources ( [3]. Biotechnology is the current trend in production processes across the world, as opposed to the conventional chemical synthesis of products. In the quest for converting wood into timber, use of fruits in juice production, use of herb for drug synthesis, conversion of petrochemical substances into polythene products, the environment correspondingly becomes littered with substances not needed in the cause of production. Treat effluents by using constructed wetlands. Additionally, it is not sufficient to try disposing toxic/deleterious substances with any known method. In line with this encouraging agricultural venture is the attendant problem of effluent generation which can adversely affect the aesthetic environments. This practice is linked with the loss of precious biological diversity (nature’s gene bank of raw materials for future development); gas flaring, Crude oil spill and the resultant problem of ecosystem destabilization, heat stress, acid rain and acid precipitation-induced destruction of fresh water fishes and forests in the coastal areas of the country. While rot fungus (, Enzyme replaces traditional Cl-addition. Although the nutrient content of pond effluents may be too low to affect crop production, effluent water not useful for catfish cultivation can find application for irrigation of crops and thus reduce discharge volume. Ripp et al. from A. Mohammed, “Biofuels production for transport sector in Nigeria,”. Reusing Water for Multiple Fish CropsThe concentration of the substance in the effluent is dependent on the volume of water discharged as well as the mass of nutrients (organic matter) present in the ponds according to the aquacultural feeding history. It is an aspect of environmental biotechnology concerned with prevention of processes capable of causing an unsustainable environment for man and ecocomponents. For over 70 years Jos tin mining industry was mostly controlled by overseas companies. Most families in south-eastern and south-western Nigeria cultivate catfish on medium to commercial scale as a financial supplement for regular job. There is no secondary pollution (unlike the case of incineration where additional CO2, CO, and NO gases are produced from burning fuel(s) and degradation products form additional biomass, carbon dioxide and water). Thus, the tin areas have environment whose topography is made up of dams (which claim lives of both human and animals annually) as well as ‘‘a lunar landscape of steep-sided mounds with multicoloured ponds or lakes” [13]. In a broad sense, biological monitoring involve any component that makes use of living organisms, whole or part as well as biological systems to detect any harmful, toxic, or deleterious change in the environment. Use of bioreactors for ex situ treatment with introduction of suitable microbes and environmental factors. Therefore, enzymes extracted from naturally occurring microorganisms, plant and animals can be used biologically to catalyse chemical reactions with high efficiency and specificity. His physical environment stretches from air, water, and land to natural resources like metals, energy carriers, soil, and plants, animals, and ecosystems. In research institutions and universities, biocatalysis have been applied in laboratory-scale experiments and primary investigation of product synthesis. Corn ethanol requires significant amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, energy and water to grow, cellulosic biofuel production promises to be much more efficient. Excellent performance, small size, low weight and battery-powered mode make it an ideal partner whenever mobility counts - in the laboratory, on site or outdoors. The Industrial and Environmental Section (IES) develops policies to help drive the growth of advanced biofuels, biomass supply, specialty crops, biobased products and materials, specialty chemicals, food and nutritional ingredients and synthetic biology and genomics research. The US consumed 3,277 trillion British thermal units (Btu) of biomass energy in 2006. A. Sadik, “Correlation of analyte structures with biosensor responses using the detection of phenolic estrogens as a model,”, I. Satoh and Y. Iijima, “Multi-ion biosensor with use of a hybrid-enzyme membrane,”, E. Lojou and P. Bianco, “Application of the electrochemical concepts and techniques to amperometric biosensor devices,”, V. G. Andreou and Y. D. Clonis, “A portable fiber-optic pesticide biosensor based on immobilized cholinesterase and sol-gel entrapped bromcresol purple for in-field use,”, J. Tschmelak, G. Proll, J. Riedt et al., “Automated Water Analyser Computer Supported System (AWACSS) Part I: project objectives, basic technology, immunoassay development, software design and networking,”, T. R. Glass, H. Saiki, T. Joh, Y. Taemi, N. Ohmura, and S. J. Lackie, “Evaluation of a compact bench top immunoassay analyzer for automatic and near continuous monitoring of a sample for environmental contaminants,”, M. Farré, L. Kantiani, and D. Barceló, “Advances in immunochemical technologies for analysis of organic pollutants in the environment,”, M. Fojta, “Electrochemical sensors for DNA interactions and damage,”, G. Bagni, S. Hernandez, M. Mascini, E. Sturchio, P. Boccia, and S. Marconi, “DNA biosensor for rapid detection of genotoxic compounds in soil samples,”, A. Sassolas, B. D. Leca-Bouvier, and L. J. Blum, “DNA biosensors and microarrays,”, F. Lucarelli, L. Authier, G. Bagni et al., “DNA biosensor investigations in fish bile for use as a biomonitoring tool,”, Y. S. Kim, H. S. Jung, T. Matsuura, H. Y. Lee, T. Kawai, and M. B. Gu, “Electrochemical detection of 17, C. Nakamura, T. Kobayashi, M. Miyake, M. Shirai, and J. Miyake, “Usage of a DNA aptamer as a ligand targeting microcystin,”, M. Rajendran and A. D. Ellington, “Selection of fluorescent aptamer beacons that light up in the presence of zinc,”, Y. Xiao, A. We have a tendency to encourage a large range of submissions, including, but not restricted to: Topics of Interest: Environment:Researches in the field of environmental science such as Aquatic Sciences, Energy Resources and Conservation, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Environmental Economics, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Physics, Environmental Health - Public Health, Environmental Law - Policy - Eco Justice, Environmental Management, Environmental Toxicology, Global Change, Climate Change, Monitoring, Environmental Analysis - Monitoring, Nature Conservation - Biodiversity, Pollution and Remediation, Soil Science, Sustainable Development. Thus, antibodies with both of their binding sites bound with analyte will not attach to the surface and will pass through the detector. Wastewater was collected from an abattoir in Sokoto, Nigeria, using sterile two litre capacity sample bottles and transported in an icebox to the laboratory. Agriculture:Agricultural Diversification, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Forestry, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agro climatology, Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Production, Energy Agriculture, Tissue Culture, Plant Culture, Aquaculture, Toxicology and Waste management, Veterinary medicine, Irrigation and water management, Animal science: Animal breeding, Animal nutrition, Agronomy: Plant science, Theoretical production ecology, Horticulture, Plant breeding, Plant fertilization, Medicinal Plants, Biological engineering: Genetic engineering, Microbiology, Environmental science: Agricultural Biodiversity, Ecology, Food science: Nutrition, Safety, Storage, Management and Preservation, Soil science: Soil physics, Soil chemistry, Soil biology, Agrology, Plant Breeding, Soil and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural genetic. However, the rapidity (only a few minutes to detect but sample processing is often necessary), sensitivity (typically down to low part-per-billion levels), ease of use, and cost-effectiveness screen environmental sites for toxic chemical intrusions or monitoring operational endpoints of bioremediation efforts. In late 1995, Nigeria’s execution of eight environmental activists, notable Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ken Saro-Wiwa, made international headlines and brought world-wide recognition of the serious environmental degradation of Nigeria [9]. Biomimetics mimic (imitate) the attributes of naturally occurring biological materials to synthetically recreate or enhance their properties [24]. The SRAC [82] report has it that the total nitrogen available for crops varied from 0.9 to 1.2 kg/ha from each centimeter of water applied. These new solvents will be made by mixing together several common bioliquids: such as bioethanol, terpenes, vegetable oils, fatty acids, methyl esters, and derivatives of related compounds [19]. Royal qPCR Drinking Water Test Kits w/ Reader. Most of the flooding and erosion seen in cities are as a result of poor drainage system. Most of the detergents in the country are incorporated with various enzymes.

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