And yet he never seems to get the recognition enjoyed by people like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page. "That record was a huge influence because it’s so cool. It is some of my favorite music, and I would agree with some of the names, expecially Stevie Ray Vaughn, but other styles of music have produced some fantastic players. 10. Everyone here should list their guitarist along with a moment that turned them on to that artist. Although I don't think he should be considered "the greatest of all" (whatever that means) Tommy can play some outstanding sounds out of a single acoustic guitar! Pure slop. Most guitar players have a basis in the blues, and you play those scales, but for whatever reason Robert has never had that and there’s no one else quite like him. You could make 50 top 10 lists and make a good arguement for each of them. Like everyone on this list, he's won all the awards. George Harrison Both are great in their own right but it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Jimmy Page are you crazy???. His newfound health and love for life and music are showcased on In Step his last album before his death a year later. It's all well and good picking the pioneers of Solo guitar but no way are they at the standard of the guitarists out these days. Either way, give the best guitar players in the world some recognition. Jared has surpassed his 20th year in the music industry. Besides, I hope to NEVER stop growing musically. Where's Dave Murray of Iron Maiden? Michael’s a melodic and technical player but he didn’t sound technical, it sounded full of feeling. Lastly – inspiring many that they could earn a living playing in a rock and roll band no mention shame on you of – Scotty Moore. Eric Clapton’s good stuff would be his records with Cream, mainly “Wheels Of Fire”. John Mayer one of the best guitarist ever, are you f’ing kidding?!!? Trey Anastasio recently called Derek Trucks the “best guitar player on earth right now,” and many people would likely agree. These guys took the playing of some of the old timers – Johnson included – to another level. ), Django Reinhardt Blues – Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Purely Technical – Joe Satriani (he taught Steve Vai, He taught Kirk Hammet) , John Pettrucci, yngwia malmsteen (sp?). Lukather RULES. joe satriney Slash? When I listen to a “shredder” like Steve Vai, I think..yes he is fast but his music makes me feel absolutley nothing emotionally. Apparently that pick was used on just one song during the band’s set that night! The fact is that you could have had a Clapton without a Robert Johnson. probably at home having a cup of tea and a biscuit right now har har. And John Mayer is in, but Eric Clapton is out? He's also an inventor, holding several patents including one for a device that allows the guitar to be played like a piano. The 27-year-old solo artist and All That Remains guitarist plays insanely technical and blindingly fast runs with a precision and cleanliness that is practically superhuman, and he now does it on his own Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass seven-string, putting him in a stable of signature artists alongside his biggest influence, John Petrucci. Tom Morello should be higher than 10. HOwever that said statistics is often a pillow for people. Kirk Hammet Mark knopfler King has said that Derek Truck's guitar work is "as good as I've ever heard it." Santana is the best of the best. Top 10 Successful College Football Players That Failed in the NFL,,">

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