All the hype surrounding kale is for good reason–it’s high in fiber and its nutrient content is off the charts. I adore mustard greens. There are a few varieties out there, but the spinach most of us are familiar with–both smaller-leaved baby spinach and full-grown spinach–has smooth, sturdy, deep green leaves. Pour into the prepared baking dish, top with the breadcrumbs and place on the middle rack of the oven and bake for 30 minutes. Recipe to try: Mache & Peach Salad with Jalapeno Vinagrette. Lindsey did a killer job on the photos, didn’t she?!! Any way, great post! Pinning this for future reference and recipe ideas . This is a shame because, although some may never warm up to their pungent bite, mustard greens’ peppery flavor can add a wonderful dimension to many dishes. 6. One simple substitution and I’d have been home free. Learn more about Nicole here. Trim off and discard the thick stems and coarsely chop the leaves. It can be found year round either fresh or frozen. Salad greens should be vibrant and crisp–avoid signs of wilting, yellowing or brown spots. Oak leaf // Oak leaf lettuce is visually very similar to leaf lettuce, but with more of an oak leaf shape. Arugula is especially high in vitamin K. Recipe to try: Peach & Mozzarella Rocket Salad or Lemon Arugula Pizza. Health-wise, no other green is higher in omega-3 fatty acids than purslane. Remove from the heat, and add the chilies. I love this! I LOVE mache but haven’t been able to find in in the States except for in a mix at Whole Foods and there are only 4 in the whole container!! No matter what you call it, this mild lettuce with large, frilly-edged leaves, is one of the most familiar. As a general rule, the darker the green, the more nutrient-dense it is. In a large mixing bowl whisk together the eggs, ricotta, milk, Parmesan, salt, and pepper. Thank you for this post! That is the most wonderful, informative post I have seen on the different varieties of salad greens! A bonus to frisee? more ››, How to get rid of uneven skin texture on face, How to tell if tooth infection is spreading to heart, How to call a local german phone number from canada. There is a whole chapter about the American transition from iceberg to bagged lettuce and looked at what the next salad trend might be (specifically looking into radicchio). Add the greens to the egg and cheese mixture and stir to thoroughly combine. Popular varieties include Bibb, Boston and red butter lettuce. This is so informative! aproximately 40 baby Bella mushrooms. I am entering the world of SALADS and this article is really helpful. Gorgeous guide and I love all the recipe suggestions! In doing so I may have needlessly taken the life of a perfectly sweet little Frilly Red Mustard. Recipe to try: Belgian Endive Salad with Blood Oranges and Goat Cheese. Time for me to try out some new leaves! Thoroughly wash the mustard greens in 2 to 3 changes of water, or until you can't feel any grit in the bottom of the sink. I like to buy fresh greens at my local farmers’ market. 2. Found your site today and very much like the overall appearance and style. You can use a salad spinner, or my favorite method: throw them in a clean plastic bag with several paper towels, and whip that bag around in a super-fast circle for 30 seconds or so. It’s generally pretty easy to tell fresh greens from those that are past their prime. Watercress // Watercress’s tiny, delicate leaves pack a powerful bite–the tangy, peppery flavor gives a distinctly piquant punch to salads. Lettuce grows in all shapes and sizes, but generally falls into one of two categories: head lettuce or loose-leaf lettuce. But it’s got its place! It’s a bold choice raw, with rather bitter and spicy flavor that mellows considerably when cooked. Mesclun // Mesclun is actually not one type of green–it’s a mixture of many. Here are some of the most popular: The most well-known of salad greens, lettuce is renowned for its mild, sometimes even sweet flavor that goes well with just about anything. Gratin of Red Frilly Mustard with Ricotta and Mushrooms. Cover and refrigerate for up to a week. The delicately spiced greens are striking in appearance, particularly the varieties with lacey or frilly leaves. You are too nice, Kare! Its sweet flavor–with just a hint of bitterness–also makes it a wonderful addition to salads. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Great – no excellent – guide! Did we miss any superior salad greens or can’t-miss preparation ideas? Learn how your comment data is processed. 4 tbsps butter (plus more to grease baking pan) 2 eggs. I’m going to share this . Most of the liquid will have reduced. You already know lettuce is low-calorie (clocking in at right around 10 calories per cup), but it’s solid nutrition-wise, too. Unlike many salad greens, you can assemble a frisee salad a few hours ahead of time–it keeps surprisingly well. Baby Leaf Mustard (Brassica juncea) One of my favorite ways to enjoy arugula is to toss it in a light, lemony vinaigrette and serve it over a simple fresh-out-of-the-oven white pizza. If you prefer to steer clear of bitter greens, this super-mellow, sweet lettuce is for you. Salad greens are a great source of vitamins, especially A, C, and K. Many are high in iron, some even have surprising amounts of calcium. I just planted a mesclun mix in my garden and I’ve been having fun seeing what pops up! Once wilted add the chicken stock and stir. Belgian endive // Thanks to its elegant, sturdy leaves, endive is excellent for appetizers–just nudge a little dip into each leaf’s “cup,” and set the leaves out for easy finger food. How To Cook Mustard Greens Southern Style. To make it a meal, we’ll increase the nuts or cheese for added protein, or include protein-rich mix-ins like baked tofu, hard-boiled eggs, or quinoa. The Brassica family encompasses a wide variety of sub-species that include vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage. Head lettuce grows in a tight ball, whereas loose-leaf lettuce grows in, well, looser bunches. Making sure the greens are bone-dry after washing them helps the dressing cling to the leaves and reduces the risk of a soggy salad. Most varieties of lettuce are especially good sources of vitamin A and potassium. So glad you found it useful. Now you’ll have no reason not to grab a salad and laugh alone while eating it. I know, I inspired myself to get way more leafy greens into my diet. Wow! Head varieties should be tightly furled, not loose or limp. (We can’t wait!) It’s also one of the most popular veggies to grow in home gardens, so if you decide to grow it, you may want to go the loose-leaf route–instead of needing to harvest the entire head of lettuce at once, you can just grab a few leaves here and there as needed. Curly Endive // Curly outer leaves and a light green hue characterize curly endive. Add the mushrooms, and a pinch of salt and cook until the mushrooms begin to brown, approximately 6–8 minutes.  Also known as: Baby Leaf Mustard, Frilled Leaf Mustard, Mustard Green, Mustard Salad Greens. Coupon for Who’s going to have the last laugh now?! Its mildly sweet, delicate taste and nice, crisp bite make it the perfect lettuce for sandwiches and burgers. There are so many options out there and it is so hard to understand it all without any reference. 7. Bring it on!! This is so helpful! The texture is crunchy yet tender with a robust mustard flavor and mild sweet and spicy pepper-like finish. So many we could never count them all! Can The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Help You Lose Weight? I love this guide!!! Romaine isn’t just delicious, it’s also particularly rich in folic acid and vitamin K. Recipes to try: Classic Vegan Caesar with Avocado & Chickpeas or Chili Salad Wraps. This dark leaf vegetable has a peppery flavor similar to mustard. I never realized how many different types of greens there are out there, sadly, most of which I have never tried. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. 1. My gosh, there are SO many greens I have yet to try! Pesto: Use blanched curly mustard greens in place of the basil in a classic pesto. Mizuna // A Japanese mustard green, this petite, spiky-edged leaf has mingled in mesclun mixes for ages. Greens dominate the fresh produce available here in the South during the winter, and we’ll show you how to cook some up for a great side dish, or even the main meal of the day.

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