What I like about this multi-tool is the screwdriver has a good extension on it, which is normally something you have to buy as an accessory. On occasion, I’ve bought a sandwich that costs more than this multi-tool. It just leaves many people confused.

I can guide you by conveying the most trusted brands and mention the quality of the build and the materials used but at the end of the day, you know what you want from a tool better than me. It’s almost like you’re not a company that makes multi-tools unless you have a plier head multi-tool, so let’s look at CRKT’s version of the classic. No point buying a survival multi-tool if what you need is a grooming tool. It also has a bolt override tool that’s great for a bolt override ram (when a spent casing gets lodged between the bolt and charging handle). SOG Seal Pup is shorter, as the total length is only 9.0 inches. They can also be sharpened easily. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The knife is the main feature of the Gerber Crucial which isn’t surprising given Gerber’s history with quality knife making. However, this model is considerably lighter, as the weight is only 5.4 oz without the sheath. Even the Gerber kit comprises of all essential tools, which gives a strong competition to Leatherman and other brands out there. As you’ve seen with the SOG belt buckle, SOG isn’t scared to do things a little differently. Gerber Prodigy is equipped with a nicely textured and over-molded handle to provide the most comfortable neutral handling. It’s worse when there are seven different Crater knives with different initials at the end. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. However, the 7.21 oz weight makes it not very convenient to carry around continuously all the time. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Warranty – Is Warranty Needed for the SAK. - 420HC stainless steel blade with black oxide finish When I look at this tool and then the price tag, I wonder how Gerber makes any profit selling this nice little gadget. And of course many of you will use multi-tools for different outdoors activities than I use them for.

Mainly because I just love everything to do with multi-tools, but also because there are several very powerful brands operating in this space offering many different options and functionalities at differing price points. But having used it my mind was quickly changed. Writing an article on the best multi-tool is stirring up a hornet’s nest, and I’m well aware many people will strongly disagree with the conclusions in this write-up. The main feature, and the reason behind the name, is the magnetic center-axis screwdriver bit drive. If you plan on buying a Wave Plus it’ll give you some insight into the quality building process that goes making a Leatherman. Thus, it is very hard to pick only one, from the crowd of hundreds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you’re a fisherman, then you’ll definitely be interested in giving the Gerber Linedriver a try. The main alteration was to the blade. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Unlike with Leatherman multi-tools, where on any given day I could change my mind on which is best, the Center-Drive is the stand-out best Gerber multi-tool.

- Textured over-molded soft-grip ensures a secure grip, - Newly designed longer ergonomic handle with deeper finger grooves I’m not sure why they called it this, as it is compact, but has nothing to do with sport. And did I mention the price? Many core features are similar, if not the same but you should also have seen how it’s the small differences that set the tools apart – whether it’s made for survival, to help with first aid, has an entry-level price tag or made for small hands. The Linedriver is one such tool for people that like to fish, featuring tools such as a hook eyelet threader,  a spinning line vise, an eyelet clearing spike and a split shot crimper. A perfect example of buying the right multi-tool for the job it’s needed for is the Leatherman Style CS. You also have a diamond-coated sharpener so no matter how much you use your knife you can always keep it sharp.

These subsets dictate the size and the potential number of tools. There is only one Surge as the original got retired once this new model was released. So needless to say, Victorinox has made sure they don’t get left behind this growing market with a quality credit card style multi-tool they call the Swiss Card. Required fields are marked *.

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