Sauces and drink counter are always clean and nice. Also get their Thai coffee. :). You also get a salad and miso soup with it. Want to chime in. Does it cost extra to get food delivery from the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue near me? But Hapa Hawaiian Grill, a pandemic-opened Hawaiian eatery located near PPG Paints Arena, easily proved me wrong. I asked for double Mac Salad no rice (we cooked rice at home). A mixed bag of exotic spices cooked with potato, carrots and onion. 2 scoops of white rice or brown rice and choice of salad. Comes with 8 chicken, 8 teriyaki beef, 8 chicken katsu, 8 scoops of rice, 8 scoops of macaroni salad and 6 Hawaii Sun juice. 2 scoops of white rice or brown rice and choice of salad. We ordered two family meals, which we were told that they fed 4-5 people each - they gave us so much food that we were probably better off ordering one. Robert Kim: Agedashi tofu, kalbi and kimchi for dinner. If not - get the Spicy Tuna roll. I'm always looking for value, especially in a lunch spot. Monica LLuberes: Great food! A mixed bug of exotic spices cooked with potato, carrots and onion. Cutlet Chicken (mini) ... Chocolate Crepes near me Lamb Kebab near me Wedge Salad near me Cheesesteak Wrap near me Street Taco near me. Served with 2 scoops of brown rice and fresh tossed greens. The chicken was so good I kept eating, even though I should have saved half for dinner. Inquire within individual L&L location(s) for BBQ beef, short ribs and chicken. For $7 I got a to-go box full of rice, chicken and macaroni salad. It was also a runny consistency, like a creamy alfredo. 2 scoops of white rice or brown rice and choice of salad. They don't skimp on portions here, including the Mac Salad. It came with chicken katsu and chicken teriyaki. Only down side is when it's busy you have to wait a bit maybe like 15-20 mins for food but good side regular order only takes about 5-10 mins. Always a friendly employee. Tender pieces of deep-fried boneless chicken, this best-seller is served with our piquant katsu sauce. Fried fish filet, fried shrimp and choice of protein. The storefront looks small but the space is actually very big inside with lots of tables. Ono Hawaiian BBQ Near Me Locations. The flow of people never stopped while we were there. Appreciate the social distance markers for takeout. Good crunch & not overly oily. BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, fish filet and chicken katsu. Plentiful of deep fried shrimp cooked to perfection, in hawali and we call it real "ono". ... Hawaiian hottest seller! I honestly crave it like three to four times a week and if it weren't for my family saying I can't eat it every single day I totally would! Menu items may vary across restaurant locations. And great portion size. Katsu Bento Near Me. Lauren Walker: Pink Lady is where it's at! Moms. ... Hawaiian hottest seller! Fish shrimp fried to golden brown for fish lovers, includes tartar sauce. Definitely going back. Everone's favorite, crispy breaded chicken filet served with our famous katsu dipping sauce. Just keeps getting better and better. Love this place! Chicken Katsu & Teriyaki Chicken Katsu & Beef Teri. $9.75. Liz Amill: Corned beef hash is a treat; crispy on the outside and tender on the inside - delicious! Stayed crispy thru my 45 min commute home. Definitely would recommend this spot for anyone in the area looking for a bite to eat. This was my kids favorite. Each meal comes with three meats, a hefty portion of rice and a hefty portion of Mac salad - they do not skimp on their portions here. 1 scoop of white rice or brown rice and choice of salad. My favorite thing to get is the mix plate. 26 tips and reviews, 4725 California Ave SW (at SW Alaska St), Seattle, WA, 5310 Ballard Ave NW (Vernon), Seattle, WA, 4720 California Ave SW (at SW Alaska St), Seattle, WA. Yummy Mac salad and chicken Katsu was perfect. Find the best katsu bento near you - DoorDash will deliver katsu bento right to your door in just minutes. I can eat multiple orders of each and still want more. BBQ chicken and fried egg. I recommend just taking it home to eat. Sean Yannell: Im prone to mini chicken katsu all mac salad even though the hamburger steak is good too. Green tea, lychee, Island iced tea, lilikoi passion, guava nectar, strawberry guava nectar, mango orange, passion orange, or pineapple orange. Chicken Teriyaki was yummy as well. They have a teriyaki sauce that's pretty good. If you come on Monday make a reservation as their half price maki draws a huge crowd! The combo comes with two large scoops of rice and a traditional macaroni salad, which was great!Meat combo- bbq chicken, bbq pork and kalbi (bbq ribs) the chicken was soooo yummy. I promise you, it's that much!I really enjoyed my food & will keep this place in mind whenever I'm in Oxnard! Danielle Leyshon: Nice employees, so far so good! The bathrooms had no toilet paper or paper towels when I used it. The plates are very moderately priced for the amount of food you get. Definitely coming back here. 2 scoops of white rice or brown rice and choice of salad. Menu may not be up to date. 33 pieces. grilled boneless chicken marinated in our special hawaiian BBQ sauce. This is my new favorite Hawaiian BBQ place. The bathrooms were totally vandalized and it didn't look "intentional".

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