From Ryan Murphy. BuzzFeed Staff. Many of the housemates had apparel-based side hustles to build and promote—Arisa's hat line, Taka's snowboarding line—but the funniest integration of all was the lingerie brand Mizuki was starting. I agree that Hayato was being creepy, but calling him a predator for trying not to ruin Riko's career is whack. Yes, she did too. Everyone's favorite Terrace House couple, cheery ice hockey whiz Tsubasa and lanky model Shion gave us the sweetest courtship we're ever likely to see IRL. 30.5k Followers, 71 Following, 731 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 寺島速人 (@hayato_terashima) The group spends time together for the last time, cleaning the house, packing their belongings, swimming in the pool, and having a barbecue party. However, they are able to clear the air afterwards. Nevertheless, Nacchan feels that it's time for her to leave the house. Misaki Tamori is the next member who arrives. That's exactly what I was thinking too! When she wears the nightgown in front of Hikaru, however, the situation turns awkward. He also goes on a date with Mizuki to the beach. I did notice though that even those moments seem a bit manufactured on her end and even Hayato wasn't that disappointed which was odd. Yuuki asks Yuriko out on a date, but she's had a bit too much sake to drink. Yuuki goes on his first drive with Misaki to Yokohama, where she once fell out of love. This Is What The "Terrace House: Aloha State" Housemates Are Up To. The whole group goes to see Yuki tap dance and everybody is very impressed with his performance. Misaki confesses her feelings to Hikaru. Yuki finally passes his driver's license test and plans a date with Misaki. but now that the show has confirmed what i always suspected -- that he's genuinely an asshole -- i wouldn't feel any guilt smashing his face in. Arman et al. However, his harsh words trigger tears from both Mizuki and Yuriko. Meanwhile, after receiving a present from Makoto, Minori talks to him about her feelings. Hikaru and Arman discuss their situation to avoid treading on each other's toes. We also discussed the power imbalance since they are in such different stages of life. Good looking and tall, he's just Riko's type. Grab a chair and soak up the sun on the historic Memorial Union Terrace. The group sees Makoto off and welcomes a new member from Hawaii, Arman. She declared she loved drinking, brought a gift of wine for the whole crew, then proceeded to drink by herself at the dining table. That dude is creepy as hell. But he has his eyes on someone else. Riko applies for a job at Shibuya 109 but is not confident about her chances. He then goes on a date with Arisa to Yomiuriland despite feeling hungover. Arman also seems to be quite affected by Hikaru's exit. She also thinks that he's only using both their careers as a way out. Minori makes it clear to Makoto that she doesn't want to go out with him again. This whole it's for her career line seems like bullshit. Those two would have influenced the relationship. Makoto has a present for Minori. I just finished watching the episode where it all comes out and I am so angry and disgusted with that creep. At the barbecue party the following night, Hikaru also announces his intention to leave. Yuriko tells the group that whatever happens with her and her ex, she plans to leave the house soon. The Wisconsin Union is a membership organization. At his date with Yuriko, however, the Enoshima aquarium was already closed, so they have a drink instead. Makoto and Minori go to a yakiniku restaurant; Yuriko and Yuki go out drinking sake together. One night, the housemates discover they have run out of food. (He grew it back later.). There are just so many red flags. Takao on a date. Somehow, it was an extremely polite rejection yet also the deepest burn. Martha goes on a date with Arman to the beach. The way he acted around ballerinababe too, "I hate to interrupt but people tell me I am exactly like that (her type)" ALSO when he got upset because riko said she can only hold hands and kiss after dating, like why was he acting like it was the end of the world, if you're that upset just ask her out. Arman had a rough romance ride in the house. I have myself understood relationships with a big age gap in certain contexts when both parties are obviously attracted to each other and the gap itself was not as big. prepare the Japanese-style room for Minori and Tatsuya, now a couple. Terrace House, the Japanese reality show institution, is the perfect antidote to current events. Im happy to hear you think this to. Yay. And everyone just papered over the incident after episode 43 - most of the commentators were even hoping they would still get together?! Riko 100% knew what she was getting into. Arman was all 'I'd wake up and she'd be there at 3am!!!!'. Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalize our services and to customise our online advertisements. While the rest of the group is celebrating Martha's birthday, Hayato waits anxiously at his restaurant for Riko's arrival. She expressed various, very valid concerns that were dismissed because she's obviously "very mature." El escándalo! When Misaki buys some sleepwear with Hikaru's opinion in mind, Natsumi comments on it and the two get into an argument. Arman wins his first amateur kickboxing match in Japan. Meanwhile, something is up with Minori and Makoto. Han-san and Nacchan drop by for a surprise visit. I’m not, but you could also follow Hayato, the other half of the biggest scandal in Terrace House history, because it seems he’s kept up his relationships with housemates. Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. Uchi then tries to prove her wrong. Afterwards, in the dining room, he tells her to concentrate on her career instead of dating him. 'Terrace House' Is the Ultimate Comfort Watch. Have you watched Terrace House yet? In the case of 29-year-old actor Taishi, the footage speaks for itself. Wanted to second this. Uchi refuses to talk to anybody and goes to bed directly after work. First comes Mizuki, and next is Yuriko, but her date opens a whole can of worms. Arman goes to a kickboxing training session with Arisa. During a boat ride, he asks her to be his girlfriend. Arisa's arrival to the house excites Arman and Yuuki because she's "their type." Completely right. Although privately she feels drawn to Hayato, she says yes to Arman when he asks her out. Did she lie? They return to the house very late and the others have been waiting for them. I felt she was the more mature one the whole time. I'm probably wrong, but that was the vibe I got while watching. She thinks his behavior is immature, but changes her mind later when Hikaru apologizes. She feels some reservation because Arman might be leaving home for Hawaii soon. Martha and Arman managed to get top ratings from viewers and were called fans’ ‘favorite couple’. All six of them go on a camping trip to Nagatoro, Saitama. Minori suggests eating the fancy wagyu beef that Tatsuya got as a present at work. Uchi tells Makoto about his nervousness at his date with Yuriko; but behind his back, Makoto tattles about this to Yuriko and makes her feel confused. Riko and Hayato's secret relationship is revealed. An unbothered legend. Since Minori feels that her relationship with Uchi is going nowhere, she decides to send him a message via omurice. just finished all the episodes...and yeah, like everyone in here, I came to say #%@& Hayato! Hundreds of epic events at the Union are planned by students on the Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) committees. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your days and thank you for coming here to read this rant. Many of us here can see that Hayato took advantage of Riko's immaturity. The things I was thinking about is, did Riko and Hayato had S**? I don’t think a kid like her really had a fair chance with the kind of adult role models she had around her. When he suggested they go on a day trip together, her disinclination was so strong that she informed him she'd rather go to Costco with the other housemates instead. Uchi asks Minori out on another date. Love is tough, man. She's pretty much a child! Then, Arman expresses his feelings to Arisa. Secondly, the fact that Riko, at least in the beginning, very often seemed uncomfortable with the age gap. Misaki quickly befriends her and they chat about Hikaru. Han-san's architecture design for building facilities for physically disabled people does not win the competition, but he's happy that the girls visit him at the exhibition. I would struggle to see him as that much older if I was her. While you will need to plan ahead and follow some rules, the iconic sunburst chairs, beautiful lake views, gorgeous sunsets, and your food faves are still available. She decided that she would not want to have a secret relationship.

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