Properly caring for your wok will not only make it last longer, but the seasoning will improve, the wok will become even more non-stick over repeated uses, and your food will taste better. How do I remove rust from a wok? Clean your wok immediately after every use. (5 Super Effective Remedies). If you’re unsure how to clean your rusted wok, these are the necessary steps to use. After scouring, if there is still some stubborn stuck-on food, fill the wok with water and put it back on the stove to boil for a few minutes. Scrub the wok with the scrubber and remove the sticky burnt food residue. However, should this layer get damaged, as it so often does due to poor cleaning methods, then rust will form at the point of the damage. new LazyLoad(); Because water helps create the rust, completely dry the wok, place it on a burner and heat it until hot. That’s all there is to it! Put the wok on the stove and turn your stove on high. If paper towel doesn’t work effectively, then you can use plastic pan scraper to remove stubborn burnt spots. "button": { A well cared for carbon steel wok will last a lifetime, and can contribute to a healthy diet by allowing you to use less oil when cooking! (Complete Guide), Best Tape for LED Strips (Complete Guide), Is Masking Tape Waterproof? There are several types of woks available in stores. Thank you for your time. I have a large heavy metal wok that I would like to put to use. window.cookieconsent.initialise({ A well-seasoned wok doesn't need a lot of oil, because food doesn't stick to it. If you do not plan on using your now clean wok in the next day or two, apply a very light coat of cooking oil to the interior of the pan. Let it sit for a minute or two. Check out list of best meat grinder for deer. How do I remove rust from a wok? Let it sit for a few minutes. It has rust on the bottom though. Let’s see how to clean your wok with baking soda. These cleaning instructions also apply to any other carbon steel pan as well as non-enameled cast iron cookware. Scrub until the inside of wok gets smooth. You can use this ingredient to clean out the things around your house. Click Here. You can clean your non-stick wok naturally with the cooking ingredient which is lurking in your fridge or kitchen cabinet. When I turned back to my wok, I saw it get burnt. I kept my food on my wok which was cooking on the stove and as I got busy in other cooking prep for a little moment. Then cool it down and repeat the scouring step. Regular Cleaning and maintaining the wok enhance the performance of wok and helps for lasts for longer. Seasoning a carbon-steel wok, like seasoning a cast-iron skillet, seals the cooking surface and prevents rust. It helps to remove extra stubborn burnt spots. It may lead to food to burn. Proper cleaning of a wok is essential for healthy cooking. Don’t use a scouring pad or steel wool as it could remove seasoning of your wok. "text": "#237afc" Add some baking soda into the wok start scrubbing the wok with scouring pad. But the question isn't "how do I season a wok", but rather how specifically to deal with the amount of rust that occurred, and whether there is a point at which it's unsalvageable. It helps to clean sticky burnt residue easily from your wok. }); When it bubbling away, let it bubble for at least 30 seconds. Let the wok cool. If your wok gets rusty, you can clean the rust from carbon steel wok and season it again, and there are multiple easy ways to do that: Method 1. "palette": { ©1995-2020, Inc., Pine Beach, NJ   -   About   -  Privacy Policy It may remove the patina of your wok. This is the traditional implement used for cleaning a wok. The white vinegar method is favorite to clean out my stainless steel wok as it works amazing and turns my wok like brand new without using much elbow power. Click here. In addition, some woks that are pre-seasoned are done so because the seasoning helps to make the surface of the cast iron wok non-stick and prevents rust when in storage. Steps: 1. Remember that a newly seasoned carbon steel wok is not nearly as non-stick as a well-used seasoned cast iron wok! The instructions below are for a carbon steel wok. Now you know how to clean a wok with burnt food. If you have carbon steel or cast iron wok, don’t scrub it aggressively. One of the best woks you can purchase is made from carbon steel. So clean your wok as soon as you finish your cooking. You will see burnt sticky food come off without using much elbow power. Go at it! Then you came to the right place. If you want your wok lasts for longer, then you need to clean it precisely. Based in Portland, Ore., Maxine Wallace is a writer with more than 12 years of experience. Turn off the stove and soak the wok in the solution for a few hours. (In-Depth Guide). Watch out the following video that shows how to clean a wok with burnt food. The best news is that, with just a little care, the chromium oxide can heal itself and make your appliance rust-resistant again. Click here. If you have a wok with rust, removing it is a relatively simple process. Scrub the inside of wok with a sponge. Place the cooled down, empty pan in the sink and fill with very hot water. Wipe out the wok with grape seed oil and heat the wok at the high flame on the stove. You can get burn marks off from stainless steel wok by using white vinegar and baking soda. Rub the burnt food residue with the scrubber and clean it thoroughly. Scrub until the inside of wok will smooth. You can also use these tablets to clean your wok to remove burnt food. Burn the thick layer of burnt food. This brush cannot go into the dishwasher, but it should simply be rinsed off after use. Cleaning with vinegar is a natural way to clean your wok. Just a traditional bamboo whisk, a chainmail scrubber, or a plastic scrubby (such as the Scrub Daddy – see below). And it is high grade stainless steel and can be put in the dishwasher! Now you know how to clean a wok with burnt food. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [,,, Rinse the area well, and using a fine sandpaper, go over the area once more to get it really smooth. } This article will provide you with detailed instructions for cleaning, seasoning, and caring for your new cookware. Turn off the heat and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Take out the wok from the stove and take to sink. Turn off the heat and take out the wok from the stove. Remove the burnt coating with the spoon. Putting away a damp wok will result in rust spots and necessitates a re-seasoning, which can be a time consuming task, not to mention a waste all of the layers of seasoning that have accumulated from repeated use.

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