Router>en (Enable Privilege Mode) Router#conf t (Enable Global Configuration Mode) Router(config)# IP Route (Here, is the network ID of the 2nd Network) Router(config)#Exit. I find it... Training Content is Brilliant! Enter the command on R1 and answer the following questions: How many connected routes are there (uses the C code)? after the tutorial, my configuration was superb, but their is an issue i cant send a packet from pc0 to pc1, a msg pop up saying pc1 has nofunction port. This is not a part of DHCP Configuration, but they are essentials for router configuration. This is not a part of DHCP Configuration, but they are essentials for router configuration. Its structured from beginners to high level CCIE knowledge base. You should now see a message similar to the following: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface FastEthernet0/0, changed state to up %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/0, changed state to up Now we have to do the same thing for fastethernet0/1. For the laptops, replace the already-installed wired LAN module with a wireless adapter module (WMP 300N) . Router>en Router#conf t Router(config)# IP Route (Here, is the network ID of the 1st Network) Router(config)#Exit   So, the static routing configuration is successfully done. Before that, let’s understand what does the static routing means. this is a nice refresher for me– haven’t had a networking course in years and this brought back memories. This is the best tutorial on router configuration i’ve ever come across. It is very useful for me. On it, you can see several  tabs like Setup, Wireless, Security, Access Restrictions, Application & Gaming, Administration and WRT 300N status. I am having a challenge with subnetting. is a very good site, it contains very good explanations. First get into Cisco Packet Tracer and in the physical mode, pick a wireless router and two laptops,a PC, a generic server and a 2800-series router(or just any other router other than wireless). We’ll go through wireless LAN configuration, wireless security and configuring the wireless router for internet connectivity. Normally a router got a static IP you connect with. Which command displays the information about the Serial 0/0/0 interface only? Great stuff! After this period, if there is no action, router will go to the timeout. If you would like to connect to a router, you should set the settings as below: After setting these configurations, you will be ready to connect your router in packet tracer. Now connect the PC to the Ethernet 1 of the wireless router. If we do not use this command, router can print some outputs during we are entering the commands and after a while this can be annoying. Now, its time to configure the route. wish my teacher had better material like this stuff. This is probably one of the best Packet Tracer tutorials. You may choose WEP security feature for our wireless network, for example. You will not be able to ping them. LOHIT YADAV, Technical... IPCisco’s Post are Very Informative! But if you would like to do this via Console connection with a laptop with console cable as in real world, you can do it with a laptop and router. Once the router is configured correctly, the red dots will turn green to indicate the devices are able to communicate. WhatsApp/Viber: +918078212814 | Telegram: @techacad. Hi. Whenever I want to understand a topic from basic to expert level, IPCisco is the first site on my list because the, A Simple Network Management Protocol Tutorial, 7 Best Application Performance Management Tools. Use the information in the Addressing Table to finish the interface configurations for R1 and R2. Information in the site is really useful and helpful. I am using Packet Tracer to create a network consisting of a router, 2 switches, and 4 PCs. It has nice lesons and courses espeacially on Alcatel-Lucent/NOKIA. Laptop 1 is now connected to the WiFi network. could u please show config for this scenario with and without VLAN’s and different routing algo’s. It's really user-friendly and easy to read. Vlan 10 is configured in switch 1 and Vlan 20 is configured in switch 2. ( Log Out /  For this configuration the important point is broadcast domains. Provide the default username(admin)  and password(admin). We will determine a password, let’s do it as abcdef. . Thanks for the guide, I need your help to answer this question with the objectives as follows: Configure Cisco router global configuration settings Configure Cisco router password access Configure Cisco router interfaces Save the router configuration file Configure a Cisco switch Introduction: In this lab students will configure common settings on a Cisco Router and Cisco Switch. WEP and WPA configurations look almost alike. So, our static routing configuration will be like below: After basic configurations, you can check your configurations with basic router verification commands. 4. Do the same thing for PC1, only use for the gateway address, for the IP address, and for the subnet mask. Thanks. Finally, you will use commands to verify and test your configurations. In this post, I am going to show you how to configure static routing in 2 routers on packet tracer and with that, I will also share you all the important static routing commands and its uses.Before that, let’s understand what does the static routing means. What is ip helper address command? That’s easy to do! Here, I would like to give you some information about how to configure a Cisco router on Packet Tracer basically. Packet Tracer Router Configuration Basics . Here, we’ll connect the internet interface to an ISP router which then connects to an internet server (, as an example). You can DOWNLOAD this lessons Packet Tracer Example with .pkt format HERE. In this pool we will mention ip addresses that will be given to the DHCP clients. Tags: configure static routing in packet tracer, configure static routing on 2 routers, how to configure static routing in 2 routers on packet tracer, static routing, Copyright © 2020 | First Mag designed by Themes4WP. I also strongly believe that if you’ve gotten everything presented in here,then you have more than a foundation to create your own wireless network using a wireless router, e.g, home WiFi. you are the only resource found in Google that even had PT tuts that wasn’t a danged video tutorial can’t exactly watch a video when i’m at work on break.

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