With the tips above and strong determination from you, cramming to pass will be very easy for you. 5. No, there isn't. We don't know how well you know bio vs. chem vs. physics. Drink some water, eat some great food. Eat. Look at the beginnings and ends of textbook chapters. Eat something with this cup. How to cram. Get out your lecture notes. That way you’ll know what you have questions about as soon as possible. If your results aren’t what you wanted, expected, or hoped for, what could you do differently in the future? Step 1: Know your basic math facts! After you go over all of your notes, look at the beginnings and ends of textbook chapters to review key points and summaries. When you start studying…. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. When your brain physically won't work anymore, sleep for 3 hours and start the process again. Call me free of charge to discuss your situation, and we'll see if I can help. I don't think I can self study physics in less than a week. Ask friends for pictures of notes, or files (if notes are taken electronically). Try writing some small things on your hand so you read it each time you look at your hand. Unless you have to learn half a semester of 3 classes that should be very easy. Perhaps it's some sort of muscle memory phenomenon associated with hand writing the material. Be super specific with yourself about what worked so you can do it again next time and get great results again! Have fun on your maths final and I’m glad you found my tips helpful! If your teacher holds a review session before the exam, take advantage of the opportunity. It's Saturday, and time for you to prove your worth. Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible. I have to take a science subject test, and since I took physics junior year, I thought why not? If you’d like to connect about me working with you, just have your parents complete the application for my math tutoring programs: application I look forward to receiving your parents’ application! Say things like, “After cramming this, I will cram that”. It really helped. Sleep deprivation can also slow your reaction time, so think twice about driving to or from class after an all-night cramming session. For math level 2 I took Barron's diagnostic and got about 600, but I skipped a lot of questions. 17. Some relatively ancient posts of mine on the matter, Thank you very much! Just was in need of these tips. Your theoretical exam is on Saturday, so you've got plenty of time. Mostly, this time is to help you to relax; hakuna matata, dude. I learnt a lot from your tips and i am going to apply them. What Next? In this case, you have no other option but to cram and pour it out in the exam hall. Go through slides from lectures, and type up any formulas, names, section headers, definitions, statistics or examples you find. This is the exact same process I walk my students through, and also the exact same powerful tips I share with my private clients! Learn more... Have you have been too busy or simply procrastinated getting ready for a test? If you come to a problem where you don’t know what to do: -take a deep breath and read it again (this tip directly comes from one of my students) It will be way more relaxing knowing they’re already written down and right there for you. This is called a legal-cheat sheet. In education, cramming is the practice of working intensively to absorb large volumes of informational material in short amounts of time. If you're trying to learn equations or more practical applications, this repetition is not as useful. Sir i appreciate ur article on how to cram.. Let’s see what cramming has to bring to the table. Make a list of important terms, concepts, and ideas. What should I do? YAY!! Get up earlier and eat your goddamn breakfast, even if it's just a measly bowl of cereal. Take three deep breaths. We've all been there: you either procrastinate or forget about a test until the last minute, at which point you realize that you have less than an hour to cram in as much knowledge as possible. © Rebecca Zook 2020 All Rights ReservedDesigned by Bryan Connor, -- Martha Ortiz, mother of rising 8th grader at the Baldwin School, Philadelphia, PA. HTML tags allowed in your comment:

. Try to relax your brain a little. There are even some apps that will automatically set this for you (e.g. It usually works best for just definitions and concepts of a particular subject, from my experience with this method.

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