Look for the tiny, 1/8-inch-wide chisel marks left by their incisors. font-size: 24px !important; You can’t get rid of squirrels permanently. var sliderList = $('.brand-slider:not(".ignore")'); }; You can either bring potted plants inside or plant them outside to keep mice out of your garden and away from the exterior of your home. @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { A garden hose sprayed directly into a burrow opening may force the rodents out. })(jQuery); With some diligence and effort, you can rid your garden of rodent pests. Like any living creature, rodents seek food, water and shelter. One of the biggest threats to any garden is unwanted animal visitors looking for a snack. These must be checked in order to know when the trap is getting full and in need of emptying – – especially if you use ones that can only capture a single rodent. Mice are most often spotted at night or early morning but are sometimes out in the daytime. }); } Founded in 1972 as “Gardens for All” to spearhead the community garden movement, today’s NGA promotes environmental responsibility, advances multidisciplinary learning and scientifi c literacy, and creates partnerships that restore and enhance communities. Voles: Voles create extensive networks of tunnels that, if located under your garden or lawn, can cause root damage. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Rodenticides, like our Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Mouse Bait Stations poison rats and mice with tainted bait. Voles are hard to control, but you can discourage them by keeping your yard free of weeds and keeping grass mowed. })(jQuery); background-image: url(http://images.victorpest.com/is/image/woodstream/vp-categorybg-articlelead?$fullpng$); Rodents are everywhere, and they'd like a free ride. this.id = id; Traps and bait are the most common methods of garden mouse control. $(this.id).find('.ctrl.left').on('click', function() { } Rodent infestations are, unfortunately, a common sign of poor sanitation. While unlikely to injure children or pets, it’s best to place an outdoor trap in out-of-the-way areas. After the infected rat leaves droppings in your vegetable garden, watering spreads the bacteria from the ground by splashing it onto leaves and fruit. var maskWidth = (this.containerWidth() - (2 * this.navWidth())); Keeping rodents out of your garden. }; } If rats and mice are left unchecked in the garden, they may seek shelter inside your home. You may need to change your strategy periodically to keep rodents on their toes. If you’re wondering how to eliminate rats in the garden, larger animals can be caught … $(that.id).find('.panel[aria-hidden="false"] a')[0].click(); $(window).load(function() { $(window).trigger('resize'); }); The National Gardening Association (NGA) is committed to sustaining and renewing the fundamental links between people, plants, and the earth. Your garden simply appears to them as an extension of the normal woodland or prairie habitat in which they live. It’s a good idea to check your yard and garden for debris if you suspect a rodent infestation. Rats, mice, gophers and other rodents are common garden pests. To find out more see our, What is Rodent Season and How Long Does it Last? $(this.id)[0].addEventListener('touchend', function(e) { Mice can destroy property, contaminate your food and pose a dangerous health risk to your family. Look for the tiny, 1/8-inch-wide chisel marks left by their incisors. }); Cats love to hunt mice; that’s not a secret. var visible = that.visibleItems(); (function($) { Squirrels: These agile, fearless creatures can cause quite a problem, especially in newly planted bulb beds. ... There’s not much you can do to keep rats off your crops. if (xMove > 30 || xMove < -30) { }; $('#brand-slider .panel:nth-child(' + idx + ')').remove(); Newly emerging grass seed, grains and leafy green vegetables are also appealing to mice. Here are several steps you can take to keep rodents out of the garden: Walk into any hardware store and you can find traps and other devices said to repel rodents. ]; $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap').animate({'left':0}, that.animationSpeed, function() { Suzanne DeJohn is an editor with the National Gardening Association, the leading garden-based educational nonprofit organization in the U.S. NGA's programs and initiatives highlight the opportunities for plant-based education in schools, communities, and backyards across the country. if (!target.is(':animated')) { that.nextSlide(); } }; if (xMove > 0) { $(that.id).find('.ctrl.right').trigger('click'); } else { $(that.id).find('.ctrl.left').trigger('click'); } $(that.id).find('.panel').slice(-1 * visible).remove(); var BrandSlider = function(id) { endX = parseInt(e.changedTouches[0].pageX); var target = $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap'); Although traps may be an unpleasant thought, they can be very effective. if (idx > 0) { Trapped animals, if still alive, can be dangerous. var target = $(that.id).find('.panel-wrap'); They’ve learned how to avoid predators, and may quickly learn that a repellent isn’t going to harm them. this.setMaskWidth(); font-size: 30px !important; }); Shop Victor® Fast Kill® ». }); $(this.id).on('keyup', function(e) { // SKIP TO MAIN CONTENT'); How to Get Rid of Mice in the Garden. Squirrels aren't going anywhere, so if you want to keep them out of your prized garden, you have to get creative. .vp-article-category-ad { if (!target.is(':animated')) { Castor oil sprayed on the garden may work. Naturally, creating a barrier of some sort around your garden is going to give it the best defense. $(that.id).find('.panel').slice(-1 * visible).clone().prependTo(target); Herbs that have a strong smell such as thyme, basil and garlic can repel our ‘friends’ as well. } These must be checked in order to know when the trap is getting full and in need of emptying – – especially if you use ones that can only capture a single rodent. Gophers: Gophers are difficult to scare or repel. [CDATA[ Find out how to deter or get rid of rats in your garden. Gopher-resistant wire baskets can be placed in planting holes before planting. Even though these small rodents don’t eat everything overnight, you need to find a way to keep these pests out of your garden: Woodchucks: Groundhogs generally stay within about 100 feet of their dens, venturing out morning and evening to find food. }; How to tell if rodents are a problem in your garden? $.perficient.rotatePromotionalBanners(6000); $(this.id).find('.panel').css({'width':this.itemWidth()}); }; They build nests of grass and other material in hidden spaces. .articles-index-view .detail_container .detail_div .vp-article-category-ad a { BrandSlider.prototype.navWidth = function() { --> NGA’s Web sites, one for home gardeners and another for those who garden with kids, build community and offer a wealth of custom content. return maskWidth; Water can be used to evict rodents from their burrows. var maskWidth = this.visibleItems() * this.itemWidth(); }, { capture:true, passive: true}); Groundhogs can’t survive in wooded areas. While gophers generally remain in outdoor colonies, rats and mice prefer the warmth found within houses. } case 37: that.prevSlide(); break; $(that.id).find('.panel:first-child').attr('aria-hidden', false); startX = parseInt(e.changedTouches[0].pageX); If you have any other tactics to keeping squirrels out of your plants or garden, let us know about it in the comments section below!

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