The FAO’s Netherlands Partnership Programme (FNPP) supported the project. An award winning mobile app that lets users create an account, design forms, download them to their mobile phones, collect data and send it to a server. Under the project, a detailed map of Bhutan (national, district and sub-district map) and atlas of Bhutan were developed. Lisa M Cespedes is a consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), working on the facilitation of the e-Agriculture Community of Practice, on the use of … Krishikosh has been developed by customizing open source software Dspace. Photograph: Antony Njuguna/Reuters, Technology (Global Development Professionals Network), Improving nutrition and food security - global development professionals network. The act also has provisions to encourage and facilitate investment in ICT sector and promote fair competition among all players, both in public and private sector, by ensuring effective use of national ICT infrastructure and resources. Realizing the importance of GIS for the agriculture sector, a GIS operator is currently stationed at the Soil Survey Unit under the National Soil Service Center. IV CONTENTS ICT IN AGRICULTURE ENHANCING PRODUCTIVITY ON THE FARM Module 5: Increasing Crop, Livestock, and Fishery Productivity through ICT.85 Topic Note 5.1: Achieving Good Farming … [1] The National Assembly of Bhutan before 2008 was composed of 150 members: 105 elected representatives of the people, 10 representatives of the clergy, and 35 representatives of the government. It plays important role in economic and social development of country like India, … Until December of 2011, the users were charged 50 chhetrums[3] per minute. These are often important sources of passive data collection. ICT tools and platforms can and should be used for engagement between farmers, extension and research. According to a World Bank report, in 2010, nine data collectors used EpiSurveyor to interview beneficiaries in 25 municipalities in a secondary survey (the first one, conducted in 2009, used paper and pen) in a World Bank Conditional Cash Transfer project in Guatemala. • Contextual factors: local factors such as the lack of adequate resources must be taken into account beforehand (eg electricity, gender issues, limited network coverage and low bandwidth, local languages). This tool provides decentralised monitoring, real-time information, and the ability for users to customise data and verify input. Most of this data are easily available even in developing country like Bhutan. Somashekar said in Belagavi on Wednesday. In fact, with rapid increase in computing power and ever-increasing bandwidth of network technology, application of ICT has cut through all human endeavors like education, medicine, agriculture, engineering, transportation, etc. In addition, farm labor shortages and loss of grains and cattle to pest and wildlife are identified as major setbacks to the development of agriculture sector. Information and Communications Services (ICS) is also currently in the process of developing the RNR sectorial ICT master plan for the eleventh five-year plan with directives from the Ministry of Information and Communications. Druknet, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) was established under the then Department of Telecommunications with assistance from International Development Research Center (IDRC), Canada. This is particularly useful since farmers in Bhutan had to travel to the respective auction yards to auction off their agricultural products. Traditionally, pen and paper have been used to collect data in the field and for monitoring and evaluation of projects in rural areas. While the accessing of the actual G2C services will be free of cost to the citizens at the community centers, Bhutan Post will charge for other related services like usage of printers, scanners, etc. Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON). With mountains making up almost the entire terrain of the country, only 7.8% of the country is suitable for agricultural purpose to support a population of 634,982 people (RNR-RC, Bajo. The CountrySTAT-Bhutan is a web-based Food and Agricultural Statistics Information System based on FAOSTAT developed by FAO. Applied to RNR research and planning, GIS then becomes a powerful tool for the analysis, interpretation, presentation, and application of research results in on-farm trials or even farmers’ fields. The Internet subscription in the country has drastically increased from 4,040 subscribers in 2007 to 139,896 subscribers in 2011. CCAFS is a collaboration among CGIAR Centers and Reserch Programs.The Program is carried out with support from its donors, Creative commons attribution-noncommercial 4.0 international license, Ex-ante evaluation and priority setting for climate-smart options, Food and nutrition security futures under climate change, Participatory evaluation of CSA technologies and practices in Climate-Smart Villages (Learning platform), Evidence, investment planning and application domains for CSA technologies and practices, Equitable subnational adaptation planning and implementation, Business models, incentives and innovative finance for scaling CSA, Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from smallholder systems, Identifying priorities and options for low-emissions development, Policy, incentives and finance for scaling up low emissions practices, Climate information and early warning for risk management, Climate information and advisory services for farmers, Climate services investment planning and policy, HVAC (HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIRCONDITION) TECHNOLOGIES TH... APPSA Regional Brochure - English Version, Folheto Regional do APPSA - Versão Portuguesa, CCARDESA Strategic Plan 2020 - 2029: A Synopsis. G2C project is part of the e-government initiative by the Royal Government of Bhutan to build an efficient and accessible government service delivery system to the citizens. Farmers get their advice on the use of modern RNR technologies and management practices from them. The price information, which is accessible beforehand, helps them to plan and decide the ideal time for the farmers to auction their products. The administrative and bureaucratic processes when availing the services take up most of the time. The department has seen a drastic change in the number of users after the introduction of toll free service as shown in figure 4 below. (2012b). The overall goal of VERCON is to improve, through strengthened research-extension linkages, the agricultural advisory services provided to the farmers and in particular to resource poor farmers in order to increase production in food and agriculture with the goal of raising farm incomes. Dr. Ajit Maru, of GFAR, Rome, defined the theme of the consultations and opined that ICT should be accorded prominence by treating it as frontier technology on par with biotechnology and nano-technology. Implementation approaches need to identify the specific needs of the intended users by working in collaboration with them. The system contains regularly updated statistical data on land use, agricultural (crops, livestock and forest) productions, exports and imports of agricultural commodities, agricultural inputs, commodity prices, farm machineries, and infrastructures. The national core data contents are consolidated to national level and shared with FAOSTAT database. The exhibition booths at the AFAAS Extension Week 2017, South Africa, affirmed what was being preached at the presentation sessions regarding the impact and further potential of ICT in farming, and support of Climate Smart Agriculture. Now that Bhutan has connected all the districts and sub-districts except for remote sub-districts to information highway, Information and Communication Services under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests will implement the initiatives listed under the sectorial ICT master plan.

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