In Maricopa County, the number of people who cast no vote in the presidential race fell by more than half, from 19,256 in 2016, to 8,475 in 2020. They hit a red wall. ", Amanda Johnson personalized the issue: "I can't imagine being in that position and I don't know if anyone could do any better.". "I am sure the influx of people from California who bring their bad ideas here (will change things)," said Frary. This was just icing on the cake. Ariana Mondragon, a first-time voter, cast her ballot for Joe Biden. Chase and Amanda Johnson both voted for President Trump. And in that precinct only 24 ballots were cast. That is not the case; all 15 Arizona counties had completed their tallies by the end of last week. Coughlin said the results in independent and Republican-leaning precincts show a path for Democrats to continue to make Maricopa County a “swing place” in Arizona elections. In 2016, Trump won Maricopa County by 44,000 votes. It speaks to the ineffectiveness of Trump.". And people like Kyle Schmidt, a high school senior who cast his first ever ballot for Trump, said people criticizing the President were unfairly using hindsight to damage him politically. This leftward shift helped Democrats carry Arizona for only the second time since 1948. Democratic operatives in Arizona attribute this to Trump's handling of the coronavirus. YouTube suspends conservative One America News Network over COVID-19 misinformation policy “I think the Latino vote was important. These shifts, along with others, helped Biden pull out a win in Arizona by less than 11,000 votes. In 2014, as it looked certain that Arizona was set to get redder, not bluer, a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California Los Angeles dubbed Mesa the. In the 60 precincts Biden flipped, half voted for Republican County Attorney Allister Adel and half voted for Democratic challenger Julie Gunnigle. Bob Rodriguez didn't vote at all in 2016. "Even now, as we stand here and speak, numbers are surging. Whitmire, despite contracting what she said felt like a mild case of the virus, said she still has bad days where she felt the effects months later. They leave because it is so terrible and then they spread it around. If we can (win Arizona), then there is a zero path (for Trump) and that is why the President has come here desperately seeking votes," said Sanchez. Republic reporter Justin Price contributed to this article. As a group, those alternative candidates collected 191,000 votes statewide, or 7.3% of the total. This time, unofficial results showed Libertarian Jo Jorgensen with just 1.5%. Biden took Republican precincts in Scottsdale off of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard east of Loop 101 and farther south took the McCormick Ranch and Mohave precincts on both sides of Indian Bend Drive. "This was the final straw for me," said Ann Whitmire, a 66-year old longtime Arizonan who voted third party in 2016 but was considering backing Trump this year. Campbell said this is a trend that Democrats need to address. Of the 223 precincts where the Democrats had a plurality or majority in voter registration, Biden won every single precinct. In 2016, there were more third-party options and greater-than-usual numbers for write-in candidates. In north Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler, Biden won traditionally Republican precincts that voted for Trump in 2016 by a fairly large margin. - Although he had already drifted away from the President, he said Trump's handling of the pandemic was "icing on the cake.". AZ Democrats expected a blue wave. The Arizona Republican Party had asked a court to order an audit of a larger sample of ballots, saying there were questions about the counts, but a judge in Phoenix threw out that effort Thursday. But I’m not going to violate the law or deviate from my own moral compass as some have pushed me to do.”. Looked at from different geographies and demographics, Arizona’s race, especially compared with the 2016 contest, offered a result that allowed many constituencies to claim a decisive impact.

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