For my most OP race I would do something like Dictatorship, Subterranean, +100% pop growth, +2 industry, repulsive, -10 spying, large homeworld. I usually leave the Psilons in, so all the techs will be available in the game for stealing or trading. I'd build some freighters to move a unit of population to fresh colony's and emphasize automated factory, marine barracks and robo miner plant. What i found worked best was downloading the race pick mod and extracting it in your MOO 2 files then running the program and editing the file as you wish to. November 9, 2020. Find the "Master of Orion 2" shortcut used to launch the game. Steam forum All rights reserved. What are your most OP combinations for custom races. LBX editor suite by Grig de Griz. How to play this: In global you want 1-2 planets, preferably small ultrarich, to run housing 24/7. if you want to change it back to the way it was you can simply re-use the the editor to change it yourself. <- Insane Production. Includes a leader editor. New blog by Admiral Loknar. The point was they were a race that was left in hibernation inside a planet for 900 years with some old small ships. Master of Orion Subreddit 1.50 improved ++ ICE 27 ++ VDC ++ Version 1.2 mod ++ Melee ++ Lots of mapmods ++ A standard mode is available, which is purely the patch, no mods. (2) Put a few spies (4 to 6 is a good number) on each race. Use your 2nd planet to populate first with housing immefiately, focus science. Almost every successful game has some form of customization. Extensive mod that aims to make AI games more challenging. Other MOO section of the Orion Sector forum. Thankfully "Artificial Gravity" fixes this and the sheer amount of population compensate in the meantime. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. I don't think it is fair that you can pick a negative food trait, when that literally won't impact your actual play...even though I do this on a regular basis. Master Of Orion 2016 fighting the Guardian Of Orion with one tiny Titan ship - and win - Duration: 11:52. GameSpot Choose a race and conquer the galaxy. Aug 3, 2016 @ 10:44am What are your most OP combinations for custom races As the title says. My favorite race is probably the Psilons. It seems MoO4 is taking a similar approach. MOO has had it. Governments, should we have them in MOO:CtS? Contains a helpful leaders overview. English version 1.31 patch - Homeworld can support a lot of Non food-producing colonies in the event of a bad draw on the system quality at start location, although it severely taxes the ability to make science should it happen. Custom Race Archive Huge collection of race builds with classic picks for your inspiration. Game Settings: Difficulty Easy/Random Events OFF/Pirates ON/Monsters OFF/Research Speed VERY FAST/Production Speed VERY FAST/Population Growth VERY FAST/Victory Type ONLY CONQUEST/Cluster. < > Showing 1-15 of 31 comments . It's used for multiplayer. In case you do not want to play a fan patch you can revert to the last official patch as follows: Download English version 1.31 patch (above), extract the file "ORION2.EXE" from the zip file and copy it into your MOO2 directory. I want a moddable Master of Orion 1.5 with focus on interface and pacing. - 28 population Homeworld (Oceanic, Large Planet), 30 with Biospheres... Cloning Center is an absolute must with this race tho. In tech, I take as many of the troop combat bonus picks as I can, and hire captains with the commando skill to compensate for the combined -20 on my troops. Yes. close. MOOniac's Guide to the Galaxies Nirran's page Cheat: making an uber race (just because). But a lot depends on Luck in positioning within the whole Universe aswell as luck with the first colonys. The mod changes race picks & the Tech Tree too. Most of the work has been done by a guy called hsinyuhcan, he really knows his stuff! you can have 5 pop on industry, producing 15 PP, of which 4 is 'food', 5 is waste and 6 is actual production. I've always found pop growth & food to be the most useful and powerful of the custom traits. In any event, I think negative picks should be actual negatives. -ship cost +production +growth. Three new alien races have been added, and the option for players to design their own race. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Master of Orion > General Discussions > Topic Details. Other traits depend on the empire, as if they are attributes of the government rather than the population; if a colony changes owner, the new owners' empire-based traits are applied. The Excel manual included with the download explains it all. - Creative makes use of those science points realllly good. But a necessity alongside the more expensive game defining ones. "For only $9.99 you can add the Custom Race Option to Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars*" *Requires base game purchase of $59.99----- In my opinion a custom race option isn't enough.

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