Again, I think Dex is the best choice here, especially because he makes avoiding the shockwave attack much easier. Then, head left to reach a new screen. Past them, continue right to the following area. You! Overall, this is not much more difficult if you use Dex's double jump. The Gorilla will hang from the wall and fire three shot bursts at you. At the end, go through the door, then dash through the laser hall as Dex. Use Dex to double jump over this. You will be in a hallway now with retractable spikes. On the next screen, make your way to the right to another area. Down here, kill the sprinting enemy, then climb down the chain and head right to the next screen. From this point forward, I highly recommend using Dex as the main character of the game, especially when traversing areas. If you did not find this guide helpful, please let me know how I can improve this guide by leaving feedback or by emailing me at Double jump on the left side of the room, then continue up. Then go up the platforms and exit the screen to the right. His double jump ability makes evading enemies and platforming much easier, and he also does better on bosses because he can double jump over them. Double jump over the dash. When Drillmaster 5000 goes back into the ground, drills will pop up throughout the screen. At the top, kill the enemy to the right, then roll under the half-open gate. Overall, Omega Strike is a somewhat short game and can be completed in around 6-8 hours depending on how you play. Talk to Mac, who is the character in green next to the helicopter. I also highly recommend buying an emergency beacon so you can teleport back to Tumbleweed quickly. Use healing items as needed, and stick to both Dex (for dodging) and Sarge (for damaging) to win the fight. He teaches freshman composition classes at SDSU and hopes to teach writing full-time. He usually does a few jumps in a row, like previous bosses. Jump over these while keeping the fire button held down to avoid them. Short Drill Machine: It is short and yellow with a big gray drill. This next screen has pipes on the ceiling, and be sure to use them to go over the thorns. In this cavern-like room, there are many bats. It is best just to take the damage while firing at him, but you can also run across to the other side of the room to avoid it. Go inside the door on the right side of this room, and you will be back outside again. This fight is mainly about avoiding attacks. This tricked me to no end when playing the game. At the end, go through the door, then dash through the laser hall as Dex. This is another fight where you want to take a defensive strategy while holding down the fire button. Dispose of the Green Worm on here, then jump on the Green Worm's platform. In the next area, you encounter bees, which are the same as bats. Stay on the edge of the middle area to avoid these drills and pay attention to the ground. Clear the enemies here, then go right to the next screen. These guys are equipped with bombs on their backs, and when you kill them, the bomb explodes in a few different directions. OmegaBot-2000 can summon laser beams from his side and go up and down. Up it, roll across the crawl space to the left and then exit to the left. The most lethal part of this phase is the dashes, and Dex can double jump over them. Also, the best character for this fight is Sarge. After killing it, jump up to the level above you. Omega is one tough mission and you start out in the middle of a large map surrounded by 3 forces, the UED (White), Mengskā€™s Terrans (Red) and the Protoss (Blue). Take this time to swap between characters and fire their weapons to get used to the way in which they each play. Orange Tank: Found first in Base A, it takes more hits to kill and fires a round that is similar to Bear's weapon. Before jumping onto the platforms on this screen, go through the right wall to find a secret chest. Up the chain, kill the ghoul and enter the door to Cloudtop Mountain. This new area is basically just a bunch of chains with a death chasm under them. For the laser blaster, it is important that you crouch for the first shot and jump for the second to avoid it. Keep firing away and you'll defeat this final boss. On the next screen, jump on the conveyor belts and go up. Drop down each of the small levels now, and then climb down the chain. For this, make sure to not be under it after its beam subsides. Head to the left now while clearing enemies. Jump-fire for enemies above you and use Bear for enemies below you. Climb up the chain and exit to the left. In the next screen to the left, get on the moving platforms and wait until it is on the far side before going to the next one. Each room will be labeled with a number on maps provided throughout the walkthrough. Double jump across the spike chasm, then climb down the chain and keep dropping down. In this area, there will be a small chasm of thorns in front of you, and two levels beyond it. Hello, and welcome to my guide for Omega Strike! Cross the hallway screen, and on the next screen, jump on the silver-red platform then hop on the moving platform. After you defeat him, grab the drop, which gives Sarge his roll ability. Take down the worm on the worm, then drop down and clear the worms on the next crawl space. For the first phase of the fight, Doctor Omega is in his power suit. You should also have the fire button held down at all times. Go into the next area. Then, swap Dex and double jump up to the top of the screen. Garbage King can fly in the air and shoot down at you. Past this room, go left, then up, and then to the right. In the next screen, you must deal with two bats and a projectile ghoul, and I advise to again lure the bats away from the ghoul. When you are ready, fly to Blackstone Mines. Phase 3 is also predictable, but hopefully you bought healing items, because your health from the last phase carries over here.

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