Some great plants for clay soil in full sun or light partial shade are: Astilbe, Astrantia, Kniphofia, Solidago, Don’t forget climbers too. Perennial plants are well suited to clay soils and will do much better than delicate annuals. They are rich in nutrients and retain plenty of moisture – two important things that plants need to grow well. Its bonus feature of kelly-green bark (showy in winter) helps make up for its tendency to spread where you do not want it to go. This plant for zones 4 to 10 features a spiky flower, ranging in color from white to lavender. This is what makes it ‘heavy’ and it can lead to poor drainage. In warm climates, it may bloom at around the time of Lent on the Christian calendar. Fantastic site about planting in clay soil, Planted tomatoes, but noticed when watering them the water collects around and not soaking through. Relevance; Availability; Lowest price; Highest price; Name; Filter results. Most types of foxgloves are biennials and are suited to zones 4 to 10. This perennial grows to be 18 to 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide. Test both of these methods on a small area first to make sure it works on your type of clay soil. Tried a variegated dogwood bush, then a knockout rose, then a limelight hydrangea, all died. The only condition is that they need plenty of sunlight – most vegetable plants hate shade! If you plan on planting in shady areas with dry soil, you have two strikes against you. Good information and I love it’s not too wordy!!! Ajuga reptans is 6 to 8 inches tall and wide and can be grown in zones 3 to 10. Show: All items. Domoney Ltd, 1c Atherstone Barns, 1st Floor Suite 2, Atherstone on Stour, CV37 8NE. For other soils you can also try adding gypsum. This tends to work best on acidic soils. Grow this small perennial (about 1 foot x 2 feet) in zones 4 to 9. These shrubs all like clay soil in partial shade, and may tolerate full shade too. Registered in England: 04674417. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board, North American native perennials for shade. I’ve added new ranges of outdoor living furniture to my website. Viburnum, Hydrangea, Mahonia, Chaenomeles. Thank you very much for the info, we’ve been doing all wrong flowers although with some success, we planted geraniums with great results hosted are beautiful also, I am a novice, but enthusiastic gardener. Fruit trees like apple and pear will also grow well in clay, but soft fruit bushes may struggle. Off to buy course grit now. Back. But there are some plants that can tolerate a lack of water and sunlight. Grow it in zones 4 to 9. If planted in rows, they are impressive enough to serve as borders. Your choice is only limited if your clay soil is also in shade. From family sets to intimate two seater table and chairs, there is something for everyone. We’ve been adding wood chips. This is a wonderful trait if you want to grow something that will fill in a bare area, but it is a terrible trait for a plant that will be growing side by side with other plants. Epimedium grandiflorum 'Rose Queen' offers both interesting flowers and nice foliage in zones 5 to 8. Thank you so much. This can slow the growth of plants and even cause the roots to rot. What else can I mix to improve drainage, Hi everything you need to know There are a huge range of shrubs that will thrive in clay soil. Cultivars like 'Black Scallop' offer pretty (dark) leaves in addition to blooms. Sandy soils are like sieves and are notorious for quickly losing whatever water may come their way. If you aren’t sure what type of soil you have, use the simple test in my Expert Gardening Guide to Soil. I think I’ve been trying all the wrong types with the inevitable outcome. Dig over in the autumn and incorporate organic matter. Hi Cynthia, Want to know more about winter garden fragrance? You could also look at what plants are more suited to the conditions you have, such as drought tolerant plants or plants that thrive in clay soil. Walking all over it will cause compaction and make it heavier. Plantain lilies (Hosta spp.) First, it helps to understand what we mean by clay soil. Some hardy plants will thrive in clay soils in part and even full shade: Ivy, Hosta, Vinca, Ajuga, Aucuba, Dryopteris (fern), Japanese anemones. Just moved to a new area and the clay soil is killing my plants. Lenten rose (Helleborus orientalis) is not an actual rose, although its flower buds do look like rosebuds. Starting to give up, going to try a dappled willow or rose of sharon as a last attempt. You will be forever pulling up the shoots produced by all of those runners if you grow this invasive anywhere near a flower bed. Thank you for the comprehensive information for clay soil. 10 plants for clay soil: Ribes sanguineum 10.

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