i do really like my compression locks but i feel the cbbl is more fun and it feel fluid instead of the detent ball scrape. Found built into many classic American-made pocket knives — like those produced by Buck and Case — back locks are probably a bit less common than liner and frame locks, but only nominally so. This is accomplished by the addition of a “backspring” housed inside the handle itself, which can be overcome for either opening or closing with just a nominal amount of manual pressure. 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Pros: Extremely strong, simple construction Cons: Titanium-on-steel galling can cause sticky lockup if not fitted with a lockbar insert, pivot tension must be fine-tuned, not ambidextrous, places user's finger in front of the blade's path when closing. That means, along with being easy to operate and quite convenient, its also not marred by the main downside of a liner lock, as impacts and extreme usage — rather than knocking the lock out of place — serve to increase the lock’s pressure and, therefore, its security. And it has a bit added bonus: it was made in the USA. Trying to make sense of the many types of knives and their subtle differences can get overwhelming. If it were between the older one with its weaker detent, my Manix2 wins hands down but my newer PM2 gives the Manix a run for its money. You’ll find liner locks in both entry-level and high-end knives. You’d likely need to switch grips and take extra care when closing the blade. You’ll discover the advantages of having a knife that locks, which type is best suited for your EDC, how they work, and knives to consider if the locking type isn’t an option where you live. It keeps your blade firmly in place, reducing the risk of damage to the knife's structural integrity — and your hand. This mechanism is stronger than a liner lock, using a thick piece of the handle frame as the lock bar instead of a thin liner. Though not everyone carries one, folding pocket knives are what we might call a commonplace item — or at least common enough that folks around the world from every walk of life are familiar with them on some level. The button lock uses a spring-loaded plunger to hold the knife open; pressing the button lines up a notch in the plunger and allows the blade to pivot. There are certainly more out there. A liner lock blocks wedges a long piece of steel between the front of the blade tang and the attachment point for the lock. The Best New EDC Gear from SHOT Show 2020. almost certainly, anyone that is left handed will prefer the cbbl. Most frame locks include a stop pin and detent ball, but designers have made many other incremental improvements — read about them here. Again, make sure you’re paying attention and you should be able to navigate the landscape. They are both really good. A Bowie can vary in size, materials, and blade shape, but we... Project Farm tested six common knife sharpeners, and placed each... We’re launching May the Knife Be With You! It also keeps your hands clear of the blade’s path when closing, minimizing the risk of cutting yourself. Compression Lock. The Knife You See Here: Made in Japan by the descendants of the artisans who crafted katana swords for the samurai, the Nagao Higonokami boasts a reverse-tanto blade crafted from blue paper steel, a beautiful brass handle, and a lever tang. For more details on variations within these categories, tips on how to find the right knife for your needs, and information on non-locking slipjoint and friction-folding knives, check out the complete Essential Guide to Lock Types from Knife Informer. You see, the compression lock is actually extremely similar to a liner lock; in fact, it operates in much the same way — the metal liner within the handle is actually a spring that shifts into place under the blade once it’s deployed, thus preventing the knife from closing without moving the spring back out of the way. It’s easy to use with one hand, but also important, it’s completely ambidextrous. Frame lock knives are strong, reliable, and abundant. Liner locks are one of the more common mechanisms seen on folding knives. The Knife You See Here: A relatively subdued design from the tactical-heavy brand, the SOG Spec Arc boasts a 4″ high-end VG-10 steel drop point blade, glass-reinforced handle scales, and (of course) the brand’s signature Arc lock. All product names, art and text herein are the property of Spyderco, Inc. and may not be reproduced in part or whole without the sole written permission of Spyderco, Inc. BOLT ACTION LOCK A locking mechanism designed by Blackie Collins that consists of a spring-loaded bolt that engages on a ramp on the tang of the blade to lock the blade open. They are, however, equipped with a mechanism that helps make them a bit more secure than their friction folding counterparts. In the modern knife community, there may be no more ubiquitous lock type than the liner lock. They’re still plenty strong, but because they’re typically made from a thinner piece of metal, they’re more prone to wearing out compared to a beefy frame lock, for example. The compression lock is patented by Spyderco, and it can be thought of as an improved, inverted liner lock. A ring collar around the handle of the blade rotates freely enabling locking in the open or closed position. Back lock knives are strong, classic, and simple. Opinel’s Virobloc Safety Ring is, in short, simplified brilliance.

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