Q.14. Explain refraction in terms of a change of wave speed in different media. Refractive index matching is used by science and engineering researchers, such as in the analysis of colloidal system using imaging. Conclude the activity by having students answer the three lab reflection questions. What is the refractive index of water? Starting with the rectangular glass block, repeat the steps below for each of the various differently shaped glass blocks: Turn on the ray box and aim the light ray through one of the block's surfaces. Summarize the answers on the classroom board. 9 - within type by subtype, then by grade, etc. Why is fluorescein added to radiator fluid? This page shows the results of measuring the refractive index with three wavelengths (d-line, C-line, F-line) of crown glass (BK7-equivalent) and flint glass (F2-equivalent). "The refractive index of glass is 3 /2" means the refractive index of glass with respect to air. www.teachengineering.org/activities/view/uoh_invisible_activity1, Search curriculum by Common Core standards, Click to view other curriculum aligned to this Performance Expectation, https://www.sciencecompany.com/Clear-Glass-Stir-Rod-12-inch-P17256.aspx, Refractive Index Application Research Questions, http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/43000/43018/polar_24-4l_43018.htm, https://www.fishersci.com/shop/products/glycerin-4l-acs-grade/s25342d, https://sargentwelch.com/store/product/8887114/led-semiconductors, http://researchstores.nsm.uh.edu/content/05-catalog/catalog_images.pdf, http://www.ebay.com/itm/5x-Transparent-Mini-Solderless-Prototype-Breadboard-170-Tie-points-for-Arduino-/231242048856?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35d719a558, https://www.amazon.com/Light-Meter-LX1010B-Luxmeter-display/dp/B000JWUT6O, Pre-Activity Discussion Questions Answer Key (docx), Pre-Activity Discussion Questions Answer Key (pdf), Disappearing Glass Demo Instructions (docx), Disappearing Glass Demo Instructions (pdf), Refractive Index Lab Worksheet Example Answers (docx), Refractive Index Lab Worksheet Example Answers (pdf), Refractive Index Application Research Questions (docx), Refractive Index Application Research Questions (pdf). Copyright © 2013 Marjorie Hernandez, RET Program, College of Engineering, University of Houston, Middle School Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal To prevent breakage and spills, place the activity glasses and liquids in a secure rack or container, such as the one shown in Figure 2 made from cardboard, tape and foam. Calculate the angle of refraction. Provide each group with four labeled containers, each with a different sample inside, as identified in Table 2. Light refracts due to the fact that its speed changes with respect to the medium in which it is travelling. Calculate apparent depth of the tank when viewed normally. Applications of total internal reflection http://regentsprep.org/Regents/physics/phys04/captotint/, Fiber Optic Cables: How They Work (5:35 minute video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MwMkBET_5I. To investigate the propagation of light from one medium into another. This phenomenon happens when the light is travelling in a denser medium and approaching to a less dense medium. Light is very important in our lives. Review their answers to assess what they learned in the activity. 12), organize, analyze, evaluate, build models, make inferences, and predict trends from data; Part 2 of the activity involves the refractive index matching of a material (a Pyrex glass tube) with two different liquids (water and glycerin). Refractive Index Matching Using Percent Light Transmission Measurement, Figure 8. Use your ruler to join the dots so that you have drawn a picture that looks like the figure above. Now draw the normals to the surfaces where the light ray enters and leaves the block and mark the angle of incidence and angle of refraction on the left surface and the right surface. When the TIR happens, you will not see any refraction and instead, the light is reflected back. - Definition & Uses, Cannizzaro Reaction: Mechanism & Examples, What is Acetic Acid? A ray of light passes from air to glass (n = 1.5) at an angle of 300. The normal to a surface is the line which is perpendicular to the plane of the surface. This behavior is defined in an equation called Snell's law: where n1 = refractive index of the first medium, n2 = refractive index of the second medium, θ1 = angle of incidence and θ2 = angle of refraction. Use your ruler to join the dots. - Uses, Structure & Formula, What is Ethanol? What is the refractive index of glycerine? Determine the relationship of the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction between two different media. When you compare your two diagrams for the rectangular glass block and the water container, if you did it correctly, the angles of incidence from air to glass/water should be the same. colloidal system: A system in which fine particles are dispersed within a continuous medium. There's no change in the direction of light when light passes from glycerine to glass & goes out from glass to glycerine. - Structure, Uses & Formula, What is Fatty Acid? 12), Interpret the parameters in a linear or exponential function in terms of a context. When did the Ancient Egyptians start believing in the afterlife? You are at position A and the drowning person is at position B (see Figure 3). Now look at the surface where the light exits the glass block. Free K-12 standards-aligned STEM curriculum for educators everywhere.

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