PREVIOUS About us – Interview in Las Vegas. Premium guitars handcrafted in Italy. Manufacturers use them interchangeably and the end result is the same: Now to break down why anyone would do this aside from the aesthetics: it’s because it helps make a more stable neck against temperature and humidity changes. Therefore, look closer at the roasted maple guitar neck than you normally do other necks, specifically the screw holes. Genuine Fender ROASTED MAPLE Strat/Stratocaster Neck, Jumbo Frets/12"/Flat Oval The SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple adds a roasted (or torrified) maple neck and fretboard while serving up classic PRS playability, reliability, and vibrant tone. The residue left from the reaction colors the wood with a light tan hue. Body is finished in satin, while the neck is oiled. Add your email address to our newsletter and get promo codes and news updates. I am only a sample of one of course, but my roasted neck guitar is easily the most stable guitar I've owned. Adds dimensional stability and resistance to temperature and humidity changes. How high the temperature is raised affects the final color. THE PROCESS OF ROASTING AT PAOLETTI GUITARS Each Maple neck is roasted here in our OEM oven, carefully designed for Maple Wood. Having a roasted flame maple neck will instantly make you a much better guitar player, and you can take that as an internet guarantee! Taking it to higher temperatures makes a much richer-colored tint; similar to robust toffee. And on the neck side, an oiled/waxed roasted neck feels just incredible to me, appreciably better than satin finish or high gloss when it comes to touch and movement, and at times even better than an old, "deglossed" nitro neck. A deeper, toffee colored neck. And T° leafes series comes with hand wound Bare Knuckle pickups. Halo Covid-19 Update - click for more info. Maple has long been a popular wood among instrument builders. Models; Nancy; Nancy Loft pickled finish Cream SS; roasted maple neck; May 26, 2020. roasted maple neck. Tuning stability is taken care of with Schaller locking tuners, zero fret with permanently lubricated Graph Tech nut and modern Gotoh bridge. Lignum is the glue that binds the cellulosic fibers together. Microstructure is similar to naturally aged woods. The other benefit is stability. It’s very subtle but can be a difficult problem if you are not aware of the characteristics of the roasted wood. Paoletti Guitars. Lignum is the glue that binds the cellulosic fibers together. NEXT Bon Jovi Live 2013 Ottawa. Curing in this process increases the stability of the piece. After the process is finished, you are left with a more stable maple neck. GUITARS. Required fields are marked*. Remember the nature of a roasted maple guitar neck is to be very brittle. Roasted Maple (also known as Baked, Caramelized, or Torrified Maple) is Maple that has been heat-treated in a specialized vacuum oven. This is a chemical reaction that starts to break down the sugar and water within the wood, slowly removing it. All that for superior playability. Plainsawn Baked Maple: White Hard. THE PROCESS OF ROASTING AT PAOLETTI GUITARSEach Maple neck is roasted here in our OEM oven, carefully designed for Maple Wood. A raw, maple neck is placed in a controlled environment where the temperature is slowly brought up. One piece neck features premium 5A roasted flamed maple fingerboard with stainless steel frets. However, if the maple is roasted at too high a temperature it starts to break down the cell walls and renders the maple weak. In some cases, it’s not even possible to make a neck out of a piece of maple that is roasted just a little too much! This model's body is semi-hollow ash with a bolt-on 5A mastergrade roasted flamed maple neck. Semi-hollow construction gives excellent sustain and takes care of extra weight. I hear the maple can still get grungy though, so I put a few coats of Tru-Oil on my roasted neck guitar for protection. (c) 2020 Mithans Guitars | High-end boutique electric guitars. Plain-sawn or flat-sawn White Hard Maple is the most common grain orientation. Accordingly, plain-sawn roasted necks appear on guitars more often than quartersawn or figured roasted necks. Technically, it can be argued that the equipment and process used is what separates the terms. Copyright © 2004-2020 Halo Custom Guitars and Luthier Services. First thing’s first: is there a difference between “torrified,” “baked,” and “roasted” maple necks? Classic tones with great playability. Made in Slovenia. In music woods customers indicate that roasted maple exhibits clearer tone and strength characteristics than regular maple. Roasted to perfection to increase stability, reduce weight and maintain moisture content. 5/4 Roasted Plain-sawn White Hard Maple bass guitar neck blanks. Distribution of lignum is optimized and made consistent throughout the piece, resulting in greater stability of the wood. Stiffness, strength, and the integrity of the wood are better maintained. Once the temperature reaches a certain point, a Maillard reaction begins to occur. Once a plain maple neck has sat in a 300 degrees oven, it comes out lacking the sugars and moisture that exist in maple. Hazardous chemicals are not used. This wood is very suitable for musical instrument design because it is naturally warp resistant, lighter in weight, and exhibits a clearer tone than wood that has not been roasted (in some instances). Roasted maple is not only incredible stable and darker color but also very light weight.

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