Neither the perfect standard of the Mosaic Law nor the inner witness of the human conscience is able to justify a condemned sinner in the sight of a holy God. The inner witness of man’s God-given conscience ensured that man knew what was wicked and evil, without the ability to resist it. His glory is paramount in his plans and thoughts. I’m afraid it’s used to justify sin instead of living a righteous life in Christ. Simply put, all does not mean “every single, individual person.” Rather, all means “both Jews and Gentiles,” or “every ethnicity.” Or most succinctly, it means “all peoples,” instead of “all people.” The primary categories in Romans 1-3 are groups, not individuals. But the amazing gospel of grace was entrusted to Christ's apostles and prophets, and in his epistle to the Romans, Paul joyfully concludes this section on humanity’s condemnation with a wonderful proclamation of God’s eternal plan of salvation. In the transaction that takes place when we “believe in our hearts and confess with our mouth,” his righteousness is imputed to us and our sinfulness and disobedience is imputed to him so that he can die our death on the cross, becoming a curse for us (Gal 3:13) in order to lift the curse from us and the world. 4) v. 19 speaks of every mouth being stopped. We can be forgiven of our sin by faith in the shed blood of the sinless Son of God, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour - Who takes away the sin of the world. Even in the West where I live, I run into so many culture groups that really don’t see themselves as a function of self, and so default Gospel presentations really don’t resonate with them. If anything, to this reader of English, Greek and Spanish (who has great appreciation for collectivist culture having grown up in one and working 23 years as an adult in one) that Paul seems to be telling collectivists that falling short of God’s glory is true of all sinning individuals, no matter their group affiliation. Here are a few comments in response. 14:1-3) turns any focus of Paul’s argument about groups to the individual as a believer or non-believer. Group A consists of ethnic Israelites, “the circumcised,” “the Jews,” “those under the nomos/Torah.” Group B is the Gentiles, “the uncircumcised, “the Greeks,” “those without nomos/Torah. Romans addresses the relationship between two groups of people. This is the OT and Pauline view of the human predicament.For the biblical background of “sin” as “failing to glorify/honor God,” see here and here. Terimakasih banyak, pak Wilson! Humanity has fallen short of attributing the supreme honor and glory rightly due to God. Paul reiterates that “there is no distinction” on the basis of Jew/Gentile, but he has shifted his focus from group identity for righteousness to faith in Jesus Christ for righteousness, which has nothing to do with ethnicity. Paul is referring to the presuppositional mistake of Jewish individuals who have a certain mentality. God promised Adam that as soon as he disobeyed God by eating from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he would surely die. The shocking truth is that the guilty man, who is justly condemned, is justified freely by God’s grace, which is based on the redemption price  that was paid, in full, at Calvary. Required fields are marked *. They leave out the past tense in order to appeal to the crowd. Learn how your comment data is processed. We commit sin because we are sinners, through and through. Both have the same problem and require the same solution, Christ’s atoning work on the cross. How I praise and thank You, Father, that I who am a guilty sinner and deserving of death and eternal separation from You, have been justified freely by Your grace, through the redemption that came through Christ Jesus. So helpful! Yes, it is very important for us to examine the cultural and worldview context of the Scriptures in order to understand their fullness, but I’m afraid that the analysis, in this case, is incorrect. The phrase “fall short of God’s glory” carries a double meaning—people don’t properly glorify God and lack the glorified existence God intended. NIV For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. I hope your paraphrase and comments will reach many and give fresh appreciation and application for this verse. Falling short of glory is the result of “sinning.” People of all cultural groups “have sinned” (a past tense verb), so consequently we fall short (a present tense verb) of God’s glory. The “for” (Gk ‘gar’ g1063), which has been correctly identified as supporting a prior main idea, is not pointing back to “there is no distinction” but to the manifested “righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ [to] all those who believe”. NLT For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Romans 3:23 Treasury of Scripture Knowing. The use in Romans 3:23 means “all peoples” more than “every individual.”. #1 “For…” Paul’s point is that there is no one who can be saved without God’s work on their behalf. As for the “for” in Romans 3:23, you can’t just pick what phrase you want it to modify. Western Christianity typically interprets these words as, “Every individual person has done something wrong and not lived up to God’s perfect moral standard.” This statement may be theologically true, though not true to Paul’s intention. The inner witness of man’s conscience was activated through sin.

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