So it’s quite the shock when the CEO gets a call that his company is going under. So don’t wait, get with the times and download this in the eShop today! You know, straight up gangster stuff. Shakedown: Hawaii is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Canadian studio Vblank Entertainment. There are over 80 establishments to shakedown for protection money. Regardless of how “intense” it is (or isn’t) Shakedown: Hawaii is still a fun, beautiful game, and I enjoyed my overall experience with it. Every so often you’ll play as the son who mainly has fetch quest style missions and is desperately seeking some much needed “gangster cred”. Car controls can be set to automatic, in which you control the car with the left stick. Shakedown Hawaii one-ups Retro City Rampage in almost every way, and is most certainly a must-play on the Nintendo Switch. I don’t like being shot up, but I do like a challenge. I had finished the game at 100% after right around 10 hours, and that’s with me doing a lot of senseless murdering and reckless driving…for review purposes. Hopefully, there will be more updates and awesome content to look forward to in the future! [Review] Giraffe and Annika – Nintendo Switch. Check out Hawaii: Shakedown on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99. However, much like the selection of activities, don’t expect a wide variety. Hopefully, there will be more updates and awesome content to look forward to in the future! Shakedown: Hawaii is one of those games you can have a lot of fun with. Whether that be reality TV shows, mainstream gaming or the internet in general. I was immediately impressed with the visuals of the game, there are more than enough times where you think it can’t just be in 16-bit style. I can't remember a time when I didn't play video games. Your source for the most up-to-date Nintendo news covering the Nintendo Switch. User account menu. Developer Brian Provinciano has taken this on board, with Shakedown: Hawaii using the aesthetics of the past to critique the present. The soundtrack also manages to avoid rigidly sticking to the past, by instead providing a sound representative of the aesthetic the game is going for rather than imitating 16-bit era chiptune. This is personally my favourite style out of the two. Vblank Entertainment did recently put out an update that included a patch to fix some of the bugs, and it worked. Luckily, Shakedown: Hawaii didn’t disappoint. Scale of Recommendation: You either love, like, or dislike a game. Back when I was about 8 years old my cousin and I would sneak into her brother’s room and play Grand Theft Auto on his PS1 every chance we had. Facebook Twitter Reddit. I liked the weapon controls the most. Each come with their own funny dialogue and scenarios, some easier than others. With the help of his delinquent son, trusty hitmen, and tons of artillery it shouldn’t take too long. But all he really wants to do is get back home to his TV shows and martinis. The triggers are brake and accelerate and the left stick steers the vehicle. Once you own enough of them the cash starts flowing in, and you’ll own the whole island before you know it. Enjoyed this review? You’ll mainly play as the CEO, who’s responsible for building his empire and managing the business side of things. Feeble Multinational has it’s fingers in many markets like retail stores, taxi services, and video rental stores. I can’t really think of any controls or specific missions I had trouble with. Lastly is the business consultant. There is quite a lot to do in Shakedown: Hawaii and the game tries to make the missions as varied as it can, despite still fundamentally conforming to the sequence of drive to X, shoot some people, collect/destroy Y. Plus, this guy likes to cut corners. To be more specific, he’s lounging, tossing back margaritas and letting his company run itself. Almost the entire city is destructible, meaning if you cut a corner while driving, or you’re in a gunfight where bullets start flying every which way, chances are you’re gonna lay out some buildings or shrubbery along the way. Nearly every building and business on the island is up for sale, and it’s all just waiting for you to shove your foot through the front door. I cited a few things that can get repetitive, but only for the sake of being honest and making note of it. Discussion. Yes that’s right, almost 2 years after the initial release date we finally get our hands on this high quality, content loaded beauty. Growing up with 3 older brothers it was hard to avoid them. Your email address will not be published. Really, all this game does is impress. While you’re at it, check out our Ko-Fi! They also felt very tight and responsive especially given this style of game. But in order to play the game, you must first sit through a day 1 patch! Gamer enthusiast, huge Nintendo fan and of anything retro. This time around Vblank have opted for a 16bit look. But don’t let that fool you. As you progress through the story missions more and more of the different properties on the Hawaiian island become available for you to purchase; others though still require a little extra persuasion. Driving is really smooth and the cars pretty much turn on a dime. For example, buying up a car dealership allows you to go around and repo cars that have been leased from that location, bring them back and re-lease them to new customers for a recycleable way to earn profits. Yes that’s right, almost 2 years after the initial release date we finally get our hands on this high quality, content loaded beauty. Unfortunately, it’s running itself right into the ground. All in all a very enjoyable and rewarding experience filled to the brim with content, humour, collectibles, mini games and yes, shakedowns. These activities will be your way of overthrowing the businesses around, and taking them over as your own. The attention to detail is staggering. Required fields are marked *, Also...we play entirely too many video games (is there really such a thing, though?! I personally didn’t mind it. Numbers do not help. ), Use Code “theswitcheffect” for 30% offthe purchase of an Ewin Gaming Chair, [Review] Project Nimbus: Complete Edition – Nintendo Switch, [Review] Darkest Hunters – Nintendo Switch. Shakedown: Hawaii is one of those games you can have a lot of fun with. He’ll report back all of his findings to you which in turn benefits your company. Fulfilling my dream of writing game reviews, thanks to AnyDayReviews. My favorite series is the Legend of Zelda! In order to keep the money flowing he has to come out of retirement and take care of the competition. Aggelos for the Nintendo Switch Review: Aggsolutely Amazing, Nintendo Switch Rougelike and Roguelite Buying Guide, Box Align for the Nintendo Switch Review: Boxing Clever. The game plays a lot like the original Retro City Shakedown Hawaii is a mesmerizing ode to something akin to a genesis game back in the 90s. Even puddles will react when you drive through them, and its a really minute detail to see pulled off. Close. By far the best aspect of Shakedown: Hawaii is how it plays. Professionalism versus Colloquialism, and Bias: As a result of the nature and nurture of a writer, any review or article will be biased. If you’ve ever wondered what Grand Theft Auto would have been like on the Super Nintendo or in the arcade, here’s your answer. Although quite a few of the missions take this approach, accompanied by flipping between cut-scene, zooming to a different part of the map, then back to a cut-scene, then more map; it’s enough to give you whiplash. Shakedown: Hawaii is really simple to get into. Even for a top-down perspective, the detail that is present in Shakedown : Hawaii is beautifully thrown in your face. Preface: What even is a Shakedown? Yet this combination provides an interesting power trip that also manages to act as a somewhat successful critique of the woes of contemporary business practices. There are high profile names like Hideo Kojima, but few games have the distinction of … It looks great, it’s exciting, and it seems like it has a lot to offer, but after a while it can get a little stale, just like most open world games. The early game introduces you to a lot of these mechanics very rapidly, and it seems as though the game is seeking to overwhelm you with stuff to do.

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