What a bunch of incompetent untrained monkeys. Can make an outbound call to a landline but not to a cell phone.

The commerce department over the past 25 or so years has become a simple rubber stamp, rather than a checks and balances, which was its function after the Teapot Dome scandal. no internet to any of my North Carolina Data Centers. Started last evening, still present today. What a great way to get your website to stay at the top of search chains and “relevant” (again, I know I used quotes). Lord give me strength and patience with fools! 1 ( 3.304 ms 1.221 ms 1.071 ms There are a few places you can check things like this just use the links below. The part you are interested in is the VP capacity. is there any outage on ae-4-90.ear2.SanJose1.Level3.net. Central Phoenix – Having difficulty getting to most website.

Shame on you P-R.net … shame. That’s a bummer for Level 3 customers!
The Level3 major UK outage stopped me playing GTA 5, also access to Yahoo Mail. This article has been viewed 2,703,145 times. i am getting packet drops 95.0% on mtr? If all is well on your end, you can contact your ISP to inquire why you're getting such slow download speeds. 12.|– ae-94-94.ebr4.Paris1.Leve 0.6% 1000 131.8 130.7 130.6 143.5 1.0 Yep, Internet went down for 5 to 10 minutes in Atlanta, the phones stayed up however. 16 * * *. 3. Inbound calls are working as well as Internet service. I have had no internet service from Level 3 since about midnight, prior to that it was off from 11:00 to 20:00 yesterday and prior to that another 12 hour outage. I did hear that others in surrounding towns lost their internet too (not the same towns these friends of mine live in), along with some people in the Pasadena area.

No cell or wi-fi thru AT&T since 12:00 am 6/5 Northern Ca zip 95628. Its the Russians lol.

Was watching my favorite streamer and friend, but alas. CHARLOTTE, NC/HICKORY, NC MAJOR OUTAGE on CenturyLink Fiber since 3:45pm Eastern. This is normally something like or but can be a range of numbers. Im in the UK and experiencing Level3 Internet issues as well. Sidney, Ohio no dial tone hence no DSL, THANK YOU CENTURYLINK! Much of the time, users who are frustrated by slow Internet are more annoyed with the inconsistency (e.g., some pages loading while others take too long) than with the speed itself. So far, it seems mainly people on the East Coast cannot get to many sites. My hosting company has notified me the reason why my website will not load or only partially loads is because of a level 3 communications error. pinged therapywest.org, tmobile.com and get nothing. Some Level 3 customers experiencing problems today. 7.

Since 5 GHz bands have less range than do 2.4 GHz bands, doing this will often require you to keep your Internet-connected items within 10 to 15 feet of the router. They both told me their internet didn’t go out at all, no problems. Editor note: New Level 3 outage on November 2 just hit. Not by accident… It is already a nation wise drop in speed by 65% and an drop like a knife to zero but it’s not a localized drop…it’s multiple state effectiveness at one time! Or able to fix it? Maybe if we all stopped paying the bill it might get their attention. Centurylink has had fiber running in front of my property for 30 years. I called the number and gave them access to my computer then they go in and at the end tell me it is going to cost $299-599.00. Using an Ethernet cable will address this problem.

There’s even a blurb in the middle that uses TODAY’S DATE, making it almost sound like this is happening TODAY.
Cell phone was mostly out (Verizon). 0.6% 994 130.8 130.8 130.7 159.4 1.9 Your traceroute confirms that GoDaddy lied to you. Because of FCC’s code of silent is cause by ISIS?

This has shut down my business, no income. Very inconvenient for college student with online classes and homework/tests that can only be submitted through Blackboard online. I live in upstate NY and can’t access Youtube on Chrome. 8.|– ae-6-6.ebr2.Washington12. This has been happening on and off for 6 months now.

Do obstacles like walls, trees, and buses slow down the speed of WiFi? Latency of 16 seconds in level6 we can’t work with that. Looking at tweets by location this is certainly hitting the United States more today, Aug 27 2015. Why is this?

Even losing Before looking at other steps it is recommended you turn all other devices off and test your connection again to see if there is any improvement. I don’t work for Level3 and I don’t particularly have any love for them. 4. It looks like service is slowly coming back right now. This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. The first thing you need to do is check with your ISP if they can update or check this site which collects Internet Traffic report from various sources to build a … You will then be asked for a Username and Password. Everything related to Google is very slow in NE Ohio. I think there’s a Level3 outage today in Estonia. . Regards, a 26+ year telecommunications Vet. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles.

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