It is compatible with all the big brands of smart phones and can be used even with tablets. I wonder why Apple is so opposed to putting basic camera functionality into their own app? Some not. "numbers dont lie"[ one of my fav nerdy sci fi books by terry bisson ].... where are yours Again, in your own world still..."that most people already own 3.5mm headphones"It's not about 'head phones' these are called ear buds, they aren't for audiophiles, these are $5 items not, $5000. There are only a handful of NEW cell phones made with an audio jack. Even in 2020, 48MP camera phones are popular. If it's "nationalism or geopolitics" you condemn then Huawei is the one you need to steer clear from. that is a joke, i would say even p30 pro main camera is better than pixel. but huawei is the new boogieman to lazy apple and their attackdogs in the federal space . What do you expect from KGB boss and his little brother communist dictator Xi JingPing to say? It is evident that a good smart phone camera lens can give you the ability to capture high quality images. Its multi element glass design ensures that users get edge to edge clarity and perfect footage. For iPhone users who are currently living without a headphone jack, 71% would like Apple to bring it back, according to our survey. There are pros and cons and different conditions and I've reached my conclusions from abundant evidence. You can use this particular lens in a simple and convenient manner because everything is straightforward. A: Even with 4K camera clarity on your phone, you are limited to zooming to certain distances and this is where smartphone camera lenses come in. Many seem to dream of applying the tech of these goliath smartphone manufacturers making miracles happen with such tiny sensors produce a full frame or even APS-C sensor camera. That's why the Pixel 3a is sort of groundbreaking. After "90 Days", all huawei's products, will has NO SD card, NO WiFi, NO Bluetooth allowed. apparently you dont have a clue. But, for peoples bought huawei's phone whom have already know huawei's phone is "less secure" at first place. And 2 or 3 systems do not have to expensive or unused parts. It even uses machine learning to provide more pleasing colors. Some "real" camera will survive; but not anything like today. We Help You Find Your Best Wished Products. Erase some porn maybe? Whether we want to admit it or not, the vast majority of consumers, who have little technical background, have been led to believe that a higher pixel count equates with better image quality. By sacrificing a few features reserved for the flagship (the 3a lacks wireless charging, water resistance and uses a slower processor) and some nice-to-have imaging features (no wide-angle selfies) you'll still get the latest camera tech and save a bunch of money. if the fakes have sd slots and headphone jacks , they will be a better choice. Aperture size 4.25mm. I almost never agree with cosinaphile, but Jimmy Carter was the last non-fascist U.S.President. Furthermore, the lens is made using strong but light materials which enhances the durability of the lens. This lens has a strong clip which is useful in holding the lens firmly even while moving. FWIW, above is about using Phone as a Phone for looking for the best security and most importantly the coverage such as while I was in a trip to grand canyon area couple of weeks ago, my two phones with two different service providers together having less coverage than a single Google Fi phone. And many other places in the US. since i have cited facts and numbers and you have decended into name calling, i think we are done appx 75% of new cellphones sold offer a 3.5 jack and you mentioning motorola as proof of the trend to end audio jack inclusion inc cellphones started in 2016 you say .. but in 2019 moto offers 11 models for sale new and only one is without the audio jack, your conclusions are nonsense and the quest by apple and abdroid idiot copycats to kill the audio has not happened, you could have exited with your dignity intact and simply been wrong , but that ship has sailed .....lolname calling me a nerd or worse will not make you correct , but it shows how desperate you are. Cell phone manufacturers/designers hate the audio jack. It also has a 180 degrees fisheye which plays an integral role of making sure the lens can capture wider angles. The market would be a hoot. So who shouldn't buy a Pixel 3? It comes as a five in one kit with all the components needed being included. There are a lot of photo/video cameras that have found a role as B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent productions. What makes a great smartphone camera? Yes. - hint - (there are only 19 new cell phones in 2019). Manufactures limit this; because of buyer frenzy. as to why Dpreview keeps promoting the pixel to the extent they do, hmmm... As the article states the Huawei does best out the comparison in the zoom category but the Pixel bests it and most everything else in the other key areas like low light and portrait. As this add-on is the rage, but still a relatively new thing, we thought it would be extremely useful for you to know what are the 9 best phone camera lenses you can buy today. Yes, they will get everything before "90days" from Google for phones and Microsoft for its tablets. Pixel outputs the best DNG most reliably. Besides having a jaw-dropping 15 X zoom magnification, it has a 0.45X wide angle range to capture a larger area. hmmm ... drum roll... there is really nothing else to say, oh wait.... sd cards? In additional to not allowed to make its own ARM CPU and GPU... @Mike, Current Huawei smartphones will receive most likely security patches and Android Q version.Huawei is the first to promote Wi-Fi 6 products (802.11ax standard).I would not be so pessimistic. My iPhone 8+ Is well integrated with my iPads, my main tool for evaluating and enjoying my photos. Anyway, I'm sure you will be glad to know Huawei is currently rolling out an update that improves the P30 Pro camera quality in a lot of areas. Huawei does have their own quite polished EMUI and they are beginning to align with Russia. Best Smart Phone Camera Lens Review 2020 – Top 9 Ranking, High quality, Tip-top Clarity & Excellent Zooming. My versions of Capture One and DxO Photolab don't open Pixel raw files even though they are DNG, and I really don't want to spend money on anything else now. There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing your next smartphone, and it's not a decision that should be made based solely on any individual feature. You can also zoom this lens to make sure you are able to capture all the details you need. wow I tested the pixel 3 against my daughters 6s and the 6s was better the lens is noticeably better quality. So basically, after "90days", Huawei will have: - No CPU & GPU- No Google and Microsoft- No SD allowed- No Wifi allowed- No Bluetooth allowed- and more "Not allowed". As I already pegged you based on your lack of reasonable understanding of the world around you. fuji offers an xf10 ricoh offers apsc gr sony canon and panny offers one inch zooms while thicker [but pocketable] neither are they large 18 to 20 sq inch slabs instead are much smaller "rectangles" the canon has an 8 sq in "FACE" though is thicker the ricoh grlll a 10.5 in face and is also thicker but pocketable the iq of thes apsc cameras is orders of magnitude better than the modules in phones .and the one inch also exceed by a great margin.not as much but still of a different leaguethe idea that these crippled slabs with tiny plastic optics ,minuscule sensors"equivalency" of f11 to f 6 [ for those who care] no control\no storageare the best small camera you can put in you pocket are the aftereffects of some very specific cool aid and marketing and "influencing".. and as untrue as a thing can possibly be. Example? by camera i clearly mean a camera & not a cellphone, they often have lenses larger than a lentil a sensor larger than a fly turd, actual controls , audio connectivity & importantly sd support, a camera is a machine to take still images &often moving images 99.99% of the time it offers removable storage and control over many image parameters like iso, fstop, shutter speed ,some go further and file size\ raw\jpeg creation are controllable a cellphone is an all purpose pocket computer for internet use\ telephony\social media\content consumption\imaging and video use, cellphones are over automated slabs lacking any actual camera virtues , replacing them with the ability to take a well exposed well detailed image with little to no thought ,and it shows, cellphones that offer better camera modules often cripple their cameras storage sd card wise, they are not cameras , but might be the death of the camera.

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