Sony 48MP IMX586 CMOS Sensor is the leading smartphone now a days. Thus, mobile photophiles and spec-nerds out there were obviously looking forward to the successor. Any Brand. Sony is one of the heavyweights in the camera sensor business and a company that produces sensors for rival camera companies, including Nikon. But when it comes to Sony’s best sensor … 9.91 Low light. Learn more about the specifications of the Sony Camera Modules. Although lenses are usually chosen to match the sensor format, different combinations can be used to vary the crop area and angle of view when wider coverage or extra telephoto reach is desired. Most of the smartphone manufacturer are using this latest camera sensor from sony. Sony IMX586 Camera Sensor List of Mobile Phones : Nikon. FOV. But with changing times, the competition has bounced back. 9.88. Sony α5100*, Sony α6000*, Sony α6300*, Sony α6500 *, Sony α7*, Sony α7 II*, Sony α9*, Sony Alpha 99 (* The pixel number of 6,000x4,000 ist the number of "effective pixels". Sony offers full-frame and APS-C lenses with image circles that cover the corresponding sensor formats. Comparison list of image sensors used in phones, tablets and action cameras. Sony. Manufacturer. Sony IMX586 was the staple image sensor for many mid-range handsets. © 2004 - 2020 Sony Europe B.V. - Terms and Conditions of Website Use, Minidomes, fixed and pan tilt zoom cameras, Designed for specific usage, conditions and budget, Housings, mounting hardware, recording solutions, network connectivity and power supplies. Sony provides network based video security products for surveillance applications that include: Network Cameras, network recorders, CCTV, monitors, accessories, encoders and security software. Type Name. Canon. The Sony IMX686 is a 64MP camera sensor with a pixel resolution of 9248 x 6944. Serializer. Sony provides network based video security products for surveillance applications that include: Network Cameras, network recorders, CCTV, monitors, accessories, encoders and security software. Leica. It performs on-chip analog/digital signal conversion and two-step noise reduction in parallel on each column of the CMOS sensor. Exmor is the name of a technology Sony implemented on some of their CMOS image sensors. Sony Image Sensor. More details #4 from 871$ Sony IMX557 List of gadgets (2) Summary. Sony. These camera modules are for evaluation purpose. And has Industry’s Highest 48 Effective Megapixels Sensor. This sensor measures 1/1.7-inch in […] Effective Pixels. Sony 48MP IMX 586 Sensor Powered Mobile Phone List. Image Size. IMX490. 9.91 Day light. ... Sony IMX700 List of gadgets (3) Summary. This Camera sensor is very powerful. IMX490EVB-MSH-SMM11. Lens. 1/1.55. Model Name. Cameras Lenses. MAX9295. Color Filter. Camera sensors rating for different shooting conditions. DXOMARK’s comprehensive camera test results database allows you to browse and select cameras for comparison, based on sensor characteristics, brand, price, launch date, resolution, sensor format and camera type. RGGB. Our hybrid video security solutions allow you seamless integration of old and new for today and tomorrow across the complete Sony range and other manufacturers’ products.

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