Contact a study abroad placement advisor to collect information on individual programs -- you may use our. You can often get cheaper tickets if you are willing to accept a long flight time with several stops. Buy at least one power adapter/voltage converter. Use cash as much as possible and limit trips to the ATM to avoid withdrawal fees and foreign transaction fees on your credit and debit transactions. To avoid setbacks and expensive expedition fees as you prepare to study abroad, apply for a passport about a year in advance (or as early as possible). Because the Student Visa is mandatory to Study Abroad. Thailand That way you’ll also start getting to know your classmates and coordinators – people you’ll be seeing on a daily basis. Your highest level of education Checklist for Australia. Discuss academic, career and personal reasons for wanting to study abroad. Know your disbursements dates, amounts, etc. This usually includes at least: First pages of passport, as well as any page with country specific visas. (If your layover is in Europe, you’d want some euros for buying food and other essentials. Due to visa and agreement issues we can only help you with language courses in this country, not any other university programs. As soon as possible The next step is to have a closer look at your shortlisted schools. However, if you follow this checklist carefully, you will be well prepared. Spain Here we take a closer look at what it means and what you should think about if you want to study in Japan. (In most cases, it will, depending on your eligibility.) Checklist for the UK. See to it that all financial-aid documents (scholarship applications, loans, and FAFSA renewals) are up to date. You never know what might happen during your semester or year abroad, so it's important to be prepared. With our study abroad checklist as your guide, you can sit back and concentrate on what’s really on your mind: the world you’re about to meet! The application form received from the University. Review and compare the different study abroad options with your advisor. Get an international cell phone or international phone card. One example is the J-1 visa for students and scholars coming to the U.S. When all the boxes have been checked, you are ready to begin your study abroad adventure. By now you should know what kind of school you are looking for. More than one million international students studied in the US last year. (find out which kind you’ll need). I am currently in High School/A-levels Attend orientation meetings, excursions, lunches, and other events offered by your program. Do you want to study in the United Kingdom? Then you also get our study abroad handbook, free of charge. appointment with your Academic Advisor to review and approve courses at the That way you can use your cards freely without having to call and unblock your card in the middle of your trip. Even if you do have a valid passport, you may need to renew it. Then use the excess to budget for activities and side-trips to nearby cities or countries. If you've already studied the language, review your old notes and brush up a bit. Imagine you miss your train during a weekend trip to a neighboring country and you have to book a hotel room that you did not budget for. Other Diplomas/Certificates (if available). But the Checklist to study abroad may vary from individual to individual & their chosen destination. Research programs, locations, institutions. You're signing up for one of the most interesting adventures of your life. ', Get into the best universities in the world. 1. Print your own copy of the Study Abroad Checklist. When you have completed a step, check it off and continue to the next step. Fill in an information request so we can help you! Print out a copy of this study abroad checklist to take with you and refer back to. Checklist for Europe. Planning to study abroad in the USA? Make sure to check the visa regulations for the country that you want to study in. Use the following study abroad checklist to avoid unnecessary stress and stay on track for a hiccup-free departure! Switzerland But language isn't all you should learn about before you leave. Neither is assuming everyone is out to rob you. Being aware of the culture before you go will ease culture shock and help you appreciate your new country. Studying and living abroad – how thrilling! You can search for schools all over the world in our international school database and read more in our article on how to find and choose a school abroad. ; Explore program options (use clickable map and/or Advanced Search button). Purchase flight tickets and visa if necessary. Use this checklist to plan your studies. Make the most of your trip by making friends to share the experience with! Likewise, English-speaking students applying to study abroad programs taught in a foreign language may also be required to prove language proficiency. With all the long and tedious tasks squared away, it's time to tackle the practical matters. Once after receiving all the required documents the university/college will analyze your academic and test scores and will send you the Offer Letter / I20 form as an indication to the accepting your admission. The main exception is EU students studying in other EU countries. weather, culture, history, university, etc.). Spring 2021 A quote can contain inspiration, advice and new perspectives. Study Abroad Checklist. If on the other hand your main goal is to become a designer then you should choose to study at the best possible school that you can afford and be accepted to. your amazing adventures ahead. Online courses Once you know which program you are interested in, consider the costs and the listed application requirements. We can help you! Look for travel-friendly credit cards that don't charge foreign transaction fees. We and our partners can help you with the application to schools in many countries. The most important step when preparing to study abroad is attaining a student visa. The first step of your study abroad checklist is to be sure to browse programs to learn what different options are out there. They will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and a gift is a great way to share a piece of your home culture with them. Usually you need to be accepted to a school before you can apply for a student visa. Argentina Study-Abroad Checklist Aside from what happens within a school year, a study checklist may also be used to identify if a student applicant have already completed all the needed requirements for him or her to be able to apply for studying abroad.

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