Cataclysmic Artificial Intelligence, Vast knowledge of other worldsTechnokinesisSuperhuman strengthSuperhuamn speedSuperhuman durabilityHacking expertiseMechanical genius. Following revisions to Superman's continuity in Infinite Crisis and Action Comics #850, Brainiac reappeared in a self-titled five-part story arc in Action Comics. His plan is undone when Superman drags him, mothership and all, into a black hole. The pair don't notice the weathervane suddenly spinning. In Filmation’s The New Adventures of Superman version of Brainiac, he appears in a medium outside of the comic books at that time. In particular Superman glimpses down at the minuscule Daily Planet building and the microscopic human staring up at him. While Jor-El was working, Brainiac appears on screen and demands for his collected data. Rampage | Luthor questions Brainiac's motivations enough to interest Brainiac, and the two merge together with Dark Heart nanotechnology to become an ultimate being. Morgan Edge | The original version possessed, under certain circumstances at least, strength enough to match Superman in physical combat. Phantom Zoners | The story is notable as the first post-Infinite Crisis appearance of Brainiac, and includes the death of Jonathan Kent. Titano | Full Name The Joker | Doctor Fate hints at the presence of Brainiac when he speaks to Green Arrow and Black Canary, indicating that he was the first to sense Brainiac's invasion. Dead for some time it suddenly powers up with the transmitted data. Luthor dies and Brainiac retains control of the body for a short time until rigor mortis sets in. However, he is finally defeated when Luthor (having escaped surgery through undisclosed means) hacks and shuts off Brainiac from the inside. He would go to consult the Lords of Order, who holds the belief that Brainiac's conquest could bring order to the chaos created by Batman and Superman's conflict. Dubbing his new form Brainiac 2.5, the villain fears he is now trapped in this form.[25]. Superman vs. In Wolfman and Kane's story "Rebirth", published in Action Comics #544, Brainiac attempts to free himself by causing the nearby star to go nova and utilize its energy. He makes the scientists create a new version of the skull ship (saying he thought of the design "in a dream") and use advanced genetic science to grow a new body for himself, resembling Milton Fine's form but taller, more physically fit, and with the green skin of a Coluan. Brainiac/Luthor decide to create a machine that will absorb data of planets in a single stroke, but they are stopped by the Flash. Dox discovered the fifth dimension was in a state of war, and a group of its inhabitants, the Multitude, had entered their dimension and destroyed over a hundred planets. [35] Brainiac ignores the query, neither confirming or denying his responsibility, though he does heavily imply it ("In fifty-seven minutes, my solar aggressor will reach your sun. Superman III: Ross Webster | Corrupted Superman | Vera Webster | Lorelei Ambrosia In the next issue, they are trapped in a bottle, and their jailer is revealed to be a robot claiming to run on "Brainiac 2.0" software. In exchange for control of the B13 Technology, he gave Brainiac 13 Lena Luthor and Brainiac 2.5 left with Brainiac 13. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? [50], This version of Brainiac, a composite of Brainiac from around the Multiverse, is revealed to be the pre-Flashpoint era Brainiac who, having found his way into the Source Wall and into the Multiverse, was thrown back in the timestream and mutated by the effects of "crisis" events such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, and 52, creating a godlike being. The original version seems to suffer from some version of Mysophobia. He sends most of the heroes home, and with help from the Zero Hour Parallax and the pre-Flashpoint Superman, averts the collapse of the Multiverse from Crisis on Infinite Earths, and is returned to the normal Brainiac. [44], After this defeat, Brainiac retreated to deeper parts of the cosmos, and eventually came across the planet Tolerance, the setting of a bounty hunting glimmernet game show called The Hunted. [56], The No Justice miniseries begins with the Omega Titans, the aforementioned threat, attacking Colu, Brainiac's homeworld, which explains Brainiac's kidnapping of Earth's superheroes and supervillains. A meteor crashes on Earth so Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen go to investigate. Brainiac goads Superman about his love for all things Earthly. Superman: Brainiac Attacks: Brainiac | Lex Luthor | Mercy Graves | Mister Mxyzptlk Brainiac (real name: Vril Dox) is an alien android appearing as a major antagonist in DC Comics. Brainiac or BRAINIAC?". Fighting Brainiac's control, Luthor begs a superpowered Lana Lang to kill him, who complies by breaking his neck. Brainiac is seemingly gone from existence, but still exists within the mind of Luthor. Brainiac proceeded to use them to acquire a prototype OMAC unit, which Bruce Wayne had developed through the use of Brainiac 13 nanotechnology. [79] By the Superman: Doomed story arc, Brainiac has used his twelfth-level intellect to become an enormously powerful psychic and telepath, augmented by the minds that he has stolen and digitized from across the galaxy, and capable of taking control of all eight billion minds on Earth at the same time. [46] Brainiac plots his return to Earth, using Lane to infiltrate Earth's defense systems to allow an easier path for his physical return. The Legion explains to Zod that, just as Krypton's city of Kandor is held in a bottle onboard Brainiac's ship, other planets' cities are also imprisoned, and, therefore, Zod cannot destroy Brainiac's ship until the cities can be rescued. Gritting her teeth Kara smashes through the ship's hull and directly after the missile.

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