Such guidance can suggest growth opportunities and make it possible for them to enhance the value offering made to our brands.”. All rights reserved. To explore how such value propositions work out in practice, we spoke to DeWayne Dove, Vice President of Supply Chain for SpenDifference, a Denver-based restaurant supply-chain management firm that specializes in emerging and medium-size restaurant chains. The starting point for a supply chain strategy is the value proposition of the company, the competitive landscape and the perception of value from the customer’s perspective. A company driving for operational excellence will focus on costs, standardization and economies of scale whereas a company aiming at product leadership will focus on short pipelines, continuous innovation and pushing products into the market place. In contrast, the best supply-chain partner relationships also emphasize deeper, information-sharing relationships that offer value and strategic business opportunities in other areas as well. But recent attempts to implement successful supply-chain initiatives from other industries have not worked well in healthcare. “When a software system is implemented in a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company, it has to be validated so that it meets all the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration for running a GMP system. As time goes on, we will see marketing departments at more companies become involved in buying decisions.”. Regulatory Compliance – this relates to the risks mentioned above. That’s especially true if the relationships in question are based strictly on raw purchasing volume and price. According to Best Practices’ research, by working together across the supply chain, these companies are able to pool talents and resources, yielding substantial gains in cost, quality, flexibility, system responsiveness, and overall performance. Patrick is a widely-published writer and editor who has spent most of his career covering international trade, global logistics, and supply chain management. For more information, visit /* Content Template: Articles - end */ What was missing, in my view, was the broader supply chain value proposition, beyond just transactional or electronic content exchange, and narrow functional focus. “Historically, evaluation of the supply chain has been based on hunches or intuition,” Mr. Hagey says. ; Manugistics helps companies lower operating costs, improve customer service, and maximize revenue through a broad set of solutions tailored to the ethical drug cycle. ��HK����~�%EK(U��FY]�pr���ӎ�c��0p��q�ǩzͷ��8a��^� � t� {� ;D�Mv��x�����ZWJ�C.c�#V�� Ww(?�~���9y��J�@t1��O��d -���`��p � q�mk endstream endobj 44 0 obj <> endobj 45 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 595 842]/Parent 41 0 R/Resources 65 0 R/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 46 0 obj <>stream They ask all vendors to deliver on the same terms. Downstream comment: The Value Proposition John Hague, Senior VP and MD for MENA at Aspentech, on value creation. Although close and long-term relationships may offer better Based upon the business requirements by geography, channel and product characteristics, we develop a segmented supply chain strategy which facilitates responsiveness, agility and cost efficiency. Failure to comply can damage the reputations of the parties involved and can result in fines or citations. “Simply shipping a biotech product from a production facility to a distributor and finally to the pharmacy is not an option.”, “The manner in which biological and biotechnology produced are introduced and ultimately distributed to physicians and patients, particularly with respect to new products, is increasingly viewed as a critical and strategic matter,” says Ethan Leder, CEO of USBC. proposition co-created by the entire supply chain network. More often than not, the various departments within a pharmaceutical company work in a silo, with little emphasis or incentives provided to coordinate activities that could lead to supply-chain efficiencies. hޤTmk�0�+�}�K6�A�.,��e�^�䃛��ÉC�B��w'K��2�m��]�{��. ... Patrick Burnson is executive editor for Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review magazines and web sites. ERP systems have the potential to integrate and streamline manufacturing plants, distribution centers, procurement, and other back office operations, which is likely to gain importance if electronic commerce, genomics-driven mass customization, continual price pressure, and industry consolidation prevail, according to Urch Publishing, a consulting and business information company. Michael Lamoureux’s blog Sourcing Innovation scooped me on initial comments in its post  It’s not the Portal or the network…it’s the Facilitation, which provides some interesting sourcing and procurement perspectives, most of which I agree with. According to Mr. MacGillivray, flexibility is growing in importance as manufacturing and fulfillment operations involve a larger and ever changing mix of partners across supply chains that are increasingly global. This process can provide the company’s marketing department with data about what product is selling, at what price point, and how quickly it is moving off the customer shelves, Mr. Hagey says. “To me this makes all the sense in the world,” says Peter Wester mann, senior VP of business development for UPS Supply Chain Solutions. The median distribution center stocks nearly 22,000 items: about 51% are pharmaceuticals, 21% are nonprescription drugs, and the balance are health and beauty-care products, general merchandise, durable medical equipment, and home healthcare items. Market – these are situations which can impact the price of a good which is purchased. Supply Chain Resource Cooperative. According to a study by Best Practices LLC, companies with effective supply-chain management systems select suppliers that meet various criteria that go beyond traditional cost per unit considerations, thus effectively reducing inventory errors and lowering costs in their supply chain. VP, process manufacturing and configuator development, Oracle Corp., Redwood Shores, Calif.; Oracle is one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies. “Improving the forecasting function is more than a technical problem,” Mr. MacGillivray continues. Value Proposition Canvas. (The sales from these new businesses are not reflected above.). Software companies have enhanced product offerings to include an “intelligent scheduling capability.” “These new software products are comprised of rules-based optimization engines and algorithms that sequence order release for execution in a manner that balances workflow, meets customer priorities, and maximizes resource utilization,” Mr. O’Neill says.

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