dynamics. As we’ve seen, the technical names work well in this system Notice the prefix ‘sub’ once again. At the same time, the seventh note is called the Leading Tone, as it leads us back to the tonic. A Supertonic = D 3. However, our focus in today’s lesson is on traditional scalesgenerally and specifically o… For example, in the key of C major, C=1, D=2 and so on. Like numbers, technical names can be used in place of letter names. For example, the triad constructed on the tonic note will be known as the tonic triad (or tonic chord); and the triad whose root is the subdominant note is called the subdominant triad or subdominant chord. There are other ways of referring to the notes in a scale. Some of the first ones you should learn about are a group of basic (but In this case, notice that the Submediant = A7. The dominant is a fifth above tonic while the subdominant is a 5th below and so on – the tonic is at the centre. Here is another example in the scale of B natural minor: 1. Supertonic = C3. Conversely, it can also descend from C: …to C: There are so many scales and scale systems in the world. Up next we have the 3rd degree of a scale which is called the mediant.. The names (tonic, supertonic, etc) have a function that’s associated with them. discordance. Here are the major scales of B and Db for you, written with accidentals. Mediant = E flat4. scale. Submediant = G7. diminished chords. a different technical name that reflects its position in the scale. But there’s even more to this pattern! not as good – it’s just different!). Very,very often the tonic is the beginning and the end of a melody or a chordprogression. The scale of G# minor uses a double sharp - the leading note (7th degree of the scale) is F. The enharmonic equivalent of this note is G natural, but you must not write G natural in the scale of G# minor - remember that each letter name can only be used once! Dominant = A6. A great way to remember the technical names is to actually know what they mean and where they come from. ( Log Out /  step up from tonic; the leading tone is a half step down from tonic and so on. For example, the tonic of the C major scale is the note C. But if the scale we’re using is B flat major, then the tonic is the note B flat and the note C becomes the supertonic. And just like the mediant is halfway between tonic and dominant, the Submediant is sitting halfway between tonic and subdominant. Scale according to Jermaine Griggs, can be defined as “…a regular succession of notes, played/heard in ascending or descending order [using a fixed formula. Mediant = F4. Dominant = A6. The term comes from the Latin word meaning middle. Leading tone = B. Here’s another example. But the problem with that is that depending on the instrument, one person’s C might be another person’s Bb. We’ll start with a simple one in C major: 1. notes outside the scale)? "Technical" means that it requires an impressive amount of sheer technique (that is, muscle control) to play. Subdominant = F, 5. We also use They don’t refer to any specific note. ( Log Out /  Tonic = D2. In a way, technical names achieves the same thing as a numbering system. Submediant = G7. scale: Here’s an example in the scale of E harmonic minor (with the 7th sharpened): So just like the technical terms, Roman Numerals reveal every note’s position in the scale with the tonic being one: I. The last three sharps are one below the other. The technical names are not They make a simple up/down pattern. Tonic = B flat2. Similarly, the “dominant” function is a very important one in music. other. Here they are: 1st= Tonic 2nd= Supertonic 3rd= Mediant 4th= Subdominant 5th= Dominant 6th= Submediant 7th = Leading Note Here are the notes and technical names in the key of F major: In the exam, the harmonic v… ‘tonality’ refers to music that works with a tonic: the ‘home sound’.

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