Worked for me! Tho oitisons of Now Yorkknow Governor Tildon. campaign fund of millionswtung from 90,000 public officials, extorted from whisky thieves, or contributed by candidates who proposed recouping themselves Iroin tho publicpockets. Threo weeks more ofsuch work as the Army ot the Ohioboa done, a simultaneous advance allalong the line, and wo shall dictatepeace at the Capitol. Our partypicked up a few bits of ohinawnro, a "nail from tho wooden cross, an ounceslug, a navy bullet, a few flint andmoss ngalo arrow heads, and fragments of human lomains. Thoughwiary of the noiae,I lore, tt only motbero can, my rattling, rompingboya ,And I .hall watch for fnur o'clock through ererycoming day.When I can tea my darling, out ia the yard atI"J.1're one dear boy now aleeplng beneath tbe Summer rod tHe took a long vacation when he went home toUod :When life'a rough acbool i, orer I'll meet him byand by.Where grav.a nt'tr hidt our Ireaaurtl wheredear ouoo B'Vrr die.T1IK OCTOBER ELECTIONS.tVDAT TUB NbWKPArgRS SAT ABOUT vote in tho West shows that thoticrmans ure deut to tho appeals of thobloody shirt ornloin, that Carl Schurahas lost power with them, and thatthey discern that the overmasteringissuo of this campaign is the reform oitho abuses which sixteen years of Republican dominance has ostnblishod intho administration of the (iovornment.Tho (iormnns ot tho East aro of thosumo mind with their brethren of theWest. Claarltld, Pa.J. The roads thereto ovorrocky mountain-side and deep canons,were built at heavy cost Tbe continuous lthor of fifteen men it needed inthe csro of propagation and harvesting.Tho hives, boxes for shipment, andhousehold supplies have all to be transported from San Diego, forty milesfrom Ins most remote apiary. It will thus bo soon that theharvest-time is nevor longor than throomonths, and is often much lest. AfterOctober begins, although the air is stillmild und Spring-liko, tho bees cease towork, and rotiro into a semi-dormantcondition. Next to tba tago in importance as bee food is tho sumao, a shrubthat grows in Calilornia without poisonous flowering plant in the beo range,and tho honey has nono ol tbo colickyqualities that make Kastcrn-grownhoney objectionable The honey iagraded by tho culturist according toIhe plant from which it is derived. 1 ho object ol thus commanding Federal soldiers into one ofthese southern Mates fs thrcnlold.They aro used, as by Packard, to intimidale Democrats ; their presence attne same time helps to arouse andorganize tho most ignorant part of thonegro vote; but, finally, their mostimportant use in such a stato ot thingas we havo doscribod, is to discourageand cripple the cttorU ot tho oppositionKcpublicans. (Tarda.JOHN D.THOMPSON,J of tht Peaoe and SorlftDtr,Carweiiarllle, Pa,OollMtlont made and montv promptlypaid ortr.febH'TltfRICHARD HUGHES,JUSTICE OF TUB PKACKFORHerat ur Township,Oieeola Milli P. O.All oOoitl bulota an trailed to him will bapromptly attended to. It is contemplated by tho Constitution that theUnited States may protect a Stateagainst domestic violence upon tho application of tbe Governor "when theLegislators cannot bo convened. Tildcnwas supposed lo be weakor in IheStates of Ohio and Indiana than in anyother States in the Union. Now, of courso,this was i ,:ie deliberately. Social Science & Medicine 44, 681–692.). No longer can it enter into tho'No-vemher election with the impetus ofn n avnlunche, sweeping everything beI'oro it. [[DownloadsSidebar]] It’s known as the winner’s curse. BOX AND CHAULB TO M 118,UUniJAIBfllP. I, IB74.JOHN L. CUTTLE,ATTORNEY AT LAW.tud Real Ratal. It has had to contront unlimited renoiii-ws of men and money. They should learn from experience. Decision-making in the physician–patient encounter: revisiting the shared treatment decision-making model. At last it mustlace tho jk'oiiIo throughout the entlrolength and breadth of tho land. S. BARN HART,ATTORNEY AT - LAW,Hellefonta. In this paper we revisit and add elements to our earlier conceptual framework on shared treatment decision-making within the context of different decision-making approaches in the medical encounter (Charles, C., Gafni, A., Whelan, T., 1997. ANT,FrancbTllle, Cleartirld County, eontlantl; on band a full aaiortru.nt ofiiry uooaa, narawart, uroetrita, ana trtrjtningoraall; kapt la a rttail ttort, wlilrh will bt told,for sa.b, aa ehtap u .U.whore In tbe county.FrtncbTlllt, Jam 17, 1817-Ij.THOMAS H. F ORC EE,DRALRR IIIGENERAL MERCHANDISE.faRAII AMTON. His favorite games include Soul Reaver and Undertale. The Huntsman Location. ('all an t art them.aprT4 T1IOMAH HKILI.Y.ANDREW HARWICK,Market Vtrrct. This revised framework (1) explicitly identifies different analytic steps in the treatment decision-making process; (2) provides a dynamic view of treatment decision-making by recognizing that the approach adopted at the outset of a medical encounter may change as the interaction evolves; (3) identifies decision-making approaches which lie between the three predominant models (paternalistic, shared and informed) and (4) has practical applications for clinical practice, research and medical education. Copyright © 1999 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved. It would bo his first act if howore sincerely desirous of an orderlycommunity aiu u lair election.From th. ibm tatt, hotd kNpert HIbe laralrk with lloaert .a mmabb) IMint.far. (jYl6'72REUBEN HACKMAN,House and Sign Painter and PaperHanger,(JlearfleM. Wohad hopes of Indiana, principally lo-causo ot tho local sympathy that Mr.Hendricks as a candidate on the national tickot was sure to attract ; be.sides, the average majority there to boovorcomo was comparatively smallAt the same time wo had our tears. If thcro aro such disorders asho protends, but aa other penutablonnd equally eminent Republican citizensueny ii mere nro such disorders, whydocs ho not cull on the Democraticleuders to help him in putting thorndown ? flohooloprna at a nioit dUaitroua titnt to far at tbaicbnol-boy la eonoerood, with "bunny" itraltngall the cbci'outi, and the M other fetlowi " wakingaway with tba walauta and but tern uta.Mr. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. ItThoro it evidence enough to justifythe assertion of Judge Mackey, thatChamberlain ia really engaged in aconspiracy against the Stale. Tho fact that the Democratshavo carried Indiana despite tho heavyodds against them, and havo tnado asplendid fight, even it they havo notwon a substantial victory in Ohio, bosides gaining a signal victory in WestVirginia, is sufficient to increase Gov.Tildon s chnnces in the Presidentialrace and to make a Democratic administration at Washington for the nextfour yeare highly probable.At all ovents, the Democrats nro not" wiped out " by the October eloctionsas tho Republicans supposed theywould be, and thcro has not been soirresistible, a Democratic tidul wavo intho Wost as there was two years ago,and ns would have rendered tho success of Governor Tilden almost a ccrtainty.

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