Routine testing of transformer insulating oil is an essential maintenance function that ensures a safe working environment and helps eliminate the possibility of disrupted production resulting from a transformer failure or explosion. Detects the concentration level of polychlorinated biphenyls in transformer oil by gas chromatography. You have to remember one thing; the testing voltage of the. New transformer oils contain practically no acids. Oil is visually examined by passing a beam of light through it to determine transparency and identify foreign matters. SDMyers has the largest transformer oil testing lab in the world, with packages that test for every known fault condition. This test will be performed when your power transformer cooling system is an oil type. If you want to stay updated with electrical engineering, then bookmark or subscribe (Newsletter) to our website. References: Transformer Oil Sampling – NETA World Summer 2009, ASTM International, Wikipedia, Analyzing transformer insulating fluid - EC&M. You can quickly and accurately identify the condition of your oil’s relative density, dielectric breakdown voltage, dissolved gas content, oxidation inhibitor levels and more. Acidity between 0.5 to 1.00 mg keeps the oil under observation. If it’s powered up then stop the power. Because all impurity and dusty oil always stay at the bottom level. Test Equipment 101: The Basics of Electrical Testing, Circuit Breaker Control Schematic Explained, Protective Relay Protection Element Tests, Capacitive Reactance - How to Solve Series and Parallel Capacitors, Transformer Insulating Oil Test Methods (ASTM), Surge Arresters: Selection, Application and Testing Overview, Ground Fault Protection Systems: Performance Testing Basics, Insulating Liquids: Basic Properties, Types and Applications Explained, Transformer Winding Resistance Testing Explained, Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) Basic Principles, Electrical Power System Studies Explained, 4 Critical Tests for Evaluating HV Circuit Breaker Performance, 10 Electrical Distribution System Arrangements Explained, Electrical Drawings and Schematics Overview, Protective Relay Testing and Maintenance Overview, Power Cable Testing and Diagnostics Overview. Then use a magnet to remove the metal particle from the oil by putting is through the oil-testing cup. Expert transformer condition diagnostics backed by five decades of data-driven wisdom. You can take any method that I mentioned according to your oil sample condition. It is also responsible for sludge formation. Expressed in mN/m, it is a test of interfacial tension of water against oil, which is different from surface tension in that the surface of the water is in contact with oil instead of air. Measures the electrical insulating properties of transformer oil under conditions comparable to those of the test. Make sure that two electrodes stay 100% below from the oil top level. 2. Transformer oil testing is one of the important parts of a power transformer. Rachel Frampton: I noticed that my electricity bill rose, probably because I .. Jesse Ford: I like how you mentioned that depending on the condition and .. In a used oil it measures the amount remaining after oxidation has reduced its concentration. Useful for measuring changes within the insulating oil resulting from contamination or deterioration. Testing Service for Monitoring the Condition of Transformer Oils. I already posted a couple of articles about the power transformer. Take the average value as a test result. Advantage and Disadvantage of Grounded and Ungrounded Neutral System, Power Transformer Working Principle, Construction and Types. Then fill up the sample oil in the testing-cup at 90% by removing its cover. Identifies various gas ppm levels that are present in transformer insulating oil. A decreasing value indicates an increase in contaminants and/or oxidation products within the oil. Like ... First of all, you have to collect the oil sample from an active, Now collect the dark brown cloudy color of oil from the bottom level drain and this oil indicate the detraction of the oil condition. An oil sample tube and syringe is used to draw, retain and transport the oil sample in the same condition as it is inside a transformer with all fault gases dissolved in it. Regular sampling and testing of insulation oil taken from transformers is a valuable technique in a preventative maintenance pr ogram. 1. You can take any method that I mentioned according to your oil sample condition.

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