The upshot proved the diplomatic value of Nicholas's apparent sincerity of purpose and charm of manner; the " Iron Duke" was to the " Iron Tsar" as soft iron to steel; Great Britain, without efficient guarantees for the future, stood committed to the policy which ended in the destruction of the Ottoman sea-power at Navarino and the march of the Russians on Constantinople. His intense practical-mindedness drew him away from religion, but drove him to a morality of his own (the " art of virtue," he called it), based on thirteen virtues each accompanied by a short precept; the virtues were Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity and Humility, the precept accompanying the last-named virtue being " Imitate Jesus and Socrates.". Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. There is no reason to doubt his sincerity, but he was coarse and intemperate - Froude roundly calls him a foul-mouthed ruffian - without the wisdom of the serpent or the harmlessness of the dove. We should never stand upon ceremony with sincerity. In Rienzi Wagner would already have been Meyerbeer's rival, but that his sincerity, and his initial lack of that musical savoir faire which is prior to the individual handling of ideas, put him at a disadvantage. Sincerity in a sentence. 7. Indeed, the doctrine of "aspects" and "influences" fitted excellently with his mystical conception of the universe, and enabled him to discharge with a semblance of sincerity the most lucrative part of his professional duties. He Fell Short Of Being A Truly Great Poet, Inasmuch As Great Poetry Must, Which His Does Not, Touch Life At Many Points, But His Verses Are Marked By The Qualities That Belonged To The Man Sincerity, Purity, Seriousness. He takes the line of separating the things of God from those of Caesar, and defends the traditional Protestant theology with obvious sincerity. : Against his mining record, scepticism about the sincerity of Reid's renewable energy embrace is perhaps not unwarranted. The best of his lyrical work, excellent for finish and intense sincerity, is his Epistola to Emilio Arrieta, and had he chosen to dedicate himself to lyric poetry, he might possibly have ranked with the best of Spain's modern singers; as it is, he is a very considerable poet who affects the dramatic form. There was no mistaking his astonishing sincerity, his painfully earnest endeavor to impart to her some rather unusual id.. . : For the Canton government, the situation was a test of both its sincerity and its strength. some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Even flirting implies a cavalier attitude which may be innocuous, but which also may connote a lack of sincerity. The advice he offered, in all sincerity, was most prudent and sagacious, and might have been successfully carried out by a man of Bacon's tact and skill; but it was intensely one-sided, and exhibited a curious want of appreciation of what was even then beginning to be looked on as the true relation of king, parliament and people. I long to live in restful sincerity of heart. As a man, Vieira would have made a nobler figure if he had not been so great an egotist and so clever a courtier, and the readiness with which he sustained directly opposite opinions at short intervals with equal warmth argues a certain lack of sincerity. Remember that if you're using a pick up line to grab a lady's attention and break the ice, you want to show off your personality, sincerity, and humor-and make it clear that you're interested in getting to know her, not her body. How to use sincerity in a sentence. He instinctively wished to question the validity of the Exemplars and their power, yet felt so inadequate in his comprehension that he decided to trust Frederick implicitly, and prayed the vampire couple's sincerity was genuine. 52- It raises questions about Qatari sincerity and the value of engagement. Independence, sincerity, reality, grew more and more necessary to him. He's quick to apologize but his regrets sometimes lack sincerity. This is a consequence of the false stability of portraiture, since in life the unceasing movement of light in the eyes, the mobility of the mouth, and the sympathy and sweetness which radiated from all the features, precluded the faintest notion of want of sincerity. 50- Jean Giraudoux once said that the secret of success is sincerity. diligence and sincerity in a sentence - Use "diligence and sincerity" in a sentence 1. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 34- The true sincerity of this genre will always shine through. Carnot, who were greatly impressed by his energy, sincerity and ability. Many things can set up a romantic mood - candlelight, long-stemmed roses, a decadent gourmet meal - but a truly romantic proposal will follow the three S's of romance: sincerity, sensitivity, and sacredness. , Lack of sincerity in her son’s voice caused the mother to question whether he really planned to bring her vehicle back before curfew. In the earliest church life, when Christians fell into sin, they were required to make public confession before the congregation, to declare their sorrow, and to vow to perform certain acts which were regarded as evidence of the sincerity of their repentance. Yet no one can doubt the sincerity of her narrative, or even the permanence of her religious feelings under all her many phases of faith and aberrations of conduct. sincerity conditions of her oral statements. How can you use “sincerity” in a sentence? Fun is fun, but those who might rely on such a book are quite serious about the information they are seeking, and it is unfair to play fast and loose with their sincerity. This letter must have convinced Newton of the sincerity of Montague's good intentions towards him; we find them living as friends on the most intimate terms until Halifax's death in 1715. Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends. Elliott lives by his determined opposition to the "bread-tax," as he called it, and his poems on the subject are saved from the common fate of political poetry by their transparent sincerity and passionate earnestness. " A real mask of sincerity. Menno's writings in Plattdeutsch, printed at various places, are numerous, with much sameness, and what an unfriendly critic would call wool-gathering; through them shines a character attractive by the sincerity of its simple and warm spirituality, the secret of Menno's influence. How to use sincerity in a sentence. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. She grapples with the issues of the day and puts them to bed with humour, Somehow the director, despite her undoubted, It's ninety percent uneducated guesswork and ten percent misguided, His dark eyes stared back, full of rawness, honesty and uncompromising, Something to do with the way he could project genuine, The humanity is there but depicted with such, It is important to choose a mate who respects those fine qualities of compassion and, Mr Dobson is a man of impeccable character, integrity, and genuine, Reid showed an intense loyalty to his benefactors while also projecting, Worship now, Jesus says, is in spirit and truth, the internals of motive, intensity, and, Unfortunately, the admissions system seems to be primarily geared towards fake, If someone steals my pen and then asks me to forgive him, unless he returns my pen the, As he grew up, he became known for his truthfulness, generosity and, There was again no reason to put stock in Pakistan's, Achtung Baby's ironic astringency was a successful reaction to Rattle and Hum's gauzy, It's hard to make unlikable characters interesting, but Igby somehow has just the right tone of sly humor, just the right hint of cartoonish, The fact is, many people will question your, These individuals may be babes in the woods, but their, It's from a theatrical point of view that she still loves teen angst for its poker-faced combination of melodramatic, But what it lacked in mischief it made up in manifest.

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