There are pharmacies on every corner, so locating one will be easy. *Though maybe one “nice” outfit is good to have on hand for special occasions. We are all different and what is essential to one might not be to another. You do however, have another option. If you are moving to Seoul, I wouldn’t bother with packing it. Worried about finding your size? Even with minimalism in mind I still over packed when it came to clothing, mostly because I was afraid I had nothing to wear to work! Overall, Korea is a developed country and the people here have been getting on just fine. This is something that can add flavor to your home-cooked meals when you are trying to save money and give you a little reminder of home while you eat. Minimalism is key because believe me when I say that you will shop in Korea since shopping is insanely cheap and Korean fashion is adorable. Had I known I was going to have access to so many stores (and good prices) right away I wouldn’t have wasted so much money (thanks Mom & Dad) on buying things I didn’t even like. They don’t feel the need to be covered. However, figure out what your priorities are and make your decision from there – there’s nothing wrong with needing to be your own version of comfortable in order to fall asleep! You can plug in all of your appliances from home, then use one adapter and converter to plug it into the Korean outlet. Not only will this save you a trip to the hospital (Koreans go to the hospital for literally everything) but it can save any confusion as far as what you’re putting into your body once you’re here. Once you’re here, if you need any help with translations or finding something, just call 120. Whether you want to order deliver in Korea (only downside – no orders after 8pm), or have food/other things shipped to you, this site is your answer! How to Lose Weight Abroad: Thank you, Blogilates, 25 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Auckland, I Fell in Love with 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay, Eco-friendly Gifts for The Traveler in Your …. You know what you can’t really get in Korea? – don’t worry about toiletry basics, you can find them here, – deodorant is your call, you can find it but not as many brands are available, – skincare in Korea is really amazing, get excited to try new brands, – if you have a certain product you feel can’t be replaced, then bring enough to last you a few months and check to see if you can order it online. Because they’re important. If you absolutely must have physical books, you’re in luck! I must bring EVERYTHING I own with me. I realize that trying things on is super important but with online shopping becoming so popular most companies have generous exchange/return policies, giving you time to try things on. You can pick these up anywhere in Korea, they even have them at some convenience stores. Ingredient Spotlight: The Skin Benefits of Mugwort (Artemisia). 4 Things Solo Female Travelers Should Look For In a Hotel, 10 Slightly Less-Touristy Things to Do in San Francisco, The Advantages of Renting A Private Jet for Your Travel Plans, How Tech Can Make Your Home Improvement Project A Breeze, 12 Things to Do in (and Near) Tucson, Arizona, 7 Non-Stereotypical Things Girls Actually Love to Do, 7 Things To Always Pack When Going on a Trip. Yikes! The tailors here are excellent, so you can buy something a bit larger and then have it altered for a reasonable price. Shoes are very important in Korea since you will be walking A LOT, and you want to be comfortable so you don’t have to stop your day early. That’s all I have for basic dos and don’ts! *Please note this is my personal reflection, in the end what you pack needs to be catered to your needs, not mine. 5. Do some searching online and check out some “capsule wardrobes” for some really good minimalist wardrobe inspiration. Also, take note that Korea has four distinct seasons, so pack accordingly! Some even more! South Korea has four seasons, though here in Jeollanamdo we are lucky to get slightly more mild weather. Order it online. Yes, yes the do! This will be a very helpful post for people coming to Korea, thanks for sharing! Point and shoot cameras are better to pack than large DSLR cameras because they’re compact and can be safely stowed in a small fabric case rather than a large, over-the-shoulder camera bag. If you have any must-have non-perishables or spices that you cook with on a regular basis, try to make room for them in your baggage. Korean apartments are notorious for being incredibly bland, which is not an environment I am able to thrive in. I think certain things are over emphasized, people are still bringing way more than they need to. 2. You can walk into any pharmacy and get it (about $9USD per pack – the brand I got was called Mercilon). I'm Wailana Kalama, an independent travel writer and editor originally from Hawaii, USA.I’ve traveled through 38 countries and lived in Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Iceland, Oregon, and Morocco. If you don’t pack enough clothing or shoes, fear not! Korea obviously has medicine. You can also find amazing pieces in underground shopping centers that are attached to subway stations (Bupyeong Station in Incheon and Express Bus Terminal in Seoul are my two favorites), but the clothes are often “free size,” meaning one size fits all. The 6 Things A Girly Girl Gave Up To Travel. Learn more. Korea doesn’t cater to darker skin tones or sensitive skin. In the same vein, I do know from my experiences trying on jeans here that it can be… upsetting. If you’re packing skirts to wear to work I would still keep them at knee-length or just slightly above the knee, but outside of work feel free to rock em’ as short as you like. What I would normally consider a “hand towel” is what people here use to dry their bodies. Also, if you happen to be larger than a B cup – bring an ample supply of bras. I think in most situations something can be easily replaced or found here though, so just consider carefully any product you feel you need to “stock up” on prior to your big move. Mini Fridges for Skincare: Brilliant or BS? This might be good for people who find themselves in the category of “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”. To keep from getting homesick, consider picking up some fun postcards to send back to your friends and family back home. Pack first and foremost for the humid summer in which you’ll arrive to South Korea. You will likely only get two checked bags (if you’re lucky! Since I have olive-toned skin and have no desire to smear bleach on my face, I brought a bunch of my favorite BB cream with me. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I think a lot of people view their move like this: I am moving to another country. The standard voltage here is 220 to 240 volts. Deciding what to pack for Korea when it comes to clothing is relatively subjective. Also, you just reminded me that I ran out of chocolate Hobnobs last night so all my snacks from home are now gone. Anything important you forget can always be mailed over to you or purchased online. As well, you can get pretty much anything you need clothing-wise in other major cities like Seoul or Busan. However, a phone or SIM card isn’t one of them. If you have a compact laptop that isn’t heavy and isn’t bulky, consider bringing it with you on your trip. Don’t let that discourage you from shopping there, though — oversized shirts are popular right now, and you’ll find more than just clothes: hats, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, shoes, and even some textiles and souvenirs! Of course Korea has toiletries! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

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