And corn seems to be a source of severe bloating and all around "I don't feel good" symptoms. Kat McAdams (author) from Midwest on August 17, 2013: You're welcome! per day and with a meal.

Keeping a food diary/journal will help you decide which fructose-containing foods bother you the most. You will have to remove high fructose and fructan foods from the "safe" list and put them on the "unsafe" list yourself.

I would suggest downloading the Monash University app on your iPhone and avoid the foods they suggest for awhile. All Rights Reserved. Fructose Malabsorption is much easier to manage. Some people can eventually tolerate small amounts of fructose in their diet.

Milk and cheese contain no fructose or sucrose and are excellent sources of protein and calcium, but they can cause stomach discomfort, bloating and gas for those who are unable to digest lactose -- a type of sugar found in milk and other dairy products. What foods do you have the most trouble with? You should still be able to follow a low fodmap diet or autoimmune protocol.

I was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption (dietary fructose intolerance is what my doc called it, but it is the same thing) just over five years ago. Fructose Malabsorption is not only associated with gastro-intestinal distress but also the inability to absorb all kinds of nutrients which can lead to serious diseases like anemia and osteoporosis.

Avoid using egg condiments, such as ketchup, which can contain forms of fructose and sucrose. Read the label.

It is really nice to see that others are going through the same thing and you're not the only one. Few restaurants make fresh hash browns. Most hash browns are potatoes, dextrose and salt, but read the label to be certain. They're low in fat, rich in fiber and contain important nutrients such as potassium, which helps balance body fluids, and selenium, which aids thyroid hormone activity.

According to Boston University, any type of milk product is safe to consume if you are fructose intolerant, but check the package label to ensure dairy foods contain no added sugars. Deficiency in some rather important vitamins and amino acids.

The sugar moves into the large intestine (colon) where bacteria break it down causing bloating, pain, diarrhea and gas (flatulence).

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Protein-rich fish, poultry and red meat are fructose and sucrose free.

In many fine restaurants, one person is in charge of all sauces. Inulin (chicory root) - often added as a source of fiber to foods like yogurt, cereal and granola. soda (may help to drink with a meal).

Keep in mind the amount of fructose found in 2 apples or 2 oz. If the purpose of your inquiry is clear, the chef will help determine if the sauce has fructose containing ingredients.

It has very low lactose, but some people can't tolerate any dairy, even lactose-free. Answer: It depends on if you are able to eat dairy. Fructose is very sweet and is often made into high fructose corn syrup, used in soft

Commercial companies make most, if not all, salad dressing bases. Like others have posted, when pregnant with her, my symptoms actually improved, but got worse again once she was born. My doctor has me on an antibiotic and also acid medication (for my reflux) as well as stool softeners and ducal ax (IBS/gastritis).

If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis.

Avoid bacon, hot dogs, sausages and cold cuts, which typically contain variations of fructose, such as honey, high-fructose corn syrup or agave syrup, or forms of sucrose, including glucose, dextrose or sugar. Wheat may or may not cause problems. Each cook has his/her own way of preparing foods even though the recipes should be standardized. But when they come they are really bad. I can no longer eat roasted nuts, syrup of any kind or too much tomato, corn or wheat without stomach cramps, gas, diarrhea and a headache to follow.

Shariful Islam from Bangladesh on April 17, 2013: Wow, awesome. I’ve always know I couldn’t drink fruit juice, wine, soda, milk or rum without getting sick. Also potatoes. Last night I had some maple syrup with wheat free zucchini banana pancakes and some of my symptoms came rushing back. Onion, tomatoes and garlic are a big no for me always. Some people are okay with 100% maple syrup and small amounts of table sugar (sucrose), as well. I have no idea what triggers the bad days.

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